10 Best Garage Sale Apps & Yard Sale Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

Read Reviews & Download The Best Garage Sale Apps & Yard Sale Apps For Android & iPhone And Sell Your Stuffs Locally. These Best Garage Sales App Including Varagesale, OfferUP, LetGO & More.

10 Best Garage Sale Apps & Yard Sale Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

Are you looking to tidy up your home by removing clutter while making some extra money?

There’s an app for that.

Perhaps you like buying stuff occasionally; or are fed up with your curtains & furniture and are on the lookout for something different?!

We’ve also got you covered.

The ideal buying and selling solution for such scenarios is definitely a yard/garage sale.

The best part about a garage sale is the way it eliminates all the fuss that comes with bargaining with the seller to get more affordable rates.

Yard sale items have already been heavily discounted and you will even find some of them are in pretty good condition.

We’ve gone ahead to round-up our favorite garage sale apps for Android and iOS users to sell things quickly online.

Keep reading to find out which ones to download so you can make seamless transactions on the go! 

Here Are The List Of Best Garage Sale Apps & Yard Sale Apps For Android & iPhone:

  1. VarageSale
  2. Listia
  3. WallaPop
  4. Yard Sale
  5. 5Miles
  6. Letgo
  7. KSL Classifieds
  8. OfferUP
  9. TallySheet
  10. Garage Sale Map

1. VarageSale

The VarageSale platform allows you to shop across a wide variety of garage sale items, making it one of the most useful garage sale apps.

You can upload items effortlessly via this software and also enjoy seamless browsing of yard sale merchandise.

This is an excellent local yard sale app option for buyers and sellers.

Moreover, VarageSale is supported by both Android and iOS devices with more than 1million installs so far and an Android version requirement of 4.4 and above.

With the VarageSale app, you can quickly locate those yard sale items that interest you within your vicinity.

You can browse classified local listings in categories like furniture, clothing, electronics, household items, shoes, and more. 

2. Listia

Download Listia now to own one of the best garage sale apps that enable users to sell old belongings that they don't need anymore.

In return, the Listia app will help you to locate those items that you require most.

Also, by selling more items, you can accumulate reward points which can be used later for free online shopping.

The more reward points gathered, will increase your chances of buying free items on Listia.

All you have to do here is capture a photo of the item(s) you wish to sell and then upload the image on Listia.

You can include a few details about the product and post it online via your Listia feed.

The Listia app also comes with an accurate geo-location feature which will inform you about the items that people around you are selling as well as any interested buyers living in your vicinity.

Listia is a garage sale app Android and iPhone users should be looking to download this year to benefit from its money-making rewards

3. WallaPop

Introducing Wallapop; yet another one of our free local yard sale app recommendations for both Android and iOS systems.

With Wallapop, you have one of the best garage sale apps that enable its users to make quick money by selling their old belongings to people in the neighborhood.

All you have to do here is take clear pictures of the old stuff you wish to sell and post them online via this platform along with some specific details.

This will make it visible to buyers within your local area.

Moreover, users of the Wallapop app won’t have to worry about paying delivery charges, prolonged waiting time, inaccurate product descriptions, and other such drawbacks.

The app features various categories and collections for quicker access to your preferred products.

The different categories you’ll find here include electronics, dvds-cds, fashion, sports, cars, baby products and many more.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of this yard sales app is the way it allows you to specify and even reprocess whatever brings you joy. 

4. Yard Sale Treasure Map

Yard Sale Treasure Map is the perfect spot for local buyers & sellers to connect and interact with their products and offerings.

The performance of this remarkable software has helped it to rank among this year’s finest garage sale apps that offer the best neighborhood shopping experience.

The Yard sale application is already being used by a considerable number of buyers and sellers from all over, which makes it even more valuable for both parties.

Marketing your belongings via this app comes at zero cost, and uploading images of items is quite effortless.

You will also be pleased to find a sales tracking feature which indicates the exact location of the nearest garage sale where you can find a particular product.

One of the most remarkable features of this local yard sale app is its responsive customer support system in case users have any issues with posting their items for sale. 

5. 5Miles

Allow us to introduce you to 5Miles – yet another top contender on our list of best garage sale apps for 2020 and beyond.

This is a highly rated garage sale app Android and iOS users should be looking to download and install for making quick money through buying and selling old belongings within their vicinity.

The 5Miles app makes it easy for you to purchase or sell any second-hand item(s) online to other users living in your zone.

It is a free, user-friendly, and secure application with unique and amazing features.

You will discover many useful products at reduced rates on this local yard sale app.

To ensure user safety, this buying and selling software will require you to create an account or sign in with your email or Facebook account when trying to access it for the first time.

You can quickly upload photos and videos of your advertisements on this app as well as share your product listings across trendy social media and email platforms to boost the popularity of your posts. 


LetGo has also been ranked among the top garage sale apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

LetGo is already a well-known online yard sales app that enables secure buying and selling transactions involving used local products.

LetGo will help you sell all your used belongings as soon as possible.

You can also use it to discover which of those items you require most are available in your vicinity.

There is a search feature that allows you to find products easily using categories such as books, clothes, electronics, furniture, or any other type of item you wish to find.

Once you locate the desired item, simply add it to your cart and purchase it when you’re ready. 

7. KSL Classifieds

You can download KSL Classifieds to own one of the most widely-used garage sale apps on iOS and Android platforms which lets you sell used stuff to other users living nearby.

This app is quite easy-to-use and it also serves up trending ads from local marketplaces for you to access.

Posting an item for sale online to nearby users is also very straightforward.

You can even add photos, as well as create & edit videos for your ads along with a brief description of the item(s) to help potential buyers make their decision. 

8. OfferUP

With OfferUp, you have a superb yard sales app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Its over 10 million installs so far has helped it to rank among the best garage sale apps for 2020 and beyond.

It allows you to quickly discover the best offers on products in your area and you can also interact with the sellers through this platform. 

9. TallySheet

Tallysheet is a useful, quick and simple local yard sale app that will help you to get rid of any belongings in your house that are not needed anymore.

This app will allow you to sell any second-hand products to other users close to you.

The TallySheet app will also help you save time you would otherwise have spent searching for those items you need by showing you exactly where you can purchase them. 

10. Garage Sales Map

While this might not actually be a top contender for this year’s best garage sale apps, it still delivers in terms of finding local garage, yard, or estate sales closest to you on a map.

Users can easily search for any product or item they desire by its category or title, and they can also enable different filtering options.

There are even detailed driving directions to every sale. 

The Round-Up

We conclude by admitting that getting a local yard sale app that works can be a difficult task.

However, if you download and use any of the curated yard sales app selections we’ve made in this post, we can guarantee you will eventually enjoy good value for your time & money.

Have fun sampling as many as you can.