Best Rainmeter Skins For 2020

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Best Rainmeter Skins. Skins Included Collection like Mond, Ageo, Fluhd & More. Check Them Out Now.

Best Rainmeter Skins For 2020

Do you spend a lot of time gazing at your Windows 10 desktop screen? If yes, then why not personalize it with a fresh look?!

The good news is the Windows OS is fully customizable. However, most of its customization options are restricted to changing wallpapers occasionally or applying various 3rd party or custom theme presets.

But for some of us, that’s just not enough. We prefer to have a software tool that allows us to tweak the visual appearance of the Windows interface to the fullest.

Fortunately, there are numerous programs designed for this very purpose, and Rainmeter is one of the trendiest.

Rainmeter is an open-source desktop customization tool that allows for complete desktop transformation.

You can use it to put a variety of additional information on display such as a clock, processor usage, and network statistics which themselves can also be tweaked in the most creative and imaginative ways.

So we’ve gone ahead to make a handpicked selection of the most outstanding Rainmeter themes that are worth using.

Note, however, that you must first install the Rainmeter software before these themes/skins can work. 

Here Are The List Of Best Rainmeter Skins For 2020

1. Mond

Introducing one of the best Rainmeter skins available on the online market right now.

This unique app and web-based software program was made by educators and psychologists to establish balance in the lives of its users.

It is a highly customizable Rainmeter theme that will enable you to attach multiple widgets to your PC desktop.

In general, this lightweight skin comes with one of the most minimalistic designs that won’t hog all of your computer’s resources while running in the background.


2. Ageo

With Ageo, you can own a free desktop customization solution that will enable you to fully transform the appearance of your desktop.

Ageo has ranked among the best Rainmeter skins that can give your desktop a material look along with an awesome music player, plus time, date, & weather widgets.

Besides, this Rainmeter skin won’t limit the performance of your PC.

There’s also a fully customizable interface that is quite similar to the macOS.



Would you like to install one of the best Rainmeter themes that will enable you to view system stats and updates hassle-free while organizing different functions on your PC’s desktop?

FLHUD has ranked among the best Rainmeter skins designed to make things easier for Windows users.

This awesome Rainmaker tool provides you with a taskbar, customizable hyperlinks as well as a top-notch widget.

You can even choose to add more widgets and hide the taskbar.

There’s also a Spotify visualize theme here that you can apply for free.

Moreover, you can quickly toggle to any website from your desktop within moments.


Yet another awesome feature here is the way other 3rd-party wallpapers from online forums like Reddit blend in consistently with the general Rainmeter design. 

4. Moderate

This next entry on our list of top Rainmeter skins is one that comes highly recommended for touchscreen laptops.

Moderate is also one of the best Rainmeter skins that can boast of a user interface that is almost the same as the Android version.

It even has a launcher, music controls, and a quick settings toggle - with each one accessible via your Windows home screen.

Overall, this particular Rainmeter skin will provide your desktop background with an aesthetic look you should definitely try out.


5. The Gemini Suite

This is a simple and very customizable tool that comes with an integrated sidebar and full widget support.

You too can install this user-friendly Rainmeter solution on your PC and discover firsthand why it has ranked among the best Rainmeter skins ever made.

Moreover, the customized widgets on the Gemini Suite app will allow you to add your preferred selection of installed games and software.

Furthermore, this tool can be linked to your Steam account so that you can launch games instantly with a single tap or double-click.



There are lots of benefits associated with using TECH-A; one of the best Rainmeter themes out there.

Some of them include 1 to 6 CPU core displays available on your desktop, various download & upload options, 6 drives, and extra RAM.

TECH-A is quite futuristic but comes with minimal design. This versatile tool can display a plethora of customized information, such as RAM utilization, core CPU usage, together with date & time.

Moreover, this impressive app can boast of system folder shortcuts and hard disk partitions, all set up around a revolving and animated hub.


7. IronMan-Jarvis

Download the IronMan-Jarvis tool right now and discover what your default Windows desktop is missing.

You really don’t have to be the real Tony Stark to own your own IronMan J.A.R.V.I.S assisted PC desktop since this Rainmeter skin can handle the job quite well.

This is probably one of the best Rainmeter skins on this list that comes with various modules that you can reposition easily.

Examples of the information you can use this app to display on your PC desktop include Date/Clock, RSS feeds, hard disk capacity, plus temperature readings.


8. Avengers SHIELD OS

So you want to install the best Rainmeter skins?!

With the Avengers SHIELD OS Rainmeter skin, you can assemble and coordinate your own real-life superhero team while playing Nick Fury in front of your computer screen.

This remarkable graphic tool is available in different resolutions and comes with useful shortcuts that enable quick access to your other installed apps such as your media player and web browser.

A few other useful features here include CPU & RAM usage display, volume control, media control/playback bar, restart & shutdown controls, and a prominent, S.H.I.E.L.D Eagle icon.


9. Senja Suite

When it comes to installing the very best Rainmeter skinsfor your Windows PC, Senja Suite definitely has something on offer for everyone.

This lightweight and super-fast Rainmeter Skin does a terrific job of effortlessly integrating all the basic PC desktop elements.

Examples of the information you can put on show include a user profile button, date & time, a flexible taskbar for displaying shortcuts to system folders, media info & control buttons, a slideshow of your favorite photos, as well as log off/restart/shutdown/ controls.



Let’s introduce you to ALIENS; a tool that has ranked among top Rainmeter themes for this year.

It is a top skin that flawlessly displays how customization effects can enhance a wallpaper background.

The display options here come with extremely configurable modules and can even boast of other features such as power status, disk partition shortcuts, network download/upload speeds as well as system date & time.


In Conclusion

With the best Rainmeter themes, you can transform your desktop into a digital extension of your persona.

Try them out now!

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