15 Best Apps To Cartoon Yourself (Android & iOS)

Want To Turn Yourself Into Cartoon? Here we listed top 10 best free cartoon yourself app for android and iOS users. Cartoon face apps on android.

15 Best Apps To Cartoon Yourself (Android & iOS)

Ever since smartphones started featuring high-resolution cameras, photo editing app developers for both iOS and Android devices have been coming up with innovative ways of enhancing user photos.

Editing the pictures and videos that we post on social media is likely to affect the followership size of our profile positively.

Rather than sharing your most recent selfies with basic filters, you can now put some humor in your shared content by using cartoon face apps that offer sketch effects and caricature.

Nowadays, there are lots of programs capable of adding a variety of effects to your pictures or even changing your photos fundamentally.

Thanks to an app that makes you look like a cartoon, you now have the ability to modify a regular photo into a graphic illustration.

Once your graphic creation is ready, you can also distribute it safely within your social network, where your work can be appreciated and criticized as constructively as possible.

Your days of imagining what the quirky cartoon version of yourself would look like are over because you can find out with a cartoon face app for Android and iOS devices.

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In this post, we will highlight top cartoon face apps available in 2019 that can help you to boost the number of comments and likes on your posts across social media platforms.

Enter the goofy and entertaining world of turn yourself into a cartoon app:

List Of 9 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps/Cartoon Face Apps on Android & iOS

  1. Cartoon Yourself App
  2. Cartoon Photo Editor
  3. ToonCamera : Cartoon face App
  4. Deep Art Effects
  5. FlipAClip : Cartoon Animation
  6. Cartoon Photo
  7. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon
  8. Artista Cartoon And Sketch Cam
  9. Clip2Comic
  10. MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers

1. Cartoon Yourself App

The Cartoon Yourself App feature a vast array of photo editing options for creating cartoon strips – surprise relatives and friends by making a caricature of their photos!

To begin creating a cartoon picture, simply open the menu options, take a picture, or pick one from your gallery and the position the eyes and mouth indicators on the face.

After your picture has been turned into a cartoon, you can save it and if you'd like, you can upload it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK or any other social network, forum or site and set the picture as a profile picture, cover photo etc.

Download Cartoon Yourself

2. Cartoon Photo Editor

This cartoon app for Android comes with a wide variety of handy filters for your pictures.

You have never experienced photo editing like this before because this software boasts unique photo filtering capabilities.

Are you looking for some exceptional photo editing app?

Then this cartoon face app for Android is perfect for you.

Thanks to the numerous effects and filters that this program supports, you are guaranteed to get picture-perfect results.

Cartoon photo editor allows its users to apply real-time cartoon and artistic effects on their camera! It is quite straightforward.

There are loads of artistic filters to select from such as cartoon, pencil, sketch, etc.).

Significant features of the Cartoon photo editor app include:

  • Application of filters in real-time or using pictures from the gallery of your device
  • Scores of filters and cartoon effects
  • Use either front or rear cameras
  • Photo sharing across popular social domains

Download Cartoon Photo Editor

3. ToonCamera : Cartoon face App

iOS users will love taking pictures and recording videos with the ToonCamera app since the picture editing software has a varied collection of cartoons, pencil, stipple, and ink effects.

ToonCamera also displays a real-time preview of your selected effects, so you can view the way your pictures and videos will appear before you even capture them.

Moreover, all effects can be customized freely, this means that users can fine-tune their pictures to pull off the highest visual effect.

The ToonCamera cartoon face app will also allow you to convert photos stored on your camera roll into cartoon images for posting across popular social media networks.

Download Tooncamera

4. Deep Art Effects

This creative picture editor for Android will surely meet your requirements with its vast selection of top-quality filters.

This is one of the best cartoon face apps that can convert a regular photo into a strikingly beautiful cartoon image.

The benefits of the Deep Art Effects picture editor extend beyond a few effects and filters because after the photo processing is done, you get photographic masterpieces.

You can also decide which technique to apply and then see a quick preview of the photo transformation.

When your cartoon image is ready, you can share it via social networks with the hashtag #deeparteffects.

You can use the DeepArt cartoon yourself app to impress your subscribers and friends.

You will also discover the artistic styles of renowned artists such as Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, and Dali.

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Download the software right now to experience how it works.

Transform your regular photos into skillful artworks and say farewell to those dull, conventional image filters.

Download Deep Art Effects

5. FlipAClip : Cartoon Animation

With this cartoon app for Android, you won’t just make peculiar cartoon graphics of yourself; this iOS app that makes you look like a cartoon is also perfect for making fun animated videos.

It creates amusing, frame-by-frame animations with app that express your creativity.

FlipaClip users can also integrate some cool sound effects (SFX) and video effects (VFX).

You are also eligible to participate in various artistic competitions that test your cartoon and video animation skills.

Download FlipAClip

6. Cartoon Photo

This cartoon app for Android is a trendy free photo editor.

Cartoon Photo is rated among the best cartoon face apps that help users to express themselves by creating visual masterpieces.

This software is straightforward and effective.

The primary components of the Cartoon Photo app include:

  • Numerous cartoon filters and effects for making various unique variations of one picture
  • Upload and edit photos directly from your phone’s camera or gallery
  • One-tap save
  • User-friendly interface
  • Share photos across social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others.

Download Cartoon Photo

7. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

Going viral on social media is effortless with the Sketch Me cartoon yourself apps for iOS!

Visual effects such as Cartoon, Pastel, or Hatching will help you to attain top artistic standards with every picture you transform using this remarkable application.

All effects here can be adjusted and fine-tuned to highlight specific aspects of the photo.

Are you looking to enhance the cartoon’s colors?

Simply toy with the Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast options

The app also features modest file-sharing options that are still capable of dispensing your images across all your profiles on social networks and email.

Download Sketch Me

8. Artista Cartoon And Sketch Cam

Do you love taking pictures? Then this cartoon face apps for Android is a must-have.

It comes with a variety of original art effects and creative photographic filters.

You can transform your pictures into unique representations tailored after the styles of Picasso and Da Vinci.

Also, by combining different visual effects, you can create images resembling kid’s cartoons sketched with a pencil.

Every art filter here can be customized to suit your taste.

You are allowed to select any photo from your phone’s gallery for transformation; based on your preferences.

Pencil sketches, bright cartoonish pictures, change eye color, geometric and cubic images, are a few examples of things you can do to create a unique cartoon representation.

Download Artista Cartoon

9. Clip2Comic

Besides having excellent camera integration and live preview features, this iOS app that makes you look like a cartoon lets users create their caricature.

The Clip2Comic cartoon face apps will allow you to spread fun images like wildfires.

You can create unique cartoons and caricatures from your regular pictures.

Transform your photos with all sorts of cartoon effects in seconds.

Also, users of this app can apply similar effects to their videos so they can export and share HD cartoon videos of themselves.

Clip2Comic is rated among the best cartoon face apps on iOS devices.

Download Clip2Comic

10. MomentCam Cartoon & Stickers

Are you looking to create beautiful cartoons or stickers?

You can avoid downloading unnecessary professional photo editors and themes that kill lots of time on editing a single picture.

Enter MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers – the appearance of this fast and efficient cartoon yourself apps will immediately cause you to smile.

To begin creating a cartoon picture, simply open the menu options, take a picture, or pick one from your gallery and the position the eyes and mouth indicators on the face.

This allows the software to acquire the essential features of the donor image.

Next, browse through the available themes, select your preferred one, and then save the comic/sticker with one button.

Due to its vast array of cartoon strips that are replenished daily, users can always create appropriate, funny pictures.

Besides, the MomentCam app allows you to create animated emojis for more diversified communication with your social network.

Are you looking to add various effects, quotes, and funny elements to your cartoon image? That's fine - all that is possible in the comic creation mode.

After this, you can easily share your creation among friends on any social media platform.

You can also qualify to participate in art contests and win real prizes, simply by sharing your cartoon images.

Perhaps high-speed Internet connection is unavailable you can download themes and packages onto your device for use offline.

MomentCam was developed to elevate your mood while you create unforgettable photos.

Download Momentcam Cartoons

Rounding Up

Choosing the best cartoon yourself apps to transform your photos may be a tricky affair due to a large number of available options.

The quality of the image, cartoon effects, price, and export features are all factors to consider before making your decision.

Each app that makes you look like a cartoon recommended here are the best available out there today.

Download them now and give them a try!