Best Free Apps To Learn Spanish in 2020

Want To Learn Spanish? Here We Compiled The List of Best Free Spanish Learning Apps For Beginner To Advanced Level Learners. Most Apps Are Having Free Version With Premium Version To Unlock All Languages.

Best Free Apps To Learn Spanish in 2020

While English might be a universally accepted language, it makes more sense nowadays, for you to become well versed in other popular languages. 

The Spanish language is the perfect example of a trendy lingo originating from Central America and spoken all over the world.

Speaking Spanish can even provide you with a competitive business advantage and it also makes adapting to life in foreign cities quite effortless.

You can move around anywhere you like in Central America once you understand Spanish.

Moreover, if you’re visiting Mexico or Spain while having one of the best apps to learn Spanish installed on your mobile device, life can be so much easier.

That's right; thanks to the latest in smartphone software technology it is now possible to learn Spanish after just a few weeks.

A random online search will reveal a handful of them promising to offer you a head start in your Spanish adventure.

Today, we will be attempting to help you work out which is the best app to learn Spanish while on the go. 

List Of 10 Best Free Apps To Learn Spanish Language:

  1. Duolingo
  2. Memrise
  3. Busuu
  4. Mosalingua
  5. Babbel
  6. Rosetta Stone
  7. FluentU
  8. Mondly
  9. Hinative
  10. LingoDeer

1. Duolingo

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / Duolingo Plus For $6.99/month

Download Duolingo to own a brilliant addition to any language learners’ toolkit.

This fun and easy-to-use educational software has accumulated a user base numbering about 300 million since it hit the market in 2011.

It is undoubtedly a contender for the best Spanish learning app on mobile systems.

With 94 diverse language courses spread across 23 dialects, Duolingo stands out among other free apps for language this year.

It has a user-friendly interface and an extremely attractive system which makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

The Duolingo app was developed to teach users how to speak, read, and write new languages, while on the go.

It exposes you to a reasonable amount of vocabulary concerning a wide range of topics. The variety of levels here makes the app quite useful for intermediate language learners.

You’ll also find loads of exercises you can do to help you understand the correct sentence and phrase construction in Spanish.

You could also subscribe to the Premium version and gain access to additional features. 

2. Memrise

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free With In-App Purchases

Have you been searching for the best Spanish learning app to install on your mobile device?

Memrise is a remarkable studying aid you can use to build your vocabulary to considerable levels.

The Memrise language app makes learning Spanish seem like a game by displaying words as parts of full sentences.

Besides featuring a wide variety of courses, the Memrise app also allows users to create their own courses.

Memrise is arguably the best app to learn Spanish on this list that allows you to hone your language comprehension skills and familiarize yourself with the different kinds of Spanish; especially because the Spanish language can vary depending on your location.

Are you taking a vacation in South America? Or perhaps in mainland Spain?! The Memrise application has you covered. 

3. Busuu

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / £5.95 With Offline Functionality

The Busuu app is professional and polished. It’s also another contender for the best free Spanish learning app this year although the Premium version includes more options and is well worth the cost.

This app comes with complete grammatical lessons along with other exercises that are quite useful for helping beginners develop a solid Spanish grammar foundation, and can also potentially assist intermediate learners with progressing to a higher level of Spanish expertise.

Moreover, the Busuu app offers users the opportunity to network with each other and indigenous speakers so they can share and correct their written exercises.

Thanks to its user-friendly and engaging features, Busuu is already widely regarded by many users as the best app to learn Spanish

4. MosaLingua

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / $4.99/month To Unlock All Languages

Introducing MosaLingua one of our best Spanish learning app recommendations that make use of complete sentences instead of individual words.

One noteworthy feature of this app is its integrated flashcard lists that you can use to develop your language skills and stay on track while improving your long-term memory in terms of helpful words and expressions you wish to learn. 

Moreover, these flashcards include audio recordings of native Spanish speakers, so you won’t pronounce words incorrectly. It also features an option that allows you to browse and discover more about the grammar rules governing the use of the Spanish language.

However, the content available on the free version of this app is somewhat limited. So you should consider subscribing to the premium edition to unlock higher levels and better features. 

5. Babbel

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / $12.95/Mo For Full Access

Babbel could turn out to be the best Spanish learning app for you once you install it for use on your mobile device.

This subscription-based premium language learning software offers up to fourteen different language learning courses from the beginner to the intermediate level.

It features high-quality educational material that teaches speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills for the Spanish language.

You'll find loads of exercises that include readable text in phrases and complete sentences as well as audios to listen closely to. They are all based on diverse topics and common daily scenarios. 

6. Rosetta Stone

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / $7.99 For All Languages

Rosetta Stone has been touted as the best Spanish learning app this year that can teach you how to understand, speak, read, and write, basic language vocabulary.

This software stands out from most other Spanish learning apps because of how it teaches you to discover certain words in context by making use of audios and visuals which reflect everyday situations.

This awesome application will even let you decide on whether you wish to learn Spanish widely spoken in Spain or the version common to Latin American. 

7. FluentU

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / Paid Version For 30$ Per Month (Full Access)

Let's introduce you to FluentU; a popular language-learning platform for mobile devices that utilizes bonafide real-world videos to teach the Spanish language.

You will come across a variety of educational YouTube videos with interactive captions. Most of these videos are one-minute long; however, they also include a few commercials.

You can learn the Spanish language while you become familiar with Spanish traditions. Watch the videos along with translations or transcripts which allow you to click on those words and phrases that you wish to learn. 

8. Mondly

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / 17.99$ For All Language Access With Premium Version

This is probably the best Spanish learning app on this curated list that offers listening, reading, speaking, and writing language exercises, along with other handy tools which include a verb conjugator and a dictionary.

Its professional and easy-to-use interface is what sets this software tool apart from other apps of its kind.

It features a combination of daily learning methods you can practice along with amusing exercises.

This application also comes with loads of useful words and phrases to teach and motivate beginners and lower intermediates to learn the Spanish language.

There's also a unique Virtual Reality tool that enables you to learn fluent Spanish by working on real-life scenarios from your smartphone. 

9. HiNative

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free

This is HiNative; an educational tool that is already widely regarded by many users as the best Spanish learning app available online.

This remarkable software will even allow you to converse with native Spanish speakers and ask questions to help you better understand the language.

It is essentially a Question & Answer language learning community for every major dialect on the planet. 

10. LingoDeer

App Availablity : iOS / Android / Web

Price : Free / 99.99$ For Lifetime Access (All Languages)

You can download LingoDeer now to own yet another contender for the best Spanish learning app in 2020.

This application provides gamified Spanish learning exercises that have proven to be quite helpful in understanding language and grammar.

Moreover, it starts by helping users to learn the Spanish alphabet in detail, which is excellent for focusing on appropriate Spanish articulation from the onset. 


Here ends our post on the best apps to learn Spanish in 2020.

If you read it from start to finish you should by now be able to determine which one is the best Spanish language app for you to install.