The 10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Non-Stop Singing On Android & iPhone (2020)

Here we listed the best free karaoke apps that will help you make you a great singer. These best karaoke apps are free to download from google play and apple store. Check them out now!

The 10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For Non-Stop Singing On Android & iPhone (2020)

Music is a global phenomenon; which is why it can be regarded as a universal language.

When a musical talent is really good, everyone will hear and see it on news broadcasts, on worldwide tours, in addition to attracting millions of hits on the internet.

People can simply go online to discover new songs, bands, and artists.

Now, if you throw a clever invention into the mix, which allows you to sing along to the lyrics being flashed across a screen while background music is playing simultaneously, what you get is an amusing and cheerful activity meant for everyone.

Enter Karaoke singing!

Karaoke can be an enjoyable addition to any party. Some folks love it, while others hate it.

However, if you wish to have a bit of fun with your friends while singing, finding a full-sized arena with a karaoke singing machine may turn out to be an impossible task.

This is precisely where karaoke singing apps become extremely useful.

You can sing alone or have fun with your friends by adding a stimulating party element with the best free karaoke apps available for smartphones today!

Sample the apps we’ve highlighted below to find a suitable adaptation of your favorite music and get your karaoke singing party started right now!

Here Are The List Of Best Free Karaoke Apps For Android & iPhone:

  1. Sing! Karaoke (Best Overall)
  2. Singplay
  3. Sing Karaoke By Starmaker
  4. Karaoke By Yokee
  5. Baby Karaoke
  6. Singa
  7. Magicsing Karaoke
  8. Vocal Remover
  9. Singing Machine Karaoke
  10. KaraFun

1. Sing! Karaoke

Sing! Karaoke was launched by Music app developers Smule and it quickly rose to popularity by becoming one of the top-rated free karaoke apps on the Google Play Store.

The app allows you to sing along to your favorite music and record yourself while performing (there are also video recording options).

Moreover, you can augment your voice with a variety of audio effects, which may be useful for those of us without natural singing voices.

The Sing! Karaoke app by Smule features a wide-ranging database of well-known Bollywood songs along with several duets by famous pop artists.

Sing! Karaoke is also a contender for the best free karaoke app in 2020; however, if you require better features and full access to its entire music collection, you must pay a subscription fee.

The karaoke app free version is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile systems.

2. Singplay: Karaoke Your MP3

singplay karaoke your MP3

This is SingPlay - yet another best free karaoke app recommendation on our list that was developed to enable users to improve their singing experience.

You can sing all your favorite tracks and record your performance on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Moreover, this is one of the latest models of free karaoke apps that have a sharing feature for sending recorded media files of your songs to your family and friends.

You’ll also be pleased to discover it has a considerable compilation of free karaoke music so you won’t have to bother about downloading any karaoke songs.

You can easily pick your preferred tracks from its diverse collection, to sing along to and record.

3. Sing Karaoke By Starmaker

Sing Karaoke By Starmaker

Introducing StarMaker - a top contender for the best free karaoke app on mobile platforms this year.

One of the remarkable features of this sing-along app is the way it allows you to select the best and most popular tracks from its vast collection.

You can download StarMaker now to sing and perform to karaoke music like a real Rock star.

Moreover, this free karaoke singing app will allow you to tidy up your voice after you have recorded or even while recording your song.

It also allows you to share your voice recordings with your family members and friends.

You could even make some new friends through the distribution of the powerful music recordings produced here.

You’ll be pleased to find that it also has a cutting edge voice enhancement technology feature for capturing the best sound quality while you sing along to your favorite songs.

4. Karaoke By Yokee

Karaoke - Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

Download Karaoke by Yokee to own what is also considered by many as the best free karaoke app for iOS and Android devices.

You can use it to sing along to songs and exhibit your dancing skills among your family members and friends by recording and sharing the audio and video clips.

It is one of the free karaoke apps that you can find on both the Apple and Google Play stores so you won’t have to spend any money to download it.

There’s also a massive music compilation from different artists available in the apps’ database.

You can quickly search for any of your preferred songs from various genres and proceed to record your voice over it.

It comes with a wide range of sound effects such as auto enhanced voice echo, voice reverb, and many others.

5. Baby Karaoke

baby karaoke

Perhaps you’re looking to install the best free karaoke app for kids; you should look no further than Baby Karaoke.

It comes with a song collection that’s ideal for children. It is easy-to-use and features the best background and graphics for your kids.

It also features a wide variety of songs and rhymes that children can easily understand and learn from.

Moreover, this free karaoke singing app will allow you to record your kid’s voice.

6. Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics

singa karaoke

This is yet another noteworthy free karaoke singing app made for both Android and iOS platforms.

It comes with thousands of listed tracks that you can search through easily to find your kind of music for singing karaoke anytime, anywhere.

You won’t have to visit a rowdy karaoke bar or buy expensive equipment while using the Singa application.

It has over 25,000 songs listed in high-quality audio along with karaoke-themed lyrics.

7. Magicsing Karaoke

magicsing:Smart Karaoke for everyone

Allow us to introduce you to the MagicSing Karaoke application. A free karaoke singing app developed for your singing pleasure.

This highly entertaining software from Entermedia Co., Ltd. is already considered by many users as the best free karaoke app for mobile systems.

It has over 200,000 songs on offer from different countries and in various languages.

Selecting your favorite song for karaoke is also a straightforward affair on this application.

It is quite user-friendly, and one of its best features is the way it gives you full access to the services of the main singing control room.

8. Vocal Remover

vocal remover

Vocal Remover might not be the best free karaoke app on our list, but it certainly ticks all the right boxes when it comes to sing along entertainment for iOS and Android users.

It allows you to take out the original voice from any song and then record the song again using your voice.

It is also quite easy to locate your favorite tracks to sing along to from the vast music compilation.

You’ll be pleased to find that it features adaptable vocal removal strength for making quick voice adjustments. 

9. Singing Machine Karaoke

Singing Machine Karaoke

Download Singing Machine Karaoke now to own a popular free karaoke singing app made by the Stingray Group for iOS and Android systems.

It enables you to develop your vocal ability and experience by recording, editing and replaying your songs in different audio qualities.

Another noteworthy feature of this application is the way it allows you to collaborate with your friends as well as other artists.

10. KaraFun - Karaoke Party

The KaraFun karaoke party application was developed for both Android and iOS systems by Recisio.

This karaoke app free version allows you to sing and record your voice effortlessly on your smartphone.

You will discover over 25,000 karaoke-themed songs within this app’s database and they are also accessible in offline mode. 

In Conclusion

Here ends our curated karaoke app listings for 2020 and beyond.

If you truly are a karaoke lover, then you should have no problem with sampling all of them.