8 Best Nintendo DS Emulator For Android & PC - 2020

Check Out The Ultimate List Of Best Nintendo DS Emulators For Android. The Best NDS Emulators For Android Including Emubox, NDS Boy, Drastic DS, Pretendo Emulator & More.

8 Best Nintendo DS Emulator For Android & PC - 2020

Nintendo DS has ranked among the trendiest handheld gaming consoles ever.

Its iconic value can be compared to that of the PSP and the Game Boy. And there are plenty of reasons why.

There were tons of exciting game titles available on the platform and nowadays, it’s far easier to keep such games on your mobile phone instead of carrying around a standalone device for playing them.

That’s right; it’s possible to play all your preferred Nintendo games directly on your Android smartphone.

There are now emulator apps developed explicitly to revive those classic games in a totally new way. 

With the best Nintendo DS emulator installed on your mobile device, you can play popular games like The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Super Mario.

In this article, we will be shedding our spotlight on the finest Android DS emulator recommendations you can use to relive your childhood gaming experience.

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But first, an introduction to the NDS emulator Android

What exactly is the Nintendo DS Emulator and how does it Work?

Ahead of our deep dive into the world of Android DS emulator software, we must first understand the way Android-based Nintendo DS emulators work.

Perhaps you’re a sporadic gamer; then this section won’t be of much use. Regular gamers, on the other hand, should pay close attention to the specifics.

The Nintendo DS Emulator is essentially an Android-based app that you can download and install on your mobile devices.

With a working DS emulator Android installed on your smartphone, you can run .GBA (ROM) files directly on any Android system.

The GBA game format is rather complicated as it was developed mainly for playing Nintendo DS game titles which is why emulators for Nintendo DS are developed similarly so you can run such files and display their content on your smartphone screen.

You must know that Nintendo doesn’t develop its games in ROM format. You can only obtain such files from 3rd-party sources. There are dozens of trusted websites where you can locate your favorite Nintendo DS game titles.

Once you have successfully installed the best Nintendo DS emulator for your device, you only need to download and install your preferred game from trusted sources and the Nintendo DS emulator you’ve installed will handle the rest. 

List Of 8 Best Nintendo Ds Emulator For Android 2020:

  1. Drastic DS Emulator
  2. Pretendo NDS Emulator
  3. NDS Boy (NDS Emulator)
  4. AseDS
  5. RetroArch
  6. Emubox
  7. Free DS Emulator
  8. viDS (NDS Emulator)

1. Drastic DS Emulator

This robust tool is a top contender for the best Nintendo DS emulator

With the DraStic DS Emulator app installed on your smartphone, you can play loads of Nintendo DS game titles anytime, anywhere!

You’ll also enjoy an enhanced performance with superior graphics to the previous Nintendo DS game versions.

It really doesn’t matter if you use a high-end smartphone or not because this particular emulator also performs flawlessly on low-end Android gadgets.

However, the Drastic DS emulator is premium software that will require you to make payment before accessing its services.

But there’s also a free trial version you can sample before subscribing to the premium membership.

Download Drastic DS Emulator

2. Pretendo NDS Emulator

This next entry on our list of best Nintendo DS emulator apps is called Pretendo.

It is an Emulator with easy-to-use controls that you’ll definitely enjoy.

Its buttons are somewhat similar to the first Nintendo DS console. Moreover, you can easily improve your gaming experience by customizing the controls under the Pretendo NDS emulator’s Settings menu.

Pretendo is probably the best DS emulator Android users can download right now that has an auto-save feature for automatic and timely saving of all your gaming advancements.

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There are loads of other remarkable features you will have to see for yourself when you install and use this Android DS emulator.

Download Pretendo NDS Emulator

3. NDS Boy (NDS Emulator)

Have you been looking for the best Nintendo DS emulator you can use to play all the impressive hand-held games from the classic gaming console? Your search ends here!

The NDSBoy app developers have included all the top features you can expect from a superior quality Nintendo DS emulator.

You will find essential features like Autosave, load schedule, custom buttons, as well as support for almost every Nintendo DS game title.

For the maximum gaming experience, we strongly recommend that you install this emulator tool on an Android device that comes with at least 2GB of RAM.

Download NDS Boy

4. AseDS

AseDS comes with the full range of options and possibilities you can expect from the best DS emulator Android users must have.

With the AseDS emulator for Android systems, you can play various Nintendo DS games in a variety of formats directly on your mobile device.

Moreover, you can easily customize the arrangement of the control buttons from the Settings menu.

Yet another noteworthy feature of the AseDS emulator is its ability to perform adequately on Android smartphones that have reduced RAM.

Sadly, this particular emulator for Android isn’t available on the Google Play Store. The APK file is however obtainable from here.

Download AseDS

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is arguably the best Nintendo DS emulator on this list that is supported by both Android and iOS systems.

RetroArch is also compatible with top gaming consoles such as PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, SNES, Nintendo GameBoy, 2DS, 3DS, and Sega Genesis.

Note that you will require Android 3.0 or later versions to run RetroArch.

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If you’re looking for a first-rate yet simple Android DS emulator, RetroArch is bursting with lots of possibilities to become a top DS emulator Android users simply must-have.

Download Retroarch

6. EmuBox

EmuBox is a multi-purpose Android emulator that you can download and use to play all the old classic Nintendo DS games on your smartphone.

It is already widely regarded as a top Nintendo DS emulator Android users must have this year because of its ability to run effortlessly on most Android software versions.

With the EmuBox app, you’ll find a keyboard layout that is rather similar to that of the original Nintendo DS platform.

Moreover, you won’t be charged a single penny before using EmuBox as it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at zero cost.

Download Emubox

7. Free DS Emulator

You can enjoy playing an entire catalog of Nintendo DS games directly on your Android device with the Free DS Emulator app for Nintendo DS.

As the name implies, this is a Nintendo DS Emulator you can download at no cost from the Google Play Store.

Moreover, it is a lightweight DS emulator that comes with loads of awesome and thrilling features.

You can run the Free DS Emulator app on any Android-based smartphone with Android 4.0 versions or higher.

Download FreeDS Emulator

8. viDS (NDS Emulator)

You can own this Nintendo DS Emulator right now for free!

With the viDS DS emulator, you get quicker loading of game files, support across several file formats, and customizable layout of control buttons.

This is probably the best DS emulator for Android on this list with advanced display qualities to improve your overall gaming experience.

Although viDS isn’t available for download on the Google Play platform, you can find it on trusted 3rd-party websites.

Download Vids Emulator

In Conclusion

Here ends our latest round-up of the best Nintendo DS emulator apps for Android devices.

You can try out as many as possible for maximum nostalgic effect.