The Best GTA 5 Mods For PC (2020)

The right GTA V PC mods can increase the games’ longevity and its fun factor, Thats The reason we have listed the best GTA 5 MODS for pc to enhance your gaming experience.

The Best GTA 5 Mods For PC (2020)

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) the remarkable open-world crime simulation game from Rockstar already comes heavily loaded with tons of awesome gaming content especially when coupled with the hugely popular GTA Online, platform.

However, we also have GTA mods that are developed by the dedicated and talented modding community which enable the game to develop further into an epic open-world system with endless replayable options.

What Exactly Are Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods?

Of course, playing the PC version of GTA 5 offers better rewards than the console edition.

Better graphics, enhanced multiplayer interface, and higher resolution support are among those benefits.

But all of these perks are nothing when compared to the most significant improvement of them all: Modifications (or mods).

An open-world gaming system like GTA 5 must be modded especially on PC.

The right GTA V PC mods can increase the games’ longevity and its fun factor.

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We’ve gone ahead to sample 10 must-have GTA 5 mods PC users can install. You’ll find our thoughts on each one right here:

Here Are The List Of Best GTA 5 Mods:

  1. GTA 5: NaturalVision Remastered MOD
  2. GTA 5: Iron Man MOD
  3. GTA 5: Vice Cry Remastered MOD
  4. GTA 5: Intensity ENB MOD
  5. GTA 5: Tsunami MOD
  6. GTA 5: Realism MOD
  7. GTA 5: Angry Planes MOD
  8. GTA 5: Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters MOD
  9. GTA 5: The Police MOD
  10. GTA 5: The Prison MOD

1. GTA 5: NaturalVision Remastered MOD

Turn Los Santos into a Photorealistic Gangster’s Paradise

There are tons of graphic enhancement mods you can install to transform the virtual Los Santos area into a breathtaking spectacle.

However, the NaturalVision Remastered GTA 5 PC mods are among the best Grand Theft Auto 5 mods available out there.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, there's always something that agrees with most playing styles.

This mod even features a complete revamp of the original aesthetic from Rockstar in 4K resolution.

It was developed to make GTA V appear visually comparable to the actual Southern California area.

MOD NaturalVision Remastered

2. GTA 5: Iron Man MOD

gta 5 iron man mod

The Script hook V / Iron Man script 2.0 mod is one of the most popular GTA 5 mods PC versions of the game support.

That’s probably because these GTA V PC mods can equip you with a fully functional Iron Man suit along with repulsor beams, blasters, and boost thrusters.

There are also awesome customizable options for the Iron Man suit that will make Tony Stark envious.

Mod: Script Hook V / Iron Man Script 2.0

3. GTA 5: Vice Cry Remastered MOD

vice city remastered mod

The Vice Cry Remastered mod has ranked among top GTA 5 mods PC users can install to adjust the map of Vice City as though it were a Distance Learning Center.

Yes, the original Grand Theft Auto’s Vice City will always occupy a special place in the hearts of many players, but even after receiving several graphic updates, the latest Vice City versions from Rockstar still appear quite outdated.

Not so with the Vice Cry Remastered mod which was developed to give the virtual city of Miami an attractive makeover complete with shimmering sunsets and rippling waters.

You’ll also be pleased to discover well-mapped streets, functioning traffic lights, and car generators.

Mod: Vice Cry: Remastered

4. GTA 5: Intensity ENB MOD

Pretend You’re Playing Blade Runner In A Neon-Soaked Los Santos

You’ll need to install one of the best GTA V mods for PC to keep your gameplay fresh.

The Intensity ENB mod increases the display color contrast to 11; thereby lending the city of Los Santos a mesmerizing and otherworldly look – especially during rainfall.

Moreover, this is one of the best visual GTA 5 mods PC users can use to enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto 2013 in a neon aesthetic.

The lighting effects of the game will also be intensified by this mod.

Mod: Intensity ENB

5. GTA 5: Tsunami MOD

tsunami mod gta 5

As you no doubt have already guessed from its title, this GTA V mod can transform Vice City into either a tsunami aftermath or a submerged replica of Atlantis the lost city.

The No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis mod has also ranked among top GTA 5 mods PC versions of the game support.

You can sample this mod right now and unleash a huge Tsunami of salty seawater over Vice City, with only the tallest skyscrapers visible above the water's surface.

You must see this in-game natural disaster firsthand to believe it.

Mod: No Water + Tsunami + Atlantis

6. GTA 5: Realism MOD

gta 5 realism mod

The GTA Realism mod was developed to make the virtual world of Los Santos come alive, from its graphics to gameplay.

This is one of the best GTA 5 mods PC users can harness to make their GTA imagery truly epic!

Perhaps you’re the type of person who likes obeying every speed limit sign and traffic light while driving across Southern California; the GTA realism mod is perfect for you.

It adds a few small yet witty details to the Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay that are intended to offer players a tangible and more naturalistic experience.

Pedestrians drop their wallets by accident, weapons can be picked up physically, there are realistic bleeding effects when people get shot, the police behave more tactically, bullets have real-time projectile drops, you can exchange flat tires with spares from inside your car trunk, and so much more.

Mod: GTA Realism

7. GTA 5: Angry Planes MOD

angry planes mod gta 5

Thanks to a malware stigma that has been associated with the Angry Planes (cleaned) mod since 2015, it was recently made clean by other less harmful modders and is currently one of the most updated, & malware-free GTA 5 mods PC versions of the game are compatible with.

“What exactly does it do," you ask? Well, it simply turns every aircraft pilot flying overhead into kamikaze killers who have no qualms about crashing into you no matter the cost to themselves.

As expected, pandemonium is what follows, so ensure that your gaming hardware is robust and can withstand a considerable amount of framerate display from numerous sudden blasts.

Mod: Angry Planes (cleaned)

8. GTA 5: Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters MOD

Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters mod

If you haven’t already witnessed the effects of the Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters mod, you should definitely check this one out.

Although GTA was well-known for causing all kinds of delicious mayhem, it never quite came close to the kind of sandbox insanity generated in yet another shocking open-world gaming title - Just Cause.

This mod is an unofficial crossover that allows GTA V players to benefit from Rico Rodriguez’s parachute thrusters, grappling hook, among other bespoke Just Cause tools.

It even makes vehicles to blow up after you leap out of them, which can come in handy when confronted with annoying road barricades.

Mod: Just Cause 2 Eject + Parachute Thrusters, Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod

9. GTA 5: The Police MOD

gta 5 police mod

LSPDFR (LSPD First Response) is the GTA police mod for the PC version of the game.

It will allow you to side with the LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) so you can walk a mile in their shoes for an entire day.

You’ll find police-themed weapons and go on detailed missions in armored vehicles with customization options that serve up the full package in terms of LSPD experience.

Mod: LSPD First Response

10. GTA 5: The Prison MOD

the prison mod gta 5

Still on the matter of police, how would you like to witness what happens between the point when you get arrested and the moment when you leave the police station (or hospital) as a free man?

This Prison mod offers the best answer to this.

Even though GTA has a loose concept of justice, this is one of the best GTA 5 mods PC users can leverage to put a judicial system in place in the city of Los Santos.

Mod: Prison Mod


We trust you enjoyed reading about the latest GTA 5 PC mods we spotlighted here.

Feel free to try out all of them to increase your GTA V PC mods experience.

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