Best Free Image Hosting Sites & Photo Sharing Sites Of 2020

Want to upload & Share your photos and memories, Here are top 8 best image hosting sites & photo sharing sites which can help. Click & Upload sites.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites & Photo Sharing Sites Of 2020

Best Free Image Hosting Sites/ Photo Sharing Sites - AS smartphone cameras get better and better, filling your phone with several hundreds of videos and photos of family and friends’ celebrating is almost guaranteed.

Do not let those cherished memories languish inside your device, unseen by anyone but yourself. By uploading your videos and photos online, you mostly have a back-up version of those photos in the event of something happening to your hard drive or computer.

Several sites — most of them free — allow you easily show off and save your photos and videos, make them into e-books or let family and friends print copies.

When you desire to share your photos or an entire gallery with a message board, family, friends, or perhaps the whole Internet, the best method of uploading, storing, and sharing your files is via a hosting site.

However, there exists a wide variety of image hosting websites, all with unique features. Choosing the best photo sharing sites can be tough; especially with many different options to select from, it can be challenging to identify those worth trying and which ones should be avoided.

The best image sharing sites for you will most likely depend on the number of photos you want to upload, your reason for uploading the images, and how much time you are willing to spend uploading.

Of course, professional photographers might want to consider utilizing your website or a portfolio web builder with web hosting capabilities.  You can also make use of a range of free portfolio creators online to get the job done as well.

But, following recent issues with photo hosting sites like Photobucket charging four hundred bucks ($400) for users to hot their images links, I thought I should carry out some research work on an alternative photo hosting website for you to use.

What to Look For In as Image Hosting Sites/Photo Sharing Sites

An ideal image hosting service must offer the following features:

  • Space: It should provide users with enough storage space to keep all their photos in one location over several years at a minimum cost.
  • Ease of use: Users must be able to upload several photos conveniently and edit them.
  • Quality: All your photos must be preserved and stored in all their authentic high-resolution glory, rather than being compressed beyond recognition.
  • Shareability: The ideal photo sharing sites make photo sharing as simple as taking them. They must allow you to post your pictures to other photo-sharing sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

To determine the best image hosting sites offering the most value for your bucks, we sampled many by uploading a collection of photos and videos from different cameras, organizing and tagging them as per the website’s recommendations. We then explored the many ways of sharing and printing photos, to find out which site offers you the easiest and best range of features.

Here Are The List Of Best Image Hosting Sites & Photo Sharing Sites Of 2020:

  1. Google Photos
  2. Imgur
  3. Dropbox
  4. Flickr
  5. 500Px
  6. Facebook
  7. PhotoBucket
  8. Instagram

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is arguably the best image hosting site for you to upload high-quality photographs in large quantities. With the site’s automatic backup feature, users do not have to worry about losing their cherished photos.

It allows users to organize and edit their photos, and also easily locate old photos using a visually aided search.

As you make use of the Google Photos platform more frequently, it recognizes your unique photo habits and learns to sort your photos, automatically reducing your workload by keeping your photos organized.

You can either visit to utilize Google Photos or download apps available for android & iOS versions from here. The app automatically uploads all your photos onto the Google platform and syncs them with your existing Google account. Because most individuals already use Google accounts, it is easier to set up your Google Photos account before you start uploading.

Google Photos provides free unlimited storage space for photos taken with your smartphone or any point-and-shoot cameras.

The platform also allows users to upload their videos in 1080p format. You may upload a wide range of filename formats including, GIF, JPGs and PNGs images.

You can also store larger photos using a payment option, which starts from $1.99 monthly for 100GB.

2. Imgur

You can upload and store an unlimited amount of photos with Imgur, without having to worry about them expiring.

You are not required to create an account before uploading your photos to the Imgur site, but you can still open a free account for creating albums, adding captions, and uploading your images through email attachments.

Imgur allows direct linking and provides users with a link for every image for posting in forums or embedding in HTML.

To upload your photos to Imgur, copy and paste the photos onto the Imgur site, enter the URL for the image(s). Many available apps help users upload photos from mobile devices and desktop computers.

Users can upload GIF, JPEG, JPG, TIF, APNG, PNG, Animated GIF, XCF, TIFF, BMP, and PDF file formats to the Imgur website. The site supports GIFs of about 200 MB and non-animated files of about 20 MB.

Imgur allows you to upload your photos painlessly and quickly. You can then share those photos by using their generated embed links and codes. These images can be easily shared on any social network, making Imgur one of the best free photo hosting sites.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox lets users upload and store a wide variety of file formats, such as photos. It is a free cloud storage service provider which generates shareable links for individual folders or files.

Like Google Photos, Dropbox has an automatic backup feature, which is essential to uploading and storage of your photos.

Dropbox does not resize, edit, or change, your uploaded photos in any way. Your unaltered, original, photos will always be accessible on the Dropbox platform. Users may also synchronize their photos into a Dropbox folder located on their desktop.

One can easily create sub-galleries and folders to organize photos on a smartphone or a desktop. To share photos via Dropbox, right-click on them, copy the link, and then paste it anywhere you desire to share it.

Dropbox users can also import their contacts and email the link to a photo or an entire gallery directly to them. If you permit them permission, visitors can also download your albums or photos.

Dropbox provides you with access to 3 GB of storage space. This platform is very user-friendly and an excellent method for storing and sharing photos. Although it does not feature any photo editing tools, it is an alternative option if you seek to upload unedited, original, copies of your photos.

4. Flickr

Flickr is still one of the best free image hosting sites on the internet, and even though it has gone through lots of changes since it was purchased by Yahoo, it remains widely used among photographers.

In addition to its free hosting service, Flickr features editing photo tools that allow users to organize their images into albums.

Flickr also happens to be a social networking website, so users can easily share their photos with the global Flickr community. There exist several groups on Flickr for varying interests and topics, like fashion, nature, and black and white photography.

With Flickr, one may easily and quickly upload photos via smartphone, email, or any photo application. The Flickr app is very easy-to-use and helpful.

Flickr currently hosts 1000 images free of charge. Users can get up to 1TB of storage space.

5. 500px

Aimed at serious-minded professional photographers, 500px provides image-focused designs that highlight your images front and center, offering an elegant and clean way for displaying your best photos.

Users of 500px can organize their pictures into groups (photos having a common theme) and stories (images of different events) which present the pictures in an impressive dramatic fashion.

500px’s free version allows users to upload as many as seven photos every week and store as much as two thousand in total.

6. Facebook

Facebook is the big kahuna among social image hosting sites. It offers a remarkably good collection of photo storage, sharing as well as editing tools.

After uploading images from your mobile phone, desktop client, or web browser, you can create photo albums, caption and tag photos by location, date, or the individuals inside the pictures.

Facebook has also added face recognition software; it tries to recognize faces inside your shots and then tags those people that operate Facebook accounts.

However, Facebook recommends sizing your photos to 960 or 720 pixels width. Users can only upload 2048-pixel- pictures if they choose the HQ upload option, which will still be compressed before viewing.

7. Photobucket

Photobucket’s free version offers you 2GB of storage space — enough for more than 400 pictures, although it comes with intrusive pop-ups and ads that can obscure your photos and slow down your uploads.

Photobucket is equipped with a large collection of tools for editing via a simple, user-friendly interface. These include special tools such as the smart brush that can selectively add color back into any black-and-white photo. It ranked 7th in our list of best free image hosting sites.

8. Instagram

Instagram is arguably the best thing to result from people’s obsession with instant gratification. It not only gives many users the ideal platform to share their photos effortlessly, but it also offers a social outlet for children and senior citizens who have figured it out.

All you have to do after installing the Instagram application on your device is to create your account and start uploading your photos. Browsing, commenting on, and liking, photos is a quick breeze. And since it is mobile, users can browse and share their images from anywhere.

Beyond regular posting of photos, Instagram Private Stories lets you make posts Snapchat-style, with the photos disappearing after 24 hours.