The Best Dating Apps 2020 - Most Popular Sites for Online Dating

Try these top 6 best dating apps to get your soulmate online. Find free online relationships with most popular apps like Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid on android & iPhone.

The Best Dating Apps 2020 - Most Popular Sites for Online Dating

Searching for the ideal soul mate is never an easy task, but your smartphone might offer the perfect solution.

Nowadays, online dating has become the mainstream method for meeting a partner.

There are now top dating apps developed to make the process more seamless.

It is now becoming more awkward for couples to say that they met at a local bar instead of saying they met on Tinder.

Not many years ago, online dating meant staying tethered to your PC, but these days, smartphones and location-sensitive apps have turned our planet into a virtual playground for couples, hookups, and enduring relationships.

Even social media sites like Facebook are trying to get in on the romantic action by launching a social dating app – Friends Match Me.

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Are you searching for some online romance?

You should definitely try out our curated list of the best dating apps for Android and iOS users that will assist you with finding the Right One... right now.

Here Are The List Of Best Free Dating Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

  1. Tinder (Best Overall)
  2. Bumble
  3. Grindr
  4. Hinge
  5. OkCupid
  6. Coffee Meets Bagel

1. Tinder

Tinder is a staple on any listicle of best dating apps online, which makes this the first pick on our list about top dating apps in 2019.

The Tinder app has been quite successful at establishing countless long-distance relationships & successful marriages.

Tinder is the undisputed ruler of dating apps for a reason; it is the go-to site for most daters. You are no longer required to have a Facebook account to use the Tinder app, but you must be above 18 years of age.

Once installed, you can set-up your user profile, which will consist of a brief character bio and six photos. Tinder users can also link their Instagram accounts, and include more info about their employment and/or education.

Tinder also features Discovery settings that will allow other users to locate you quickly if desired. You may even set some preferences concerning who you can see. Then the actual fun can begin.

Tinder displays profile photos, age, and names of every user. Simply tap on a profile photo to view additional information about the person as well as your mutual Facebook friends (if you have logged in via your Facebook profile).

To like another Tinder user, just swipe right. To pass, simply swipe left. Perhaps you and another Tinder user have swiped right to each other; another screen will appear to notify both of you that you have matched and prompting you to chat with them.

The free version of Tinder allows for limited swipes, while the premium version offers you unlimited swipes.

Price : Free With In App Purchases

2. Bumble

The Bumble app distinguishes itself from Tinder with its feminist identity. Although this dating software functions just like other swipe-based dating apps, only females are allowed to initiate conversations on Bumble.

Bumble is undoubtedly one of the best dating apps for women out there. Also, if you’re looking to connect with someone of the same sex via Bumble, either user is allowed to start such conversations.

Users of the Bumble app will find less creepy males and an eagle-eyed admin that will quickly sanction any disturbing users. However, the limitation on sending the first text message can be tedious.

And although putting the ladies in charge seems appealing, the downside is that most males on Bumble use the app for inflating their egos by receiving messages from females without responding.

Price : Free With In App Purchases

3. Grindr

Are you gay, bi-sexual, trans-gendered, or a queer person? Then the Grindr app is a must-have. Thanks to its gender diversity, Grindr is rated among the best dating apps for both Android and iOS users.

It remains the largest LGBTQ & social media dating platform available today. Are you searching for that special person? You must download the Grindr app.

This is one of the best free dating apps with a straightforward sign-up process — users can either decide to enter their actual details traditionally by filling out forms, or opt for the quicker Facebook account sign-up process.

After signing up, the next step should be picking a decent profile picture, a catchy display name, and also specify the type of relationship you are searching for - just friends, a hookup, or love.

Once that is done, you will start seeing matching user profiles living within your area. If you prefer to speak to someone later, you can favorite or like them, and then you can check out other users.

It’s easy to chat up other Grindr users — simply tap the messaging button on their profile photo —there are big, high-quality images too, so everyone has a clear picture of who they are hooking up with.

Use the location-share feature for quick and secure hookups. Grindr users can also report or block other troublesome accounts — although the number of blocks allowed for free users is limited.

You can download the Grindr app for free; however, there are certain limits. Free users can only view 100 user profiles in their locale and are also prevented from accessing other features of the app.

Those limits can be lifted by paying for either of two available subscription plans.

The Grindr XTRA subscription, allows users to view up to 600 other profiles in their area, see other users who are online simultaneously, eliminate free ads, and a few other top upgrades for a 20USD monthly fee.

For the ultimate online dating experience, there is the Grindr Unlimited plan, which does not limit the amount of user-profiles you can view, lets you discover who viewed your profile, as well as enables the Incognito mode for 25USD per month.

Price : Free With In App Purchases

4. Hinge

The Hinge app is quite similar to Tinder — but with some significant differences like a better User-Interface.

The Hinge software is one of the best dating apps that focuses more on the common interests of its users to make connections.

It displays everything you and a prospective match have in common.

If you would like to find out more about another user, you can ask one of your mutual friends. Such friend-of-friend interaction is missing from most top dating apps and websites.

Furthermore, only other users that you have matched with can message you; hence, there isn't any unsolicited messaging.

You can even see the relationship variety that other Hinge users are searching for.

Moreover, because of the connection between friends-of-friends, you are less likely to find any inappropriate photos here, which is a plus.

Hinge users can only add pictures from Instagram or Facebook, which can be limiting if you don’t have an active social media account on either platform.

Price : Free With In App Purchases

5. OKCupid

Introducing OkCupid, another one of the best free dating apps in the romance industry.

After creating your username, you will fill out a lengthy profile, which can then be linked to your social media accounts.

All settings and profile-viewing options can be found on the slide-out menu.

Simply select the “matches” button to browse your available options.

Strangely, the OkCupid app does not show the users you have matched with, but instead, it will spotlight those users that are your potential matches.

Perhaps the OkCupid User-Interface is too complex for you; simply tap the “Quickmatch” icon, which will restrict your search results to pictures only.

You can like or message other users the same way Tinder users do, but with OkCupid, messaging is your best bet since only users who have an active premium subscription can see other users who have liked them.

The OkCupid app also has many drawbacks.

The User Interface is old-fashioned, and the pictures are a bit small.

Also, you have to select the small images of other users to view a larger photo and user profile, which is extremely large for an in-app image.

Such features work better on websites, not for apps, since it will increase the amount of scrolling necessary for access.

Even worse, anyone can send you messages. Absolutely ANYONE.

Price : Free With In App Purchases

6. Coffee Meets Bagel

This app is rated among the most popular dating apps in 2019.

The Coffee Meets Bagel software does not require its users to sign in via a Facebook account to create a new profile. After setting up your user profile, you can specify your criteria for any potential matches.

After 24 hours, you can decide on whether to “pass” or “like” on your bagel matches. When both bagels like each other, they can connect, which means that you can now message each other via private chat.

The free chat room option will expire after seven days, whether you have spoken with your bagel match or not.

Users can also receive free “beans” rewards that allow them to access extra in-app functions, either by buying them altogether, logging in on frequently, or referring your friends to the app.

The Wrap-Up

That’s it for our list of best free dating apps for you to use in 2019 and beyond.

Any of the top dating apps mentioned here can make your perfect soul mate in this universe cross paths with you.