7 Best Free PC Cleaner & Optimization Software Of 2020

Here are the list of top 7 best free pc cleaner software to secure your pc from various threats & to boost up your PC speed. Best PC optimizer 2020.

7 Best Free PC Cleaner & Optimization Software Of 2020

Best Free PC Cleaner/Optimization Software - In today’s world of super-fast computers, nobody wants a slow PC. Computers, especially those using the Windows operating system, can become slow and corrupt over time. Which results in sluggishness, unpredictable behavior, incorrect software, and files, etc., it becomes frustrating at some point.

During the process of installation, some programs create temporary folders and files on our computer’s hard disk, which are rarely deleted by the user. As we keep making use of these programs, many more temporary folders and files are automatically created.

If your computer takes more extended periods to run and execute simple tasks, then it needs optimization.

PC optimization software is designed to clean up and help your computer to carry out basic tasks again effectively.

Although some operating systems - like Windows 10 – come with an advanced maintenance system tool, it is still susceptible to clutter, while some users still enjoy using Windows 7 and a few older versions.

Repair software and Optimization tools are typically made to detect and delete old, unused junk files, and check registry issues which help you free-up valuable drive space, and boost boot up time as well as RAM.

Getting a computer optimizer is not a difficult task since there are several free pc optimizer software applications to help out.

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We examined the best free pc cleaner software as suggested by Google, tested them, and came up with our version.

Best Free Pc Cleaners & Optimization Software 2019


The following PC optimizing tools will effectively modify your slow computer for high-speed task handling, faster response, and better all-around performance. They automatically work to save your money, time, and effort.


The Iolo System Mechanic is a remarkable tune-up utility. It has all the tools required to get your computer performing like a new one again.

Iolo's System Mechanic removes unwanted apps and junk files, blocks unwanted auto-run settings and malware, frees-up RAM and deletes various logs, caches, and browser histories; this will clean up vital system resources, and protect your privacy by eliminating traces of your browsing history.

Iolo's free edition is great, but it's premium versions (System Mechanic Pro and System Mechanic) are worth considering. Its substantial performance boost which we observed after testing System Mechanic is what makes this our best free pc cleaner.

Keep reading for some more of the best software around for enhancing your PC’s performance.


Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare Pro does an excellent job of rejuvenating slow PCs.

IOBIT is a very popular, free PC optimizing application for all versions of Windows. It eliminates redundant files from your computer which improves the performance of your PC.  It comes with a useful Health Monitor and Performance widget which provides you with system information at-a-glance; however, it has some minor installation limitations that prevent it from being our number one selection for tune-up software.

A few of IOBIT's features are downloaded separately, and it lacks current community-based recommendations.

Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare software comes in two versions: a free edition form which covers routine house cleaning, and then there's the Pro edition that combines internet speed-boosting, deep registry cleaning, real-time optimization, 24/7 technical support, and privacy protection.


The name “Ashampoo” is coined from this optimization software’s ability to clean your computer like a shampoo.

Ashampoo’s Tune-up utility has an efficient, performance-enhancing feature set which can get your computer running like a new one again.

WinOptimizer provides system maintenance via a cleaner tool, repairing registry, conducting pro-active defragmentation, and erasing internet trails. It comes with file management, system shutdown services, system diagnosis as well as customizing Windows OS capabilities.

Unlike most PC optimization apps, Ashampoo WinOptimizer gives users a detailed assessment of each issue it has identified, describing precisely what the problem is, and why it should be removed. Users can then proceed to make a better-informed decision about erasing or keeping it.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer also provides file encryption and HDD benchmarking; it features a ten-day free trial period.


Norton’s Utilities bundles several excellent tools that can make any lethargic computer run with some newly-found pep.

Norton enhances system performance and comes with a real-time monitoring system, file shredding, and recovery capabilities, as well as Windows XP support. No subscription fees involved.

However but license limitations have limited Norton’s appeal for households using multiple PCs.


The recently overhauled AVG TuneUp software keeps your Windows computer in top condition, and now offers users unlimited licenses. It is an excellent selection among optimizing utilities. Ranked 5th in our list of best free pc cleaner.

AVG improves your PC's boot time and overall feel. It erases junk files, has a real-time monitoring system, no license limitations and in-depth system scanning, virus removal and repairs.

AVG’s TuneUp app. is, however, an expensive computer repair tool ($49.99 yearly subscription).


The Comodo PC Tuneup tool is potent system-enhancing software. It may not provide as many features as the best pc cleaner in the business, but its open installation process is its major selling point.

Comodo’s Active Clean capability is only available for users of Comodo System Utilities Pro version, which you cannot purchase at this time. Its restore features are not as useful as competing apps.


This simple and straightforward computer optimization software boasts the entire suite of regular PC enhancing functions.

Glary Utilities Pro offers heavily used computers a new lease of life.

Very few competitor apps can provide a better general system improvement, but Glarysoft's optimizer is up to the task.

Glary Utilities software leverages on over 20 tools to effectively kick your PC issues to the curb. This app is user-friendly and boosts the performance of your system; however, a lack of software descriptions and license limitations has relegated it to a bottom of the listing status.

Tune Up Your PC

Faster startup times and quick operations are part of the greatest joys and excitement of work and entertainment on any brand-new PC.

After all, everybody wants their computers to function at peak capacity, whether or not we have a low-budget laptop or a high-performance gaming system. Eventually, however, that high-level performance fades away. Every PC slows down, either suddenly or gradually. That is when the best free pc cleaner proves its worth.