20+ Best Free Drawing Software For Windows In 2020

Here We Listed The 10 Best Free Drawing Software For Windows PC. The List Of Free Drawing Software Including Photoshop, Gimp, Paint.net, Drawplus & More.

20+ Best Free Drawing Software For Windows In 2020

Welcome to our best free drawing software listicle where we will be turning our attention to the finest drawing software tools available right now on cyberspace.

The surge in digital art options experienced in recent years simply means that the best free drawing software tools on the market can now make all the difference in terms of creating innovative artwork regardless of your preferred canvas.

There are now superb and free-to-use software programs and a myriad of other third-party stylus that can serve up more realistic pastels for watercolor, oil, and charcoal simulations on Windows, Android, iPhone, IPad Pro, Galaxy Note, Apple Pencil, S Pen, and other platforms.

Art creators now have more choices than ever and this has led to increased competition among developers of digital software who are now trying to stay on top of their game by spicing up their designs with innovative features and offerings.

Consequently, the market for free drawing software is now more robust than ever.

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best drawing software solutions we’ve sampled recently. They range from free and user-friendly doodling tools to professional high-end suites that will transform your PC into a mobile art studio. 

Here Are The List Of Best Free Drawing Software For Windows PC In 2020:

  1. Paint.Net
  2. Gimp
  3. Coral Painter
  4. Krita
  5. Mischief
  6. Mypaint
  7. Clip Studio Paint
  8. Microsoft Paint 3D
  9. Artweaver Free
  10. Pixbuilder Studio

1. Paint.Net

Let’s begin our recommended free drawing software list with a useful program that can serve as an affordable alternative to other commercially oriented drawing programs. This latest version of Paint.NET can run on your Windows PC.

It has a well-organized interface that is convenient and easy-to-use. Moreover, Paint.NET is one of the best drawing software tools we’ve sampled recently in terms of functionality. It copes very well with tasks like drawing moving objects, transparent structures, and volumetric models. Due to its simplicity, the Paint.NET application functions adequately even on devices with low power levels. Besides, it’s suitable for aspiring artists. 

2. Gimp

With Gimp, you too can own one of the best free drawing software tools available on the software market. Moreover, this version of the customizable, modular image editor is free-to-use and can be installed on Windows/Mac/Linux operating systems.

Gimp can boast of an individual “xcf” file storage format for saving texture layers & text as well as support for Graphics Tablets. It also has various tools that can be found on Adobe Photoshop such as masks, layers, filters, color grading, and brushes. The only drawback we experienced with Gimp was a somewhat disorganized UI. 

3. Corel Painter

Next, we’ll be introducing you to one of our best drawing software recommendations for Win/Mac users. This version of the Corel Painter professional digital drawing software is completely free-to-use.  Its user-friendly interface is equipped with functional tools designed to make simulating actual paintings an easy task.

Moreover, the Corel Painter app is updated constantly with the latest tools for professional artists and animation makers. You'll find trendy paintbrushes, oil & watercolor palettes along with several other paint textures ready for your use. And although a premium upgrade is possible, it is rather pricey. 

4. Krita

Perhaps you’re a professional artist on the lookout for some free drawing software; Krita might turn out to be the best drawing software for you. This open-source painting & sketching program was developed to help the user create awesome concept and texture artworks.

Krita can boast of one of the most modern-looking UIs and an attractive HDR supported layout along with various features that can make the digital art-making process as realistic as possible. The Krita program can also simulate many artistic effects used for post-processing. 

5. Mischief

You too can download and install the latest version of Mischief to own one of the top free drawing software tools available online right now. The Mischief program features a panel-based UI, cool brushes, and an unlimited canvas that can be scaled.

Overall, this new version of Mischief is a worthwhile improvement on the earlier ones. And even though it does not have any regular brushes, it ranks among the best drawing software programs we’ve sampled recently. It runs perfectly on both Mac & Windows operating systems. 

6. MyPaint

This is MyPaint; a top graphic editor that was developed for newbie artists and one of the best drawing software programs ever made. It comes with many special features that are compatible with all Win/Mac/Linux platforms.

Moreover, MyPaint is already well-known for being an excellent free option amongst anime and manga artists. The MyPaint program will even enable you to fully immerse yourself in the paint-making process by removing any unnecessary panels and features from your desktop canvas. You may even select from the 3 categories of brushes namely Classic, Favorite, & Experimental. 

7. Clip Studio Paint

This next entry on our listicle comes with a 4.5 out of 5-star user rating which makes it one of the best drawing software programs you can find out there. With Clip Studio Paint, you too can use the latest professional drawing features for PCs.

More than 4 million people are already using this free app. It is loved by character & concept artists, comic & anime artists, as well as designers & illustrators worldwide. You’ll find customizable brushes and great coloring options to choose from. 

8. Microsoft Paint 3D

Say hello to Microsoft Paint 3D; arguably the best drawing software on this list you can use to explore your creative skills. It is the official 3D modeling program from the Microsoft Corporation that comes integrated with the Windows 10 OS.

The Microsoft Paint free drawing software can boast of a straightforward 3D image creation & editing process which can also be played back. It can be used to generate 3D images as well as animate them. Moreover, you can share your 3D masterpieces with your friends and followers online. 

9. Artweaver Free

Are you an artist? Artweaver Free is a remarkable photo & paint program and one of the best drawing software programs you can use for your rough sketches. Download Artweaver now and get creative with a wide variety of painting tools.

You can create images from scratch with different layers, animate your artwork with scripts, import & export graphic designs in different formats, and much more. Moreover, the Artweaver program has plug-in packs for extra filters and effects. You’ll also be pleased with the rich set of brushes on offer (oil, chalk, acrylic, charcoal, fibers, pencil, and sponge). 

10. PixBuilder Studio

This final entry on our list might not be the best drawing software you can find online but it will enable you to perform basic creating, editing, and image processing operations for free. Also, PixBuilderStudio will run perfectly on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 operating systems. It can also boast of a broad tool selection for manipulating layers, working with colors, and applying various effects.

List Of 10+ More Painting & Drawing Software For Windows PC (Paid):

  1. Photoshop
  2. Affinity Designer
  3. Rebelle
  4. Procreate
  5. Clip Studio Paint Pro
  6. ArtRage 6
  7. TwistedBrush Pro Studio
  8. MediaBang Paint
  9. Black Ink
  10. Paintstorm Studio
  11. ChemDoodle
  12. Autodesk Sketchbook


That’s it for our handpicked selection of the best drawing software tools for PC.

They are all free-to-use so go ahead and explore your options fully.