20+ Best No Crop Apps for Instagram to Post Full Size Pics (2020)

Want to post full size photos on instagram, here are the 7 best no crop apps for instagram & whatsapp. These no crop instagram app help you square & resize your instagram images.

20+ Best No Crop Apps for Instagram to Post Full Size Pics (2020)

Instagram, the world-famous social platform for sharing your photos & videos, has some drawbacks!

The automatic cropping of picture posts on Instagram has always been a problem for many users.

Most people have complained that this auto-cropping of photos reduces the quality of the image and sometimes removes the essential parts of their picture posts.

Fortunately, there are now no crop apps for Instagram that can tackle this shortcoming.

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Are you looking to download a top Instagram crop app that allows you to publish your photos without auto-cropping? Keep Reading…

7 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram & Whatsapp 2019

  1. No Crop Pic For Instagram
  2. Squaready – No Crop App For Instagram
  3. Instasize
  4. Square Inpic
  5. Whitagram
  6. Square Quick
  7. No Crop Story

1. No Crop Pic For Instagram

Introducing the No Crop & Square app – one of the most popular no crop apps that feature prominently on the Google Play store as the #1 rated photo editing app for WhatsApp and Instagram.

This Instagram crop app can boast of more than 1 Million active users, along with a 4-star rating.

Users of the No Crop & Square for Instagram app will be delighted to discover that it has more than 30 photo effects and filters for editing plus a No-Crop feature that will ensure that your photos are posted on the gram without cropping.

With this software, you can re-size your pictures and choose from an over 300+ frame and sticker compilation to add to your photos.

All these impressive features are enough to make this a contender for the best Instagram no crop photo app out there on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Squaready – No Crop App For Instagram


Squaready has been touted as one of the top no crop apps available today that can be useful to Instagram users.

The Squaready app will allow its users to upload videos and full-size pictures without cropping. This Instagram no crop photo app comes with an attractive design and handy functionalities.

It also features various effects and filters as well as a video and photo editor to generate more attractive and unique picture posts.

Squaready also has the coolest tools that you can use to beautify your posts. This app also comes with a special bonus feature for ladies to add cosmetics to their photos.

With this Instagram crop app, you can transform your eye color, apply new lip color, and change the contours of your face.

You can also even out your skin tone and whiten your teeth. Users of this software will also discover an abundance of photo effects. The effects here are categorized into light, border, bokeh, art, and texture.

For every effect, you may choose an overlay mode and adjust the transparency and tone, in addition to the positioning of the effect. Another unique feature here is the eraser tool that can be applied at any point during the editing process.

One simple touch is all you need to wipe away any unnecessary elements, and your picture frame is ready for publication on Instagram.

The Squaready app allows you to create your personal photo galleries that can be shared with your friends and also for making new masterpieces.

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Use Squaready to create collages from your videos and full-sized photos with different filters and artistic backgrounds. Generate a mirror effect from your photos while adjusting image borders.

With this application, you will also find various masks available for your pictures and videos. Adorn your Instagram picture posts with a wide variety of available stickers.

3. Instasize

instasize photo editor

The Instasize Photo Editor comes highly recommended among popular no crop apps that can perform different functions without delay.

First, this app can serve as a photo editor for mobile devices with many features. Also, it can help you with various publication services. For instance, it can be used for uploading and downloading Instagram images in the uncircumcised form.

All you have to do here after downloading is launch it on your smartphone or tablet and then tap the “Plus” button. At first, you will be required to agree to the privacy policy terms; subsequently, this will not be needed.

Next, choose a layout for your future publications – you have 4 different options available here:

  • Photo — choose a picture from the internal memory of your device
  • Collage – merge several images in a unique way
  • Cloud – access pictures from the cloud remote storage account linked to your smartphone or tablet
  • Camera – take snapshots with the device

You can now access the primary editing elements and perform all your preferred actions with your photo. Customize the tone of your publication and then tap the Share button.

4. Square Inpic

square inpic

Introducing Square InPic, another remarkable Instagram crop app from Studio 8 Apps, which allows users to generate beautiful photos.

Making beautiful collages with this photo editor app is also quite straightforward.

With this software, you can add text and high-quality filters to your photos so that your Instagram selfies can stand out from those of other regular users.

This app to re-size photos for Instagram also comes with photo grid maker features that can be used for creating quality collages.

The Square InPic is undoubtedly one of the best no crop apps that allow you to post top-quality actual sized Instagram pictures without cropping them.

You can even perform lots of adjustments to fine-tune your pictures with brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings.

Furthermore, with this app, you can apply a blur to backgrounds, and it will also help you to harness your artistic side with various emoji stickers.

5. Whitagram


Making good use of the Whitagram Instagram crop app is a straightforward affair.

After launching the application, you will be prompted to choose a picture from your gallery. Then, you can progress by editing t

The photo, with the use of 3 different Tools, Styles, and Export tabs.

By the time you finish editing the picture, you can then publish it in full size on Instagram without cropping. Under the styles tab, you’ll find an assortment of filters that you can apply to your photo.

With this Instagram no crop photo app, users can also modify styles manually or make new ones. Simply edit the picture and then select the “Save settings” function.

To locate it, navigate to the bottom of the styles list and then tap on the plus button. After which, you can proceed with applying a different filter to any picture.

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Utilize the QR code for sharing your style. After scanning, the device will superimpose your saved style automatically on the image.

The Whitagram application also saves the photo size; thus, ensuring that you won’t lose important parts to the Instagram auto-crop feature ever again.

Before you process the photo, don’t forget to explore the settings menu. From there, you can select a darker theme as well as modify the export and publication settings.

If you’re looking to get the best picture quality when saving your snapshot, don’t forget to pick the JPG or PNG option.

Overall, the Whitagram app comes with all the tools you will need for basic correction of images such as rotating an image, cropping, adding text, double exposure, and others.

All the tools here have their limits. To adjust your image, you have to amend the contrast, brightness, light areas, and light balance manually.

6. Square Quick

square quick pro

Introducing yet another one of the finest no crop apps for WhatsApp and Instagram.

Users of the Square Quick Pro application can create excellent high-quality images and collage picture grids for Instagram by using different stickers, filters, text, and backgrounds.

This Instagram crop app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store, and it is well-loved by its users. Here, you can publish your un-cropped photos on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

It also allows you to post square pictures to your Instagram Story along with interactive stickers and funny emojis. You may choose from an assortment of fonts to better express yourself.

There is a color brush for drawing quick photo sketches. Adjust image brightness, shadow contrast, highlights, saturation, and temperature.

7. No Crop Story

no crop story

This Instagram crop app is a staple on most lists of the best photo and video editing software in 2019. Its primary feature is the full-size publication of your Instagram pictures and video posts.

All you have to do here is to choose one or more pictures for editing from your smartphone photo gallery. Simply tap on the checkmark by the time you’re ready to start editing the image.

Most tools on this application come with ready-made filters for auto-tuning. There is also an “Edit Filter Set” button for correcting any errors. It can be found in the top right corner of the Interface.

Utilize the “View Changes” menu choices to tidy up all your actions, delete certain effects, or repeat them. The Mask overlay feature is also quite useful. It will allow users to enhance or remove any visual effects in specific areas of any picture.

From the options in the “Edit Filter Set” menu, you can select your preferred action and then tap on the “Mask Overlay” icon.

Afterward, you only have to modify your instrument’s strength and then decide on which areas the masking is required. Users can quickly enhance the quality of their picture posts on Instagram with all these special functions.

This is why this software a top contender for best no crop photo for Instagram software in 2109.

Here Are The List Of 20+ Best No Crop Apps For Instagram & Whatsapp In 2020:

  1. No Crop Pic For Instagram
  2. Squaready – No Crop App For Instagram
  3. Instasize
  4. Square Inpic
  5. Whitagram
  6. Square Quick
  7. No Crop Story
  8. No Crop & Square For Instagram
  9. No crop Photo Editor
  10. No Crop For Whatsapp
  11. Unclip - No Crop & Square
  12. Quick Square
  13. Insquare Pic
  14. No Crop Pics For Instagram
  15. No Crop Story
  16. Picfitter - No Crop
  17. Instrafitter - No Crop For Instagram
  18. Picsapp Photo Editor
  19. No Crop Spiral Photo Editor
  20. Instasquare Photo Editor
  21. Square No Crop

The Wrap Up

Here ends our list of the best no crop apps for Instagram in 2019.

Use any of them to publish your full-sized Instagram photos without cropping.

We hope you find what best suits your style.