Best Google Chromecast Apps For Android & iOS (2020)

Read Reviews & Download The Best Google Chromecast Apps For Android & iOS On 2020. The Best Chromecast Apps For Android Including Google Home, Netflix, Videostream & More.

Best Google Chromecast Apps For Android & iOS (2020)

Can you even remember how many times you’ve scoured app stores on the internet looking to download the best Chromecast apps for casting media onto your big-screen TVs and eventually came up with an error response?!

You are more likely to come across this scenario when searching for free Google Chromecast apps.

And while the Chromecast platform came into existence only seven years ago, it currently ranks among the most popular online video streaming services.

With just a tiny piece of hardware, you can seamlessly connect your big screen TV to almost any other gadget in close proximity – including your Android smartphone.

And because Google Chromecast has now become so popular, you’ll find there are numerous Chromecast apps available for everyone that are supposedly compatible with the video streaming dongle.

This means trying to figure out the best Google Chromecast apps you will need to get things up-and-running immediately can be a bit tricky.

Once again, due to its popularity, you might already own a Chromecast device; we still recommend that you check out our curated suggestions of the best Chromecast apps Android users must have because the latest 3rd generation models come with the most up-to-date streaming services and technologies. 

So strap in and prepare for your best casting experience so far in 2020. 

Here Are The List Of Best Chromecast Apps for Android & iOS

  1. Google Home For Chromecast
  2. Google Photos For Chromecast
  3. Netflix For Chromecast
  4. Videostream For Chromecast
  5. Youtube For Chromecast
  6. Pocket Casts For Chromecast
  7. Spotify For Chromecast
  8. HBO Go & HBO Now For Chromecast
  9. Hulu For Chromecast
  10. VUDU For Chromecast

1. Google Home for Chromecast

Are you looking to own one of the best Chromecast apps that will allow you to set up, control, and manage your Google Home, Google Chromecast, and Google Nest networks, in addition to a plethora of synced home gadgets like cameras and lights?

This free app could even serve as a primary connector for more than one piece of hardware if perhaps you decide to purchase a different Chromecast device for your bedroom upstairs. 

2. Google Photos for Chromecast

Ever since Google Photos was integrated into Chromecast, sitting together with your family to view the entire camera roll on your smartphone became a lot easier.

This is one of the best Chromecast apps that offer up more functional variety besides just video streaming.

You can install and use the Google Photos for Chromecast app to share your pictures with everyone in the room.

All you have to do here is swipe or tap your smartphone screen to select your favorite photos, and the casted images displayed on your TV screen will also be adjusted. 

3. Netflix for Chromecast

You can download Netflix for Chromecast right now to own one of the best Chromecast apps available online.

With this Chromecast-enabled software, tossing a movie from your smartphone onto a widescreen TV is as straightforward as pushing the Cast switch and the effect is almost instantaneous.

It has ranked among the best Chromecast apps for Android that provides superb-quality entertainment along with flexible services.

You can install and use this app to stream thousands of movies and TV shows on desktops, big-screen TVs, and any Android mobile system.

This awesome app even lets you transform your smartphone into a remote-controller device. 

4. Videostream for Chromecast

Introducing Videostream; one of the best Chromecast movie apps you can find online.

It enables you to cast quality 1080p videos wirelessly onto your widescreen TV and it is also available to stream content from your desktop PC.

Moreover, the Videostream software can play any selected media files in MKV, MP4, or MP3format.

You can even use both your iOS and Android mobile devices as remote controllers for Videostream.

This awesome app also contains over four hundred videos and audio tracks with subtitles along with all the necessary transcoding options. 

5. YouTube for Chromecast

On the Google Play Store, this YouTube enabled app is undoubtedly one of the best Chromecast apps you can find for Android devices.

You can download this cool app now to own an excellent alternative to cable TV that offers you the full benefits of streaming paid movies online, video search, playlists, chats, personal channels, along with several other advanced features. 

6. Pocket Casts For Chromecast

Pocket Casts is yet another entry on our updated listicle of best Google Chromecast apps that can guarantee remarkable audio and video streaming experience upon installation.

You can use the exclusive Chromecast support features on this app to enjoy syncing, automatic downloads, custom playlists, dark themes, and loads of other entertaining options.

Besides Android and iOS devices, you can also use this application to play online content using Google’s Siri or Alexa assistants, or on your Apple Watch, Android Auto, Sonos, Windows, or Mac operating systems. 

7. Spotify For Chromecast

With the Chromecast enabled Spotify application, you can access an extraordinary music database containing 40 million songs along with premium features.

This is one of the best Chromecast apps that will grant you unlimited access to its quality music streaming packages even when you are offline after paying a subscription fee.

Due to its compatibility with Chromecast, Spotify users can even cast their preferred music genres onto their surround sound systems or TV speakers to enjoy an exclusive music experience that surpasses their smartphones’ capabilities.

Some other trendy Spotify features consist of D.J. Party mode, custom-made Discovery Weekly playlists, as well as Running Pace-Matching options. 

8. HBO GO & HBO NOW For Chromecast

Yes, the HBO GO service costs about 15 USD monthly but this platform has ranked among the best Chromecast apps Android users must have this year.

It was also the only way for you to stream premium HBO shows on-demand before the HBO Now service also came online.

Moreover, HBO Go is a standalone package; which means you won’t need a cable subscription before you can use it. 

HBO Now, on the other hand, has set itself apart from other first-rate cable packages, by allowing its users to watch blockbuster TV shows which include Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley without having to purchase a monthly subscription package. 

9. HULU Plus For Chromecast

The already popular mobile version of Hulu Plus offers up a feature-laden experience similar to what is obtainable on the full desktop site.

This is one of the best Chromecast apps for Android users looking for impressive audio and video quality. The controls are also quite easy-to-use.

Perhaps you enjoy watching Family Guy, or Marvel’s Agents of Shield; the Hulu Plus app represents an easy and reasonably priced method to watch these shows conveniently. 

10. Vudu For Chromecast

The ability to stream and save your favorite digital content on any device is one of the best features of the Vudu app.

It remains one of the best Google Chromecast apps that can provide the best deals at affordable prices.

The Vudu mobile platform was also developed to grant remote access to a vast compilation of movies with the added benefit of sharing access with as much as six other users. 


We trust you enjoyed reading our latest selection of the best Chromecast apps for Android 2020.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments.