9 Best Minecraft Resource Packs (Texture Packs) 2020

Looking for good Minecraft resource packs to spruce up your version of the game? Look no further! On this list, we have included the best resource packs available in 2018.

9 Best Minecraft Resource Packs (Texture Packs) 2020

Minecraft resource packs offer some of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your Minecraft gaming experience.

Because Minecraft allows players to download, install, and run the latest resource packs to enhance the quality of gameplay by adding improved graphics, innovative maps, items, shaders, and even the storyline.

These Minecraft resource packs can quickly improve the overall graphic quality and gaming experience of Minecraft by adding anything from plain color tints to a considerable visual revamp.

Combine the best Minecraft resource packs with the finest skins for Minecraft and you can fashion a unique environment for yourself after only a few minutes.

Among the wide variety of existing add-ons, the best resource packs for Minecraft are those that can add better graphics or improve on the existing image quality.

The best resource packs Minecraft has to offer are available in both official premium versions, and fan-made resource packs developed by a collection of professional modders and artists.

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Choosing the ideal one for you might be tricky due to the numerous options available.

This explains why we decided to provide you with a review of the best resource packs for Minecraft.

You'll find our thoughts on each one right here:

Here Are The List Of Best Minecraft Resource Packs For 2020

  1. Conquest 32x32 Resource Pack
  2. Modern HD Pack 64x64
  3. Sphax PureBDCraft x128
  4. oCd Texture Pack
  5. Default 3D Resource Pack
  6. Ovo's Rustic Resource Pack
  7. LIIE's Resource Pack
  8. Jolicraft Texture Pack
  9. SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack

1. Conquest 32x32 Resource Pack

Conquest 32x32 Resource Pack

The medieval-themed Conquest Resource Pack 32x32 will overhaul the game and make it appear very similar to an Elder Scrolls' conquest.

It has slightly improved resolution textures than the Minecraft vanilla graphics which makes it one of the best Minecraft resource packs that won't impact very much on gaming performance.

This resource pack is quite well suited with the latest edition of Minecraft since most of the elements and items from Minecraft’s vanilla version are also compatible with the medieval world.

You can expect to find more realistic metal, wood, and stone.

If you’re looking to build a medieval village or castle, this is one of the best resource packs Minecraft players can use for such purposes.

Download here

2. Modern HD Pack 64x64

Modern HD Pack 64x64

Perhaps you’d like to create modern architecture and structures in Minecraft; the Modern HD 64x64 has ranked among the best Minecraft resource packs developed explicitly for this function.

Apart from having an assortment of all-new minimalistic resources for Minecraft's building materials, this resource pack can also boast of superior texture quality to the vanilla version.

Go ahead and make use of any Minecraft block to create an attractive modern home with this awesome resource pack.
Each in-game painting has also been amended to display more contemporary artworks.

Download here

3. Sphax PureBDCraft x128

Sphax PureBDCraft x128

We will now review the highly detailed 128x128 version of one of the latest resource packs from Minecraft.

This high-resolution expansion is one of the best Minecraft resource packs with a unique approach that transforms all the in-game textures into cartoons.

The outcome is incredible! It creates a much more colorful game world, and its over-the-top art designs are always exciting.

Every single texture - from its building blocks to gaming mobs - was crafted with lots of care and attention to detail.

Install Sphax PureBDCraft to own a strong contender for Minecraft best resource packs this year and beyond.

Download here

4. oCd Texture Pack

oCd Texture Pack

With the oCd Resource Pack, you have one of the best Minecraft resource packs that were developed for players who prefer to have a basic appearance for their virtual world.

This Minecraft resource pack recommendation is the default pack that was created without vivid colors or loud noises.

It draws its inspiration from the pixel images seen in a lot of modern 2D games.

Although the graphics remain "pixelated" each block has been clearly outlined and the in-game textures don't include any harsh or jagged edges as you'll find with the Minecraft vanilla textures.

Its 16x display resolution means that you won't require any additional support mods.

Download here

5. Default 3D Resource Pack

default 3d resource pack minecraft

Introducing Default 3D; one of the best Minecraft resource packs that were created to add an incredible amount of extra 3D elements and detail to the vanilla version of Minecraft.

While the textures themselves are still the same ones we’re familiar with, they are now more detailed with carefully designed edges.

By simply focusing on adding these extra details, the game can begin to produce more realistic effects.

With the Default 3D pack installed, the entire virtual world comes alive with better graphic quality.

Download here

6. Ovo's Rustic Resource Pack

Ovo's Rustic Resource Pack

This is a popular resource pack that has been in use since the days of the Minecraft beta versions and is still regularly updated.

As the name implies, this Minecraft resource pack features loads of rural fantasy-style textures.

Each texture here can boast of a graphic resolution that is more advanced than the imagery of vanilla Minecraft edition.

The developers often choose to expand on the existing graphics instead of a complete overhaul.

The most noteworthy differences are in the basic elements, such as dirt, cobblestones, and wood.

You’ll find their textures are much more refined, even though they still share some similarities with the simple textures from the vanilla edition of Minecraft.

If you're a lover of fantasies and are looking to install one of the best resource packs Minecraft can offer, Ovo's Rustic is definitely an awesome choice.

Download here

7. LIIE's Resource Pack

LIIE's Resource Pack

Install the LIIE's Resource Pack now to get an excellent resource that will increase your familiarity with Minecraft in an all-new virtual world where the dirt, grass, and fresh armor will further enhance your overall gaming experience.

This resource pack comes with some of the most significant changes to Minecraft.

The LIIE's resource pack is arguably the most unique of all the top resource pack recommendations on our list.

Its distinctive art style and colors may call to mind images of animal crossings. Both the animals and mobs have cartoon-like faces.

Each object is cast with soft, caricature shadows, and the entire color palette is much more vivid than the regular Minecraft game graphics.

If you’re looking for a texture pack that can make the game look more fun & friendly, the LIIE's texture solution is one of the best Minecraft resource packs that you can use for this purpose.

Download here

8. Jolicraft Texture Pack

Jolicraft Texture Pack

The Jolicraft texture pack is one of the best Minecraft resource packs that will replace all your default textures with more stunning and colorful blocks.

It completely overhauls the Minecraft game’s imagery to make it appear more vibrant without compromising its original resolution and graphics.

This resource pack has an FPS resolution rate of 16x16 which is quite good.

Download here

9. SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack

SCC Photo Realistic Universe Resource Pack

Allow us to introduce you to one of the best Minecraft resource packs explicitly developed for people with high-end gaming PCs.

This Minecraft resource pack can boast of a 1024x1024 resolution, unlike most other resource packs that feature either 16x16 or 32x32 resolutions.

Moreover, this Minecraft texture pack has a superior quality to most others on this list which can be harnessed to make the game appear even fancier.

However, you'll require a top gaming PC to enjoy this particular resource pack for Minecraft.

Download here


Here’s hoping you found our list of Minecraft best resource packs informative.

You can stay tuned for more Minecraft resources by bookmarking this webpage.