The 10 Best Free Steam Games Of 2020

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The 10 Best Free Steam Games Of 2020

PC games have some of the trendiest titles in the online gaming community right now.

But PC gaming sometimes gets an unfair assessment for being a costly hobby since many gamers imagine that they will have to shell out thousands of dollars to buy a high-end gaming CPU that can run a private collection the most demanding games on today’s market.

Enter free Steam games.

On the other hand, there are free games on Steam that will save you loads of money, while providing you with an awesome collection along with some much-needed entertainment during your downtime.

The Steam platform can boast of an outstanding database of games that are free-to-play like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

And while these are the more popular free-to-play PC game titles, there are so many more Steam games you can play at zero cost.

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We have updated our curated listicle of best free Steam games to include even more awesome titles from the massive Steam library.

The 10 games we have spotlighted below are among the best free games Steam has to offer and are worthy of your full attention. 

List Of 10 Best Free Games on Steam For 2020:

  1. Brawlhalla
  2. Counter-Strike
  3. DCS World
  4. Dota 2
  5. Paladins
  6. Path Of Exile
  7. PlanetSide 2
  8. Shadowverse CCG
  9. Smite
  10. Team Fortess 2

1. Brawlhalla

Perhaps you’re a fan of the Super Smash Bros series from Nintendo; then you’ll enjoy this epic and free-to-play fighting game!

This is one of the best free Steam games you can play with your friends on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

You can square up against as much as 3 opponents on suspended stages in this platform-themed fighting game.

Your goal is to score points by knocking them off the elevated stage.

Directional input buttons can adjust your fighter's attacks, while each character’s moves are quite easy to discover. 

Plus, random weapons that you can use rain down from above. 

2. Counter-Strike

Global Offensive (CS: GO): Let’s introduce you to yet another one of the best free Steam games you can download right now.

CS: GO was released in 2012 and the team-based action gameplay which it pioneered has received several updates and expansions since then.

Years later, this all-action PC game still competes against the most contemporary titles by introducing improved gameplay modes, leader boards, matchmaking, and many more thrilling features. 

3. DCS World

Steam Edition: This is one of the best free to play games on Steam right now that dares to offer the most genuine and realistic virtual recreations of military aircraft, ground vehicles, tanks, and warships.

The game can also boast of a shockingly steep learning curve, so you shouldn’t expect to just take control of any aircraft (or other armored vehicles) and start shooting other players from the sky. 

4. Dota 2

Dota 2; arguably the most popular game on Steam right now.

It is a game that pits two teams of 5 x 5 players against each other - their goal being to destroy the base of the enemy squad.

Dota 2’s gameplay comes also with a steep learning curve, which gives you lots of content to discover.

Each day, millions of players on the planet connect to battle one another by choosing from more than 100 Dota characters. Hence its ranking as one of the best free games on Steam

5. Paladins

You can download Paladins now and compete to become one of the Realm’s Champions!

Paladins is a character-based FPS, which is quite similar to Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, which has ranked among the best free Steam games for this year.

Moreover, it enjoys compatibility with PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

The Paladins game comes with over three dozen characters that you can choose from, and an exceptional card system that allows players to tweak their Champions' load-outs whenever they begin a match.

These load-outs will allow players to modify their characters' health, movement speeds, ability cool downs, as well as add a strategic and engaging twist to the gameplay. 

6. Path of Exile

Developed by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile is one of the best free Steam games available right now!

Path of Exile is an online all-action RPG that plays out in a twisted fantasy world.

You control a solo character from a first-person perspective while exploring caves and raiding dungeons as you smack around any monstrous hordes attempting to slow down your mission.

You will find numerous encampments where you can network with other Path of Exile players; however, venturing forth into the Wildlands will see you and your company exploring randomly made maps full of ferocious beasts to slay and plunder to collect. 

7. Planetside 2

This is Planetside 2; an MMO shooter that places you halfway through an inter-planetary war featuring explosive weaponry, futuristic vehicles, and a battle-charged atmosphere.

It is one of the best free to play games on Steam right now that delivers remarkable, combat-based entertainment on a massive scale in dazzling, and spectacular imagery.

You’ll find loads of offensive weaponry you can use from the beginning which include various vehicle types and categories along with numerous playing styles to select from.

If you have the courage, there’s also a single-player mode that enables you to undertake solo warfare.

Moreover, Planetside 2 can boast of a robust online community where you can mingle with other veteran players to learn the basics. 

8. Shadowverse CCG

One of the best free Steam games available right now is a tactical multiplayer virtual card game that comes with more than 400 cards and limitless combinations!

Shadowverse CCG can also boast of dazzling anime-themed artwork.

It even receives new card updates and fresh tweaks after every few months, which adds more balance to the gameplay.

The central focus of the game involves you forcing your foe to draw from their empty deck as you attempt to systematically whittle down their defenses to zero.

If you like free playing card games, this is undoubtedly one of the best games on Steam for you to try out right now. 

9. Smite

You can enter into this virtual combat zone featuring a dozen pantheon gods. It is one of the best free to play games on Steam, Nintendo, Xbox One, and PS4 at this very moment.

Every playable character in this tight 5 x 5 team-based combat game has a passive trait, a fundamental attack, and 4 unique abilities which can be harnessed tactically during skirmishes.

The objective of every match here is to annihilate the base and towers of your opponents. 

10. Team Fortress 2

This popular online action game has ranked among the best free Steam games of all time.

It offers up a wide variety of characters with strategic abilities and playing styles that have been expanded and adopted by game developers over the years.

Its classic gameplay still comes with loads of fun, along with plenty of support from its huge online community.

With its awesome gameplay mode selection, 9 exclusive classes, and vibrant online community, Team Fortress 2 is one of the best free games Steam has to offer right now. 

The Wrap-Up

That’s all for now folks! We hope you enjoyed reading our latest round-up of the best free Steam games 2020.

Feel free to check back here for more updates.