Best PS2 Emulator for Android - Play PS Games On Mobile (2020)

Here we listed the top best PS2 Emulator For Android you can use to play PS games on your android. Play PS games on android with emulators like PTWOE, Pro Playstation & More.

Best PS2 Emulator for Android - Play PS Games On Mobile (2020)

If you did not know, an emulator is any hardware or software that allows one computer to behave like another.

This means that most functionalities or features of the parent computing system become emulated or duplicated by the emulating computing system.

This same thing is often done with video games. The game console emulator allows you to use an emulating platform to play games from the original game console.

Game emulators often offer more features than the original game. It also sometimes offers better quality and control since there is room for some improvements on the original gaming system.

People generally tend to use game emulators for different reasons.

Playstation 2 is the perfect illustration of a game console that deserves a place in the Gaming Hall of Fame. It was quite popular and had a wide variety of game titles that the previous console could not offer.

Playstation 2 introduced most gamers to the possibilities of better graphics in most games. For these reasons, most people consider the PS2 a classic and always want to play the games on it even though there are newer Playstation consoles; Gamers and their nostalgia issues right?!

Perhaps you’re also looking for some of the best PS2 Emulators that you can use on your Android device to play the games you love; then let this post be the informative guide that will help you work out the best Android PS2 Emulators for 2020.

It is not an easy task to navigate through the plethora of Playstation 2 emulator Android versions and settle on the best one.

You have to carefully consider what each one offers so you can enjoy your gaming experience.

Even if you are on a budget, you can still afford an Emulator without boring holes in your pocket because these Emulators are absolutely free.

All that is required is that you download and install them on your Android mobile device and use the proper ROM for it.

Some of the best PS2 Emulators for Android that you can find out there are listed in this post for you to consider and make the best choices.

Our selection of the best PS2 Emulators Android devices can work with are right here:

Here Are The List Of Best PS2 Emulators For Android:

  1. PTWOE
  2. Pro Playstation
  3. Golden PS2
  5. Play!
  6. Damon PS2
  7. FPse
  8. Free PS2 Emulator 2019
  9. Pro PPSS2
  10. Rapid PS2 Emulator


ptwoe ps emulator

This particular PS2 Emulator was on the Google Play Store some time ago. It is actually one of the best PS2 Emulators Android devices can work with.

You can now access this PS2 Emulator from their official website where you can download it and enjoy your favorite games.

When you make use of the PTWOE, you will realize why it is the best PS2 Emulator for Android devices.

There are two available versions of this Emulator and the only way to figure out which of the two versions is the best PS2 Emulator for Android devices is by sampling them both.

Since it is free, you can download both versions, test-run them, and delete the one that is less compatible with your Android device to save memory space.

The two versions have different User Interfaces and this affects their speed and stability on different Android editions. 

2. Pro Playstation

pro playstation

This is arguably the best PS2 Emulator Android devices can easily work with.

It is designed with a user-friendly interface that anyone can glide through. There are also instructions to guide you on its use.

This Emulator offers a very high-quality graphics quality for games that it is compatible with and this why it is regarded by many users as the best PS2 Emulator Android devices can work with.

This Emulator has only one major setback and that is its lack of versatility. Some games that would work well on other Emulators may not function properly with the Pro Playstation.

However, it is still seen as the best PS2 Emulator Android systems can work with.    

3. Golden PS2

golden ps2

This is an Emulator that most other PS2 Emulators aspire to be like.

You’ll find it on most listicles of best PS2 Emulator Android devices work with, and for good reasons.

It has an ultra high speed and that is a huge plus as far as gamers are concerned.

It also works well with almost any games. It provides high-quality graphics for most games that many other Emulators do not offer. 


ppsspp emulator

This Emulator is one of the most well-known and widely-used recommendations on our list of best PS2 Emulator Android devices are compatible with.

It has a very high rating on the Google Play Store and has even better reviews.

It simulates PS2 games while offering PSP controls - crazy right?!

Its high performance gives you the feel of authenticity that you would get from playing the original games.

This Emulator works well with most Android devices while still supporting a lot of PS2 games.

The only drawback that PPSSPP may have would be that users might notice lags while using it because of its large optimization.

This is a small problem and most gamers still recommend it as it has a very user-friendly interface. It is undoubtedly one of the best PS2 Emulator Android versions out there. 

5. PLAY!

play emulator

Almost everyone knows or uses PLAY! It enables a lot of games on your mobile device.

This Emulator is entirely bug-free but it is not as updated as other Emulator software in its category. It also has a User Interface that makes it easy-to-use for most people.

PLAY! definitely has the makings of the best PS2 Emulator Android users must have.

PLAY! even works well on Windows and Linux devices as well so you can go ahead and enjoy it on these platforms.


damonps2 emulator

Yet another popular Emulator on our list of best PS2 Emulator Android devices are compatible with is the DamonPS2. It also often referred to as the Free PS2 Emu.

It is heavily optimized and gives an authentic gaming experience as if it were the original.

It not only supports games from PS2 but enables PSP and PSX games as well. If you are using a high-end Android device then it will give you a better performance.

This Emulator takes you back to the good old days and you can easily get it from the Google Play Store.  

7. FPse

FPse is already quite popular for being very fast. It is also supported by most Android devices.

The display quality of FPse is another reason why most gamers choose it over other emulators. Its superior graphical quality and speed set it apart from its counterparts.

8. Free PS2 Emulator 2019

free ps2 emulator 2019

This PS2 Emulator offers one of the best graphic qualities. It has a clear and simple User Interface that anyone can navigate.

It is compatible with most android devices and you can feel the authenticity while playing games.

9. Pro PPSS2

pro ppss2

A highly optimized emulator with a high speed as well. It has very nice features that make it one of the best PS2 Emulators anyone can find.

It has only a minor setback of not supporting certain games but it is still one of our top recommendations.  

10. Rapid PSP Emulator

rapid psp emulator

Most emulators do not offer sound quality but this particular emulator supports good sound quality & graphics.

It is fast and compatible with a lot of Android phones. It can also play a lot of PS2 games - a very large number actually.

It is also one of the quickest emulators any gamer could dream of.

List Of 4 New Emulators Added In Our List

In Conclusion

The best PS2 Emulators Android devices work well with will give you authenticity and freedom of control.

It is a worthy gaming experience that you can get for free.