15 Best Places to Sell Textbooks And Books Online (2020)

If you have a question in your mind like where to sell textbooks online? Here we have listed the 15 best places where you can sell your used textbooks or any books online to make some decent cash.

15 Best Places to Sell Textbooks And Books Online (2020)

Are you having Textbooks(or books) lying idle in your home? And you are sure that they are of no importance or are not useful to anyone? If yes, then you are not far from making a side hustle money from the sale of the textbooks. This can be the best moment you need to declutter your house by disposing of the textbooks to the market, thus allowing you to earn some extra cash.

Selling unused textbooks is simple and easy than how most people make it complicated. In this article, you will have several options that will guide you in the best places where you can sell textbooks online. Also, you can sell the textbooks and other stationaries locally or offline through these places.

Here Are The List Of Best Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks (Or Books) Online Locally:

  1. Bookscouter
  2. Decluttr
  3. Booksrun
  4. TextBookRush
  5. BookFinder
  6. First Class Books
  7. Chegg Books
  8. Campusbooks
  9. Amazon
  10. AbeBooks
  11. TextbookX
  12. CollegeBooksDirect
  13. Book Byte
  14. Textbook Recycling
  15. Sell Back Your Book

1. BookScouter

bookscouter - sell used textbooks online

BookScouter makes a price comparison from 38 book vendors at the same time; thus, this allows you to get the best price for your textbook. To get started, you are required to enter the ISBN present in the book. After that, you will have to choose the highest buyback price from the vendors. Shipping is done free of charge.

When BookScouter receives your book(s), your payment is posted. Give a trial to this platform; it can be the best place to sell your used textbooks.

2. Decluttr

decluttr - sell textbooks for money

Decluttr platform lets you sell your textbooks, book(s), sell used DVDs & CDs, video games, among other accessories including selling furniture. This platform will price your items as a collection. Here at Decluttr you are capable of shipping your items for free.

Once your items arrive at Decluttr warehouse, you will get paid the same day. The site will not only allow you earn extra cash but also declutter your house to be free from unused textbooks.

3. BooksRun

booksrun - sell, textbooks & ebooks

Here at BooksRun you can sell your books directly to them without the involvement of middlemen. Or else you be given other available offers. To sell your book(s) at this site you just enter the books ISNB in the websites box, this will let you know whether you can sell your book directly to them in your cart or there are other available offers that you can use.

Once you choose the buyer you will have five days to ship the textbook(s) via the shipping label you get through your mail. You will be paid within four days after assessment of the books. You have the option of choosing the payment method you need to use between PayPal and check.

4. TextbookRush

textbookrush - textbook sell online free

TextbookRush will not only allow you to sell textbooks buts also electronics, games, and CDs, or DVDs. Books are classified in subject categories consisting of more than a million books in their catalogue, this makes it possible to sell back your books to TextbookRush.

Shipping of the items is done freely. It is possible to sell using their mobile app. You will be paid either through cash, PayPal or even store credit.

5. BookFinder

bookfinder - sell used textbooks for money
BookFinder.com come into existence since 1997. Since the period it has received numerous positive reviews from most of publications like Forbes, The New York Times and Lifehacker. This platform has been ranked top among the best textbook buyback service providers. Shipping is done free of charge.

BookFinder also buys textbooks from Canada and the UK. The selling process is similar to that of BookScouter, whereby you are required to enter the ISBN of the book to get started. From there, you will make a price comparison from different book vendors from the website.

6. FirstClassBooks


FirstClassBooks.com will not only let you sell textbooks online but also a graphing calculator. Once you do listing, the platform sends free shipping within the US using the postal service or FedEx. Payment will be made either through PayPal or check.

7. Chegg Books

cheggbooks - rent or buy books and textbooks

Here at Chegg Books, it is possible to sell your textbook(s) because the platform accepts most of the books. Chegg sells accepted books or even rent them to upcoming students. Since you will be required to drop your book(s) at the UPS store, this option may be limited to sell using it. You are entitled to do free shipping. Payment is posted between 10-15 days from the shipping date.

8. CampusBooks

campusbooks - sell textbooks locally online

Here at CampusBooks, you can sell nearly all books; however, books missing vital material information won't be accepted. A comparison of prices is made possible when using this site to find your preferred buyback vendor who will offer the best deal.

This platform recommends you make sales either in January or August because this will allow you to get the highest value of your book, which is attributed to the high demand for books. As a seller, you are entitled to free shipping. You will be paid either through a check, store credit, or even PayPal.

9. Amazon

Here at Amazon, you can sell both used and new textbook(s), which the site rents to readers. Your payment will be 80% of the price that your book will be bought at. You have two options to sell your books; first is a trade-in, which allows you to sell as third-party listing if not pleased with Amazon.

Payment can be made using the Amazon gift card on top of cash. You can get a higher price when you sell your books by yourself than accepting the offered rate on the buyback textbook site. You will have to pay a shipping fee for the sales you make.

10. AbeBooks


The AbeBooks platform allows you to sell scarce or vintage books that don't have ISBNs or and international edition. This site will buy the books directly from you, offering free shipping through FedEx.

11. TextbookX

textbookx sell your books make money

To sell at TextbookX, you are required to do a listing as a TextbookX seller. You will only be paid when a person buys your book. 16.5% will be deducted as sales commission from the selling price. As a way of offsetting the shipping cost, you get a small shipping credit. You can either be paid through PayPal or store credit. If you choose the store credit option, you get a 5% bonus.

12. CollegeBooksDirect

college books direct

You can only sell books that are in good condition using CollegeBooksDirect.com. To get started, you need to make a book listing using the ISBN. Payment is made either through check or PayPal. Currently, over 440,000 books titles are acceptable mostly from the small textbook vendors.

13. BookByte

bookbyte - sell used textbooks

BookByte was established in 1999 as a textbook legend. This site only allows the sale of books that are in good condition (the ones with minimal tear and wear). Also, those with damaged covers and torn pages are still accepted, provided the book is legit.

BookByte can the best option when you want to sell books that are worn out since most of the companies will only accept those in good condition. Payment is made either through PayPal, cash, or check.

14. Textbook Recycling

textbook recycling

The Textbook Recycling site takes Instructors Editions. This site buys only student and instructor textbooks if the ISBN is available in their database. If the ISBN isn't listed, they won't buy the book. Shipping is done free in the United States. You receive your payment either through PayPal or check. This site is based in Moscow, Idaho, and has been existing since 1997.

15. Sell back your book

sell back your book

Here at Sell Back Your Book, there is no involvement of middlemen; thus, the platform buys the book directly from you. You can list your books quickly using their mobile app. Teacher or instructors editions, encyclopedia sets, and books lacking ISBN are not accepted here at sell back your book.

Shipping is done freely using USPS Media Mail or FedEx Ground. Your payment will be made through PayPal or check.


In conclusion, rather than driving or walking to sell your books in the school bookstore, the above places may serve you best. The places will compensate you for a reasonable amount for the books, so you don't need to worry about the price offered. Some of the sites provide high rates than others, so it's up to you to make a comparison of different platforms and eventually to choose the one that suits your price standards.

The few list lets serve as an aid in making sure you sell your textbook for the most money. Trying the above list sets you to make more without the involvement of a third-party online seller or a company. At times you can make much profit bypassing the nearby bookstore and sell in these places. Best of Luck!