Best Minecraft Skins - Good, Coolest, Awesome & Popular Skin Ideas (2020)

In this article we will discuss about the best Minecraft skins that are available for players right now as well as how you can use them.

Best Minecraft Skins - Good, Coolest, Awesome & Popular Skin Ideas (2020)

Because of the different dimensions Minecraft skins can bring to the game, it doesn't take long for players to start exploring different options with them.

The challenge associated with generating an identifiable virtual character or being able to accurately portray certain clothing designs by using a small network of pixels is an enticing one.

Would you like to know how to apply the best Minecraft skins?

In this post, we will provide accurate details on all you need to know about creating Minecraft skins.

We’ll also let you know the best Minecraft skins that are available for players right now as well as how you can use them.

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Keep reading to discover something that will make your virtual world much brighter. 

How to Apply Minecraft Skins

Maybe this is your first time or perhaps you haven’t had to use Minecraft skins for a long time, this could be the best opportunity for you to refresh your memory while attempting to work out the best Minecraft skins to use.

If you’re running the Windows 10 version of Minecraft, you can start by clicking on the Coathanger button in the lower right corner of your display while still on the main menu page.

Next, a screen will appear with your default Alex and Steve Minecraft skins on top of it. Leave them alone. You only have to click on the empty custom skin default right beside Steve.

On the right, underneath the Custom label, you will notice a Choose New Skin switch. Click on it and then wait for it to launch the Downloads folder on your Windows PC.

Next, you must choose the .png file you have downloaded online (or created) which contains your preferred Minecraft skin and once you click on the Confirm switch, you should be all set to enjoy the game with your new look.

Before we proceed to identify the best Minecraft skins available online right now, let us shed some light on the variety of Minecraft Skin Categories you’re likely to come across out there:

Different Categories of Minecraft Skins

1. Animals

Do you wish for a full animal makeover?

You can opt for this Minecraft skin category. It features skins like Jerry the Cow, and Chick-fill-A Pig among others. 

2. Fantasy

This is arguably the most popular Minecraft skin category ever!

Especially since it enables players to generate and fulfill their fantasies with skins like Ranger, Fire Lord Skin, etc. 

3. Games

This next Minecraft skin category comes with The Raven skin from the original Fortnite edition. Here, you can also find Goku from the Dragon Ball Z franchise.

4. Movies

This category of Minecraft skins includes characters from popular movies based on the most demanded.

Some popular movie characters under this category include Thanos from The Avengers and Deadpool.

The gameplay becomes even more fun with character skins from everyone’s favorite movies. 

5. Monsters

Would you like to have a feel of Halloween while playing Minecraft?

You can select the Monsters category for Minecraft skins such as Zombie Cat, Green Venom, and lots of other scary options. 

6. Mobs

This category of skins includes Bat-cow and Enderbrine. 

7. Professions

Are you looking for the best Minecraft skins that can add a professional touch to your appearance?

This particular category is for you. You’ll find skins that will make you look like an Army man, a doctor, a Police officer, Train Conductor, or even a President. 

8. People

Under this category is where players can find GameBoy skins.

Here Are The List Of Best Minecraft Skins Good, Coolest, Awesome & Popular Skin Ideas (2020)

  1. ChewBacca
  2. Jabba The Hutt
  3. Darth Maul
  4. Iron Man
  5. Thanos
  6. Batman
  7. Elsa
  8. Panda


You can download and equip your avatar with Chewbacca - Han Solo's huggable but deadly Millennium Falcon co-pilot – in a free & unlimited 64x32 format Minecraft skin suit.

Any Star Wars enthusiast will appreciate the Chewbacca Minecraft skin suit especially since there are very few Star Wars games out there where you can play as the famous Wookie,

This is one of the best Minecraft skins you can use this year if you’re looking to finally unleash your inner Wookie. 


With Jabba The Hutt’s character skin  - a notorious and powerful gangster blob from the Star Wars galaxy - you have one of the best Minecraft skins available in free HD 64x32 .png format that you can use to impress your friends.

You can download and equip this see-through .png image to explore the Minecraft environment but you must learn to speak a little Huttese if you wish to do justice to this Minecraft skin. 


Introducing one of the best Minecraft skins created by the Planet Minecraft community.

You can download this transparent .png image in high quality and for free.

Although you might not quite be able to pull off the famous Darth Maul double-edged lightsaber look, it won’t matter because your friends and other players on the Minecraft server will probably be too busy running away from your avatar before they notice you're only brandishing a bronze pickaxe. 


With approximately 65,718 views, and 20,942 downloads so far, the Iron Man Minecraft Skin has been able to rank among the cool Minecraft skins ever published by the Planet Minecraft community.

Good old metal head is already extremely popular in the Marvel universe; especially because of his easily recognizable red hot-rod armor.

The Iron Man Minecraft skin is a meticulous model of his classic Endgame armor, complete with palm repulsors and the triangular chest piece. 


Check out this formidable Minecraft skin replica of the big bad character from Marvel’s epic Avengers series.

Now you can vanquish rival Minecraft mobs with a single Thanos snap of the infinity gauntlet.

The Thanos Minecraft skin is also one of the popular Minecraft skins produced by the skilled Planet Minecraft community developers. 


Enter the Dark Knight’s Minecraft batskin complete with his stubby little ears and cute breezeblock shaped head.

Help him to avenge the murder of his parents by donning this Minecraft batskin and shaping a safer Gotham city, devoid of dodgy and dark alleyways where thugs often lie in wait to ambush innocent citizens. 


Let’s introduce you to Elsa; one of the coolest Minecraft skins this year from the Frozen movie franchise.

You can Disney up in Minecraft with this impressive Elsa character skin, fly directly to any nearby snowy tundra, and then proceed to construct a gigantic ice fortress for yourself. 


You can download this furry and charming Minecraft skin that is loved by all.

Moreover, this adorable Panda skin can be used to generate additional roleplay points by consuming loads of bamboo and dropping Minecraft items off in a manner that will attract strong internet followership. 

In Conclusion

Now that you know which Minecraft skins are trending right now, you can infuse much-needed variety into your gameplay.

All of them are free so let nothing stop you from sampling as many as possible.

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