The 30+ Best Samsung Smart TV Apps List (2022)

Here In This List We have compiled a Samsung TV apps list for helping you decide on which are the best Samsung TV apps you should check out right now

The 30+ Best Samsung Smart TV Apps List (2022)

Hi there, are you looking to get the best viewing experience possible on your Samsung smart TV? If yes, then discovering which Samsung smart TV apps are best for you becomes essential.

Especially when apart from just Netflix and regular staples like Hulu(for US audiences), YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, the official Samsung TV-Hub is brimming with a wide variety of app content ranging from family entertainment to sports, fashion, Live media streaming, Infotainment, and TV series.

There have even been a few more additions over the past few months such as Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus.

While these are excellent times for viewers who enjoy watching flicks across multiple platforms, it certainly doesn’t make things easier in terms of finding the best Samsung smart TV apps that can meet your requirements.

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So we went on a sampling spree and compiled a Samsung TV apps list for helping you decide on which are the best Samsung TV apps you should check out right now: 

Here Are The List Of Best Samsung Smart TV Apps (2020)

  1. Netflix
  2. Youtube
  3. Vudu
  4. Veoh
  5. Tubi TV
  6. Pluto TV
  7. Plex
  8. Spotify
  9. Popcornflix
  10. HBO Now
  11. Hulu
  12. iPlayer
  13. Amazon Prime Video
  14. Playstation Now
  15. Ted
  16. Showmax
  17. Filmbox Live
  18. National Geographic Kids
  19. AOL On
  20. Viewster
  21. Crackle
  22. Pandora
  23. Stremio
  24. All4
  25. iFlix
  26. Funbox UHD
  27. Dailymotion
  28. Vimeo
  29. Karaoke TV
  30. UFC

1. Netflix

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for the best movies and TV shows of all time; you’ll find them right here on Netflix one of the best Samsung TV apps available on the software market.

Moreover, this trendy entertainment software is among the default apps available for Samsung smart TV users. You can also install it on all Samsung Smart TV models. You are however, required to create an account to use the app. Netflix also supports content downloads for offline viewing. 

2. YouTube

This latest version of the YouTube app is the official software portal for Samsung smart TVs running on the Android OS. It is one of the best Samsung TV apps you can use to connect with ease, access your favorite media channels or content, as well as get reviews & recommendations.

It has an easy-to-use Interface that is already quite famous for enabling seamless video uploads on various Samsung smart TVs. YouTube is a universal entertainment source of videos suitable for all kinds of purposes so there’s always something to watch. There are even separate servers for Adult and Children’s content. 

3. Vudu

You too can download this latest version of Vudu to experience firsthand why it is one of the best Samsung TV apps available on the software market right now. It is now available for just about any model of Samsung Smart TV there is.

Upon installation, you only have to create an account and remain signed in to enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows in HQ visuals and sound. You can proceed to use your Vudu account to rent or purchase movies on Vudu as well as to activate digital copies of Vudu content. 

4. Veoh

With Veoh, you too can own what is considered to be one of the best Samsung TV apps and an ideal YouTube alternative. It can boast of having a User-Interface that is almost a replica of the one on YouTube in terms of easy navigation and content playback.

The Veoh app also has a robust filtering system for specifying different search criteria such as language, video quality & video length. The platform also supports video uploads from established sources. 

5. Tubi TV

With thousands of blockbuster movies & hit TV series available for free, Tubi TV is undoubtedly one of the best Samsung TV apps that offer 100% legal and unlimited content for streaming without any subscription required.

The Tubi TV app will enable you to discover and stream the latest TV shows and movies. You can even prioritize your streaming queue with the Leaving Soon option where content will no longer be available after a while. 

6. Pluto TV

Pluto TV, one of the best Samsung TV apps that comes with a plethora of movie channels and streaming content for free.

Two distinct features make Pluto TV stand out from other Samsung smart TV apps on this list and they include the Live TV feature and its on-demand movie streaming service. Both of these will enable you to watch live features and access instant movie watching options across different genres such as action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, and romance. 

7. Plex

Let’s introduce you to Plex, one of the best Samsung Smart TV apps you can use for streaming TV shows and movies for free along with a melee of your personal podcasts, short video clips, photo collections, as well as your favorite songs all in HD quality.

As soon as you download & install the Plex app on your Samsung smart TV, it will immediately populate your gallery with media files directly from the Plex server. 

8. Spotify

Spotify has ranked among the best Samsung TV apps you must have for this year. You can also sync Spotify with your PCs, smartphones, and tablets. You too can download this latest version of Spotify if you wish to listen to your favorite playlists directly on your Samsung smart TV.

With Spotify, there’s always tons of music for partying, relaxing, or working out, available at your fingertips. You can even organize the songs you want to listen to in your preferred arrangement.

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9. Popcornflix

Did you know that Popcornflix is one of the best Samsung TV apps you can install right now to watch awesome full-length movies for free?!

Unlike other Samsung smart TV apps featured on this listicle, you won’t be required to create an account before you can access the Popcornflix service where you’ll find over 1500 movies from different genres. You’ll even find a few customizable features such as creating GIFs out of specific parts of a video. 

10. HBO Now

You can find the latest HBO Now version on your smart device's app store or the Samsung Smart TV Hub.  It is one of the best Samsung smart TV apps that can deliver quality on-demand video streaming services.

Moreover, Game of Thrones - one of the trendiest TV series of all time - can be streamed exclusively via the HBO Now app. Of course, you’ll have to open an account before accessing the HBO Now content.

  1. Hulu

  1. iPlayer

  1. Amazon Prime Video

  1. Playstation Now

  1. Ted

  1. Showmax

  1. Filmbox Live

  1. National Geographic Kids

  1. AOL On

  1. Viewster

  1. Crackle

  1. Pandora

  1. Stremio

  1. All4

  1. iFlix

  1. Funbox UHD

  1. Dailymotion

  1. Vimeo

  1. Karaoke App

  1. UFC

The Takeaway

Here ends our latest round-up of must-have Samsung smart TV apps.

You can access diverse forms of entertainment by installing more than one of them.