17+ FREE Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Online In 2022

Check Out The Best Anime Streaming Websites To Watch FREE Anime Online. 100% Legal sites To Stream Anime dubbed Episodes Like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, and more.

17+ FREE Anime Websites to Watch the Best Anime Online In 2022

Japanese Animes have been trending recently, with a vast majority of them available online only.

Thus, it becomes imperative for anime lovers to continually monitor the best websites so they can watch anime online.

Especially since the video quality of Youtube Animes are the worst!

If you love watching free anime online, you’ll prefer to view them in quality HD pictures that Youtube can’t offer.

Not to worry, we have searched the entire internet to create this post about the best anime streaming sites in 2019 that will help you.

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Just keep reading!

Here Are The List Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online For Free:

  1. Kissanime
  2. Hulu
  3. 9Anime
  4. Anime Heaven
  5. AnimeXD
  6. Funimation
  7. Chia-Anime.Tv
  8. GoGoAnime
  9. AnimeSeason
  10. Myanimelist
  11. Masterani.me
  12. Crunchyroll

1. Kissanime

Introducing the first online platform on our listing of the best sites to watch anime online.

KissAnime is rated among the best anime streaming sites available today since it grants you straightforward access to various anime shows.

KissAnime users can stream their preferred anime series in different video qualities (from 240p – 1080p) for free.

This free anime online platform provides you with different categories of anime shows such as Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, and more with English subtitles and dubbed features.

These are some of the reasons why KissAnime is regarded as one of the most popular anime sites to watch anime for free.

Although KissAnime isn’t a legitimate web portal, you (the video watcher) don’t need to bother about this since it is the video uploaders who’re carrying out illegal activities.

2. Hulu

This is yet another top website to watch anime online that receives good reviews and ratings.

Are you looking to stream your preferred anime series or films in HD video? You should try Hulu.

Sadly, the Hulu platform is not yet accessible from all over the world.

However, people living in the US, the UK, some parts of Asia, and Europe shouldn’t have any such troubles.

Other locations might have to utilize VPN services.

3. 9anime

The purple-colored user interface of this website is the first thing that catches your attention.

This is yet another website to watch anime online from a vast database.

Nearly all content available for streaming here comes in high definition imagery.

You may even request that the website team upload any of your favorite anime shows that are not on the website.

You’ll find popular anime titles under different categories like Newest, Most watched, Genre, and others; which will make it easier for you to navigate to your preference.

The free anime online platform also features content that is dubbed and subtitled in English to entertain users to a greater extent.

9anime.bz also lets users download their desired anime for viewing offline.

4. Anime Heaven

The Anime Heaven platform has been allowing people to watch anime online for quite a long time; even though there have been a few rumors that the website was shutting down.

Users need not worry since Anime Heaven is still online and remains one of the best anime streaming sites available right now.

This watch anime free online platform comes with a premium appearance that combines perfectly with the quality of the anime pictures.

The best part about this website is you won’t be bothered by any unnecessary advertisements limiting your bandwidth.

Anime Heaven doesn’t just support Streaming of Anime Series but also downloadable Videos in HD as well.

5. AnimeXD

Introducing yet another remarkable site that allows you to watch anime online seamlessly.

Here, you will discover an extensive catalog of anime collections along with an unending list of content that can satisfy your entertainment needs.

No other free anime online websites can match animexd.me when it comes to anime content.

Are you looking to stream anime content in superior video quality? Animexd.me is rated among the best anime streaming sites for this exact purpose.

It features a sidebar screen that spotlights trending anime content all over the world.

Users can utilize the Animexd.me search box to discover even more anime titles.

The chatting option is also quite interactive and can also be used to discover new anime videos regularly.

6. Funimation

Our list of top sites to watch anime online won’t be complete without mentioning Funimation.

The Funimation platform is highly rated among the best anime streaming sites where users can stream A-list anime shows such as Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, etc. in the highest video quality.

The Funimation site has a neat feature that will recommend anime shows based on your interests and recent search history.

Funimation provides both Free and Premium services.

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However, Free Funimation is limited and contains lots of ads.

7. Chia-Anime.tv

This free anime online platform is another remarkable site that allows you to stream and watch anime online.

Are you a die-hard anime fan? Chia-anime.tv is one of the best anime streaming sites available for you to try.

It provides access to several anime hit series and also gives you the opportunity to view the latest ones free of charge.

The devotion of the Chia-anime.tv website developers must also be mentioned here as it comes with innovative offerings that are required to maximize your streaming and viewing experience.

The Chia-anime.tv website updates its contents with more frequency than most other anime sites to watch anime for free.

It also offers downloading capability to its users.

8. GoGoAnime

This is yet another popular website that allows you to watch anime online.

GoGoAnime is recognized among anime heads today as one of the best anime streaming sites that allow users to view their preferred anime series free of charge.

It is home to a wide variety of A-list anime shows categorized under different genres to give users quick access.

Although the GoGoAnime site is not a legitimate platform for Streaming Anime, you will not get into any legal trouble for watching shows here.

Users can stream their favorite anime shows without worry.

However, we do not recommend that you download any media content from this free streaming website.

9. Animeseason

Introducing yet another top website to watch anime online.

The Animeseason platform scores high in terms of its sophisticated design and attractive user interface.

Animeseason users will discover anime categories like highest-rated series, full series listing, most recent series, genres, as well as on-going series.

You can even view a detailed synopsis and description by clicking on any anime title. These include release date, ratings, summary, and more.

Nearly all anime shows found here come in HD video quality along with English subtitles.

Furthermore, the free Animeseason service hardly contains any commercial ads.

10. Myanimelist

MyAnimeList is another remarkable watch anime free online website with no advertisements.

The website domain is AnimeSeason.com.

This popular website to watch anime online has a user-friendly interface.

It was developed to make anime streaming easy for its loyal customers.

You can also use the search option to look for your preferred anime title since they have been categorized into tabs to assist you with your search.

Anime lovers will find tabs like Anime Search, Anime Tab, Seasonal Anime, Top Anime, Reviews, Videos, and Recommendations.

Along with the effortless search option for anime shows, the Animeseason site also gives users a brief description of each anime series.

It displays the Popularity, Series Ranking, Characters, Reviews, etc.

You can also enjoy your favorite anime series with English subtitles and HD video quality.

11. Masterani.Me

The Masterani platform has an excellent Graphic User Interface and is arguably one of the best anime streaming sites around today.

This remarkable website also features an outstanding layout where users can quickly locate any anime they are interested in watching.

Each anime series here has a synopsis and a large thumbnail.

All the anime content on this website has a star rating, which allows users to pinpoint the top-rated titles easily.

In addition, there is limited ad interruption here, and users can navigate through the website interface easily.

The Masterani platform also lets its users modify their server ID when needed.

12. Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll domain is one of the few web portals where it is entirely legal to watch anime online.

Crunchyroll.com offers well above nine hundred and fifty anime titles to its users.

You can maintain a premium account on this website with a monthly fee of $6.95, which will grant you unlimited access to an enormous collection of anime shows.

The Crunchyroll website displays trending updates via a banner slideshow.

Crunchyroll users can discover news, manga, premium offers, and forums in the upper section of the homepage.

Every anime show featured here is displayed boldly on the right hand side of your screen.

Before you stream certain anime series, you can check out reviews to help you decide on what to watch.

Real lovers of anime can also find Bluray and DVD versions of their favorite shows.

BEST Anime Sites for you to Watch Anime Online Free:


Here’s hoping that this post will help you decide on the best anime streaming sites for you to watch anime online.

The web portals we have spotlighted above are top anime sites to watch anime for free in 2019 and beyond.

You can visit any of them to maximize your anime streaming experience.