The Best Free MMORPGs To Play Right Now (2020)

Here are the list of best free MMORPG games you should play this year. The Best Free MMOs Including Guild Wars, Defience, Rift, Star Wars & More.. Free RPG games for PC & Other Devices. Check The List Now!

The Best Free MMORPGs To Play Right Now (2020)

MMOs used to be as rare as legendary pirate booty; nowadays, however, MMORPGs are more rampant than ever before.

And the demand for MMOs is not showing any signs of stopping. This gaming genre is based on free-to-play and large numbers of players interacting together.

Each game available on this platform requires a lot of time and dedication as it promises an expansive virtual world, a lively community, and enough gaming content to make any gamer blush and experience dizzy spells.

MMORPGs are currently ranked among the most stimulating games around.

We’ve gone ahead to make a curated selection of the best free MMORPG software that 2020 has to offer.

Our goal is to save you those hours you might otherwise have spent on creating characters for an MMORPG you may not eventually enjoy playing.

Each game we have spotlighted here is worthy of your time and attention. You’ll find the juicy details about their features below:

The Top 10 Best Free To Play MMORPG Games List In 2020

  1. Defience 2050
  2. Guild Wars 2
  3. RIFT: The Ultimate Fantacy MMORPG
  4. Star Wars (The Old Republic)
  6. The Lord Of The Rings Online
  7. NeverWinter: Free Dungeons And Dragons MMORPG
  8. AION MMO Online
  9. DC Universe Online
  10. RunEscape 3: Online Fantacy MMORPG

1. Defience 2050

defience 2050

The original Defiance universe MMO made its debut on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 with some awesome ideas, such as the use of conventional third-person shooting along with dynamic boss encounters.

After its cancellation, Defiance 2050 – currently one of the best free MMORPG platforms – emerged to continue with the excellent work that the original game had started.

Its developers recreated it to deliver a mini-sequel, half-reboot experience that maintained the core aspects of the original Defiance which helped to establish it as arguably the best f2p MMORPG.

However, for Defiance 2050, character transfers were not included as you can see in world of warcraft.

Nevertheless, some key aspects of your original Defiance game account still remain applicable on Defiance 2050 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One users.

Moreover, Defiance 2050 receives the latest seasonal event and challenge updates along with additional enemies and other items designed to encourage regular gameplay.

Play Defience 2050 For Free

2. Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2

If you’re looking to install the best free to play MMORPG for 2020, the popular Guild Wars cannot be ignored.

Its remarkable design has been touted as an effort to repair and surpass every broken down mechanics that most online games continue to purse, and the success it has enjoyed in this regard has helped it to cement its place among the best free MMORPG you can play.

Guild Wars 2 can boast of more regular quests and short plots that unfold in stages – this, however, depends on the performance of the players.

Players are encouraged to cooperate with each other, and also make a significant impact on their vicinities, perhaps by temporarily eliminating the threat posed by roving bands of beasts.

Play Guild Wars 2 For Free

3. RIFT: The Ultimate Fantacy MMORPG


When Rift was first released back in 2011, it felt a lot like a stagnant gaming genre had received a fresh lease of life.

Rift has since gone on to establish itself as a staple on almost every best free MMORPG list made every year since then.

For starters, playing Rift doesn’t cost an arm and a leg: hence, this fantastic gaming platform - along with each expansion - has gradually grown to become arguably the best free to play MMORPG out there.

Every feature that attracted rave reviews from Rift players at its launch is still there.

This is an MMORPG that stands out when it comes to bringing groups of like-minded players together and pitting them against convincing threats.

Rift players quickly become adept at handling raids and quests.

The gameplay also includes some spontaneous events designed to inspire shock and awe.

Classical yet modern, the Rift platform is undoubtedly a top free MMORPG made for this decade.

Play Rift For Free

4. Star Wars (The Old Republic)

star wars - the old republic

Even though SWTOR is an online game, it is regarded among avid fans as the best free MMORPG that offers a thrilling solo experience.

SWTOR players have to pick from any of two sides, either the Empire or the Republic, and then choose from any of four different character classes loyal to either faction of the force.

Moreover, the storyline and fully voiced conversations are excellent, and further enhanced by class-based narratives and rich contextual back-stories that any Star Wars fan will value.

The visual content also holds up relatively well, and players can quickly customize graphic options to accommodate a wide variety of gaming patches.

The mechanics of the gameplay are based on instantaneous, hotkey-enabled battles.

Play Star Wars Old Republic For Free


tera mmorpg game

There are yet some of us who aren’t motivated by conventional MMO gameplay, which is precisely where the TERA platform comes into play.

Tera is seen as the best free MMORPG that is action-focused.

You’ll find Devil May Cry-style sword thrusts, slices, and flips that are quite different from the usual click-and-wait based combat system obtainable in practically all other MMOs out there.

Combine the unique combat style with the flamboyant visuals seen all over the game, and the TERA platform becomes one of the must-have free to play MMORPG for 2020 and beyond.

Play TERA For Free

6. The Lord Of The Rings Online

the lord of the rings online

Middle-earth, the world created by J.R.R Tolkien provides the perfect virtual scenery for this top free MMORPG.

It features awesome characters, a vast world to discover, and a realm where everyone is constantly at war.

Humans, Hobbits, Dwarves, and Elves make up the good guys in the Lord of the Rings Online saga.

Your story can begin as either a burglar or a hunter (you decide) in one of the social classes and you must travel on your own escapades, so you can follow in the example set by the famous Fellowship.

You will encounter Ents, ride across the plains of Rohan, and get lost in the endless depths of Moria.

There are also expansions made to advance the story, based on the books.

Moreover, along with every major plot comes a different gaming mechanic such as the integration of mounted combat.

Play The Lord Of Rings For Free

7. NeverWinter: Free Dungeons And Dragons MMORPG

neverwinter mmorpgs

Although NeverWinter might not exactly be regarded by many as the best free MMORPG out there, the regular and thrilling content and storyline updates it receives ensure that it remains a contender for the best free to play MMORPG this year.

Its updates are intended to extend the main storyline of the game, and it recently added yet another playable tribe called the Gith.

This expansion has completely revamped the player experience by making it a lot easier to start out inside this richly meticulous virtual environment.

Play NeverWinter For Free

8. AION Online

aion online

After a series of successful titles which included the first Guild Wars and City of Heroes under its belt, Aion – the latest effort from the same developer – has also risen to the ranks of best free MMORPGs.

The Aion MMO is a highly-polished gaming system that is set in a post-cataclysmic world that has been totally torn apart by two warring factions.

Your adventure can begin after choosing sides from either the radiant Elyos or the hardy Asmodians —  each race comes with six different social classes that are further subdivided into two additional ones after you have reached a certain level— and then plunged into the spectacular world of Atreia.

The six crafting systems and questing are linear; typically requiring players to travel alone during quiet periods and engage other players when they reach more populated regions.

Play AION Online For Free

9. DC Universe Online

dc universe online mmorpg games

DC’s Online gaming franchise removed subscription rates completely shortly after it was launched in 2011.

Yet the platform still serves up as much action-packed MMO entertainment now the same way it did when it was still a Premium game.

Anchored in DC’s fictional universe of superheroes and villains, players can start their adventure by either customizing a new character or choosing one of the famous DC characters which include Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and others.

Play DC Universe Online For Free

10. RunEscape 3: Online Fantacy MMORPG

runescape mmorpg game

This most recent version of RuneScape; one of the best free MMOs that is browser-based, doesn't diverge too much from earlier renditions.

The story is set in Gielinor, a fantasy kingdom ravaged by war. RuneScape offers a clear-cut and traditional approach to the MMORPG genre.

The combat and quests are fairly straightforward and also quite humorous, often requiring players to click their enemies to death and then collect their loot.

Play RunEscape 3 For Free

In Conclusion

Here’s hoping you enjoyed reading our round-up of the best free MMORPG games for 2020.

Feel free to sample all of them!