The 10 Best Free MP3 Cutters (2020)

In this post we will be highlighting the best mp3 cutters you can use right now for free! The best free mp3 cutter including apowersoft, mp3 toolkit, Free Mp3 Cutter Joiner, splitter and more.

The 10 Best Free MP3 Cutters (2020)

Sometimes all it takes for a song to pull at your heartstrings is a few lines or the tune from music playing somewhere in the background and you suddenly want to hear that short clip over and over again instead of the entire song.

Sadly, the foremost PCs and smartphones don’t come with any pre-installed software tools that can cut or edit a specified portion of audio files in mp3 format.

You’ll have to download, install, and use a third-party application to snip mp3 files for use as call, text, or alarm tones, video presentations, and PowerPoint slides.

In this post we will be highlighting the best mp3 cutters you can use right now for free!

Try them out now to split and trim away needless parts from your favorite mp3 files for various purposes. 

Here Are The List Of Best Free MP3 Cutters (2020):

  1. Apowersoft
  2. Mp3 Toolkit
  3. Free Mp3 Cutter Joiner
  4. Weeny Free Audio Cutter
  5. eArt Audio Cutter
  6. Macsome Audio Splitter
  7. Audacity
  8. Swifturn
  9. Wavepad
  10. Mixpad

1. Apowersoft

best mp3 cutter apowersoft

We begin our list of best mp3 cutters with a remarkable editing tool for Android devices. With Apowersoft, you can edit your preferred audio clips effortlessly. It can boast of an easy-to-use program that is supported by a wide variety of audio formats.

The Apowersoft User-Interface features all the tools necessary for cutting, trimming, merging, splitting, as well as for copy & paste tasks on audio files. There’s also a real-time preview option you can use to hear the outcome.

2. MP3 Toolkit

mp3 toolkit

This is yet another robust audio editor you can only use on Windows PCs. As the name implies, it is one of the best mp3 cutters on this list that can boast of an awesome pack of editing tools. They include an mp3 cutter, mp3 converter, mp3 recorder, mp3 merger, tag editor, and CD ripper among others.

The most noteworthy feature of mp3 Toolkit is the way it enables you to process and rearrange multiple audio files in your preferred order. Overall, this is an ideal program designed to make the process of eliminating needless parts from audio files hassle-free. 

3. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

free mp3 cutter joiner

This latest version of Free mp3 Cutter Joiner was designed to enable users to create their own mp3 ringtones with ease. With this tool, you too can own one of the best mp3 cutters developed for audio sampling, setting audio channels and bitrate, as well as for merging multiple mp3 files.

It is already well-known among professional editors for its easy-to-use mp3 splitting and cutting technique. It is also a great tool for producing new songs by combining several soundtracks. 

4. Weeny Free Audio Cutter

weeny free audio cutter

Weeny Free Audio Cutter is audio editing software that you can use to cut audio files and merge them in popular formats like mp3, wav, wma, and ogg.  With the Weeny Free Audio Cutter, you can even add multiple markers promptly to enable further soundtrack splitting with just one click.

And even though the Winnie Free Audio Cutter might not rank among the best mp3 cutters available online, especially because it lacks packaged effects, it does an excellent job of offering a straightforward audio splitting process. 

5. EArt Audio Cutter

eart audio cutter

So you want to download the best free mp3 cutters?! With EArt Audio Cutter, you can boast of a handy audio editor, ringtone maker, and converter into wma, mp3, wav, or ogg file formats.

The EArt free editor was designed to make the process of trimming songs very straightforward. You can use this program to set two distinct markers on audio files and for saving the segments you have specified without recoding. Sadly, the performance of this software is a bit unstable on the Windows 10 OS. 

6. Macsome Audio Splitter

macsome audio splitter

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for the best mp3 cutters to use on your Mac PC; your search ends here. This app was developed for the purpose of splitting large audio tracks into multiple smaller pieces of AAC or mp3 file formats after just a few seconds.

This is one of the best free mp3 cutters on our list that can also serve as an alarm tone maker, a music editor, a merger tone creator, and ringtone cutter. You can even capture your live audio singing sessions in mp3 format. 

7. Audacity

audacity mp3 cutter

Audacity has ranked among the best mp3 cutters available on the software market and is already quite well-known by many professional editors worldwide for its noise reduction properties. You too can download this latest edition of the Audacity app for installation on your Android smart device or Windows PC.

Moreover, Audacity is compatible with popular audio formats like mp3, wav, Ogg, flac, wma, aiff, and ac3. There are also wide-ranging tools available for editing such as cut, copy, paste, and erasing. 

8. Swifturn

swiftrun mp3 cutter

Let’s introduce you to Swifturn; a free-to-use audio editor and one of the best mp3 cutters that can boast of a handy collection of sound effects you can use to create unique sound clips. Also, its comprehensible User-Interface enables straightforward and convenient navigation.

With Swifturn, you can edit parallel files on multiple audio tracks. Some other noteworthy features of this software program include integrated tools for noise suppression, making volume level adjustments, plus a host of other effects. Swifturn users can even record audio tracks by using an in-built microphone. 

9. WavePad

wavepad mp3 cutter

This is WavePad; one of the best free mp3 cutters both beginners & professional editors must have. You too can download WavePad right now if you wish to record audio clips, clean up background noise, edit the recording, and then add a few high-quality sound effects.

Moreover, both Windows and Mac users can benefit from this robust mp3 editing software. The WavePad program is really well-designed and can be used for generating customized soundtracks with minimal hassles. And although the process of sound restoration & rendering sometimes runs slowly, it gets the job done properly.

10. MixPad

mixpad mp3 cutter

This final entry on our list of best free mp3 cutters can boast of every tool you will need for music and audio production. With MixPad, you can benefit from a handy multi-track recording feature, while using the most professional instruments that can guarantee the best possible outcome.

Upon installation of the MixPad program, you can proceed to cut and trim audio tracks and then combine the multiple pieces into a single composition. 

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve reached the end of our list of top free mp3 cutters for PC and smart devices, you should have a better idea of which one works best for you.

You can sample as many as you like to be sure you’re making the right selection.

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