Best Icon Packs For Android (2020)

The best way to change the look of your mobile home screen is to use a third party icon pack. Check out our list of BEST ICON PACKS For Android.

Best Icon Packs For Android (2020)

Have you got bored of looking the same home screen every day? The best way to change the look of your mobile home screen is to use a third party icon pack. It will not only give a refreshing look to your device, but will also utilize more space on your screen.

You will find thousands of icon packs on Google Play Store. It can leave you confused, if you try to browse Google Play Store, in order to find a good icon pack for your phone. Because, there you will find thousands of icon packs, which can be downloaded for free. Hence, we bring you the list of 10 best Android icon packs that will make your home screen look fantastic.

Here Are The List Of Best Icon Packs For Android On 2020:

  1. Candycons - Icon Pack
  2. Darkmatter - Icon Pack
  3. Delta - Icon Pack
  4. Pixbit - Icon Pack
  5. Pix UI Icon Pack 2
  6. Polucon - Icon pack
  7. Retrorika - Icon Pack
  8. Voxel - Icon Pack
  9. Whicons and Zwart
  10. Little White Line - Icon Pack

1. CandyCons - Icon Pack

This is a vibrant and fun filled icon pack, which is inspired by Google Material Design language. Google has now moved to the more uniform and round icons, but this icon pack allows every application to be in its original shape.

Candy corn has more than 1000 icons and numerous colour options for some applications. This icon pack will give your home screen a very stylish look.

2. Darkmatter - Icon Pack

This gives you colourful icons which are flat in design with black outline. The unique design of these icons gives an impression that somebody drew these icons with a pencil, and then coloured them.

This gives these icons very vibrant look and they go very well with every type of wallpaper. Darkmatter gives you more than 3000 icons, from which you can choose the most suitable one. Creative design of darkmatter icons looks very pleasant to the eyes.

3. Delta - Icon Pack

This icon pack contains small icons which gives you very neat and organised look. The best part is that Delta icons are not completely different from the official icons.

They look little more animated than the real ones. This icon pack contains more than hundred beautifully crafted icons for your home screen. You will not regret installing this icon pack.

4. PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack

The next name in our list of best icon packs for Android phone is Pixbit. You must have seen the Google pixel icon pack. Similarly, Pixbit gives you the icons which are literally made of pixels. This icon pack gives you more than 1000 amazing 8-bit inspired icons in full colour, and in minimalist form also.

If you like the visuals of old video games, then you would really like Pixbit icon pack. This icon pack will also give you a pixel art clock widget and many other wallpapers. These traditional looking icons will give your home screen a very unique look.

5. Pix UI Icon Pack 2 - Free Pixel Icon Pack

Pix UI is also called pixel icon pack, and is aimed at bringing the Google pixel look to your smartphone. This icon pack is absolutely free and has a huge library of approx 7000 icons. They all have round icon design with the flat shape, the new design that Google is adopting slowly.

This pack also includes Material Design wallpapers. All in all, these are one of the best icons for Android, and will give your phone an authentic look.

6. Polycon - Icon Pack

This is again inspired by Google Material Design Language. Polycon icon pack has bright colours and some unique shapes. Not all icons are confined to square or round shapes. However, the collection is not as big as the other packs, but Polycon still offers you over 800 icons.

This is one of the most beautiful icon pack available at the Play Store. This is a choice of millennials and they love to have it in their phones.

7. Retrorika Icon Pack

As the name suggests, Retrorica gives a vintage look to your home screen. This icon pack also takes Google Material Design and further improves it. The colour pattern has been designed as the vintage photos look, which looks very pleasant to the eyes.

This stylish icon pack gives you approx 4000 icons and more than 120 wallpapers. If you like retro vibes, then you must go for this icon pack.

8. Voxel - Flat Style Icon Pack

Next name in our list of best Android icon packs is Voxel. This icon pack provides you very neat square icons with long shadows and simple colours. Each icon is colourful and square shaped, with white icons which casts a long shadow. That gives it a vibrant and minimalist view.

With this combination, your home screen looks amazingly beautiful. More than 3000 icons are included in Voxel icon pack, and they are adding more to the list all the time. You will surely enjoy having this icon pack in your smartphone.

9. Whicons White Icon Pack

If you are looking for an icon pack with very minimal setup, then you must go for Whicons or Zwart icon packs. Whicons contains all white icons, while Zwarf has all of them black. There is no other difference between two icon packs. So, they can be called as two different sides of a same coin.

These are free range icons without any uniform shape. You can pick white or black according to your choice, both will look fantastic on your home screen.

10. Zwart - Black Icon Pack

As the name suggests, this icon pack has icons with thin Black outline. There are other outline based icons with different sizes and thicknesses, but Zwart black icon pack always stands out of them.

These are simple icons without any colour, which looks like someone has drawn it using a pencil. Go for it, if you want to give your home screen a simplistic look.


Mobile phone is a personal gadget and very close to the heart of its user. Everybody wants to personalize and customize the phone in their own way. Installing a new icon pack is the easiest way to do it. Icon packs are freely available on Google Play Store. Although, installing an icon pack does not help you in a functional way, but it make your home screen look more beautiful. A new look of the home screen can make your mood refreshing.

People keep changing their icon packs very frequently, because it gives them a feeling like they are using a new phone. If you also want to try installing some fancy icon packs and have no extra time finding them in Play store, the above list of best android icon pack will help you for sure.