20 Best Phone Spying Apps [Android/iPhone]

10 Best Mobile Spy Apps For 2020 (Updated). Check Out The Ultimate List Of Best Spy Apps For Android And iPhone To Spy On Someones Mobile For Free.

20 Best Phone Spying Apps [Android/iPhone]

It can sometimes happen to the best of us; that uncontrollable desire to know what your child, lover, or employee is up to whenever he/she suddenly disappears into their smartphone screen for countless hours.

But because the internet is over-saturated with apps that claim to offer the best privacy violation capabilities, identifying the best spy apps for your mobile device can turn out to be a daunting task.

Moreover, you may not even get the opportunity to sample more than a couple of them because once you have subscribed to a bad cell phone monitoring service, you likely won’t get a refund.

So after spending several hours on research and sampling, we came up with this list containing the very best spy apps for Android and iOS systems.

Keep scrolling to find out what makes them tick. 

Best Spy Apps for Mobile (Android & iPhone)

  1. XNSPY (Best Overall)
  2. Flexispy
  3. Spyzie
  4. Mobistealth
  5. iSpyoo
  6. Stealthgenie
  7. Mspy
  8. MobileSpyAgent
  9. Appmia
  10. Highster Mobile

1. XNSPY (Best Overall)

Let’s start by introducing you to one of the most reliable cell phone spyware currently available on the market. XNSPY has consistently ranked among the best spy apps anyone can use to monitor other people’s smartphones & tablets remotely.

The XNSPY application works by capturing offline data from your target’s device which then gets uploaded to your online web account as soon as they connect to the internet. Also, it is compatible with popular mobile gadgets such as iOS and Android. Furthermore, it has two subscription plans on offer which is great in terms of affordability.

Supported Platform: Android And iOS


How would you like to use one of the best spy apps for iPhone and Android smart devices that is currently available on the software market? With the Flexispy app, you can effortlessly monitor all of your target’s incoming messages as well as enable undetectable social media monitoring & recovery tools.

You’ll discover a wide variety of expansive and exclusive features here you can use; they include keylogging, the ability to remotely monitor the camera on your targeted device, and many more all at a fairly reasonable price. 


Spyzie is an undetectable location tracking software that lets the user monitor & extract information from their target’s smartphone or tablet. It is one of the best spy apps on this list that was developed to provide remarkable monitoring resources for both parents and business owners.

With the Spyzie application, you can monitor the call logs and web browsing history of your target, monitor IM chats, record their messages and keylogger info, enable geo-fencing, GPS tracking, and much more. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about detection since it operates in stealth mode. 

4. MobiStealth

MobiStealth has ranked among the finest spy apps you can use to monitor someone else's WhatsApp account and cell phone activity secretly. This top spy app was designed to work silently without tampering with your target’s info in a way that can attract detection.

Because it offers both mobile & PC monitoring services, it could turn out to be an excellent spyware solution for business owners. It gets better because you’ll be subscribing to all these awesome features at only $0.50 per day. 

5. iSpyoo

Next on our list of best spy apps for Android and iOS gadgets is iSpyoo; a mobile spying solution that can serve up the private conversation details on your victim’s smartphone or tablet directly at your fingertips.

With iSpyoo, you can safely monitor your children's or employee's call & messaging activities as you will become completely undetectable. It is already well-known for being a top choice smartphone monitoring app for recording video calls on Skype and Viber. 

6. StealthGenie

The StealthGenie app used to consistently rank among top spy apps out there. By activating any of its premium subscription packages, you could spy on your victim’s smartphone or tablet remotely once you have successfully installed this powerful spy app.

With the StealthGenie application, you could monitor all your target’s incoming & outgoing emails, SMS, IM chats, and call logs, as well as intercept their phone calls and track their GPS location. Sadly the app has been discontinued. 

7. MSpy

Perhaps you’re on the lookout for the perfect parental monitoring tool for mobile devices; you’ll be pleased to know that MSpy is one of the most effective spy apps for Android and iOS gadgets alike.

Although the MSpy app comes with a limited scope of advanced spy features when compared to other software tools on this listicle, you will discover all the basic spyware tools such as email monitoring, SMS and browser history tracking, along with GPRS location tracking, call logs & contact list hacking, etc spread across reasonably priced subscription plans. 

8. MobileSpyAgent

This reliable and user-friendly software tool has also consistently ranked among the best spy apps for Android devices for some time now. You’ll get to view all of your target’s call logs, messages, notes, private contacts, and browser history once you have successfully installed this spyware.

It is however supported by rooted Android and jailbroken iOS devices only. Also, with the MobileSpyAgent apps’ business subscription plan, you can get to use multiple spyware licenses. 

9. AppMia

This is AppMia; a remarkable Android & IOS spyware tool you can use to remotely monitor WhatsApp, photo sharing, Viber, calls, GPS, SMS, and other cell phone activities of your target’s device. Apart from free upgrades, AppMia also can monitor multiple devices at once.

Thanks to a collection of more than 30 handy features, the AppMia app is an excellent choice for all your undetectable monitoring needs. 

10. Highster Mobile

This final entry on our listicle is a top performer in terms of providing real-time eavesdropping & call recording features for its users. The Highster Mobile app comes with handy spying options which include monitoring of SMS & call logs, plus a stealth camera. You can also enable email, media files, and GPS tracking.

With Highster Mobile, you have the ultimate covert software tool developed for remotely tracking your victim’s online app or website activity.

That’s it for our latest round-up of the most remarkable spy apps for mobile gadgets.

Each one is an effective parental control and multipurpose spying tool.