The 10 Best Free Animation Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

In this article we will discuss about the best Free Animation Apps You can use to draw and animate your own characters in 2D & 3D. These best free animation software are available for android & iphone.

The 10 Best Free Animation Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

It’s not uncommon for adults to have a deep revere for animated movies simply because of the skill with which they were made.

Making cartoon images move, talk, and appear real has never been an easy task - especially on mobile devices.

You also need creative ideas as well as expertise. But with the influx of wide-ranging video animation apps, the ability to create good art is no longer restricted to artists.

The almost impossible process of creating animations can now be done on the go.

There are now animation maker apps you can use to generate unbelievable and professional-looking animated videos and movies.

And if you are fed up with using animation software on PC, you will be pleased to discover that the best animation apps for Android and iOS systems will help you harness the same technology at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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In this article, we have gone ahead to spotlight some of the very best animation apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that are free and easy-to-use.

Keep scrolling for details: 

List Of 10 Best Free Animation Apps For Android & iPhone 2020:

Have you been looking for the best animation maker apps that will enable you to create flawless cartoon videos with your self-made characters?

Your search ends here:

  1. Toontastic (Best Overall)
  2. PicsArt Animator
  3. I Can Animate
  4. Animation Desk
  5. FlipaClip
  6. Stop Motion Studio
  7. Animoto
  8. GifMob
  9. RoughAnimator
  10. Animation Amino for MAP

1. Toontastic

Download the Toontastic 3D app to own one of this year’s top animation maker apps that you can use to sketch, animate, and provide narratives for your cartoons.

It has also ranked among the finest animation apps for Android and iOS users developed by Google. 

It is an easy-to-use app that allows users to draw animations and record their voices in the form of 3D videos on any compatible device.

It even comes with a remarkable free drawing software for designing your own cartoon characters at zero cost. 

2. PicsArt Animator

The next entry on our list of recommended apps for animation is PicsArt Animator; a straightforward and user-friendly tool that was clearly developed to deliver maximum functionality anytime, anywhere.

PicsArt Animator is one of the best animation apps for Android and iOS users who enjoy making animated GIFs, cartoon videos, and other funny sketches. It can be used in a few uncomplicated steps — without any advanced expertise.

Furthermore, there’s a multi-layering feature for more complex animations as well as for controlling animation speed and length. 

3. I Can Animate

Perhaps you’ve been searching for the most efficient animation maker apps for making animated videos in slow motion; I Can Animate is a must-have for this exact purpose.

It is one of the free animation apps on this list that also has a premium version you can purchase with diverse features.

It comes with all the basic video editing features such as edit, copy, paste, delete undo, redo, and many more. There’s even an option that allows you to preview those frames you have captured within a scrollable timeline. 

4. Animation Desk

Introducing yet another free, easy-to-use, and intuitive animation app iPhone and Android users can install to enjoy making their own animations.

This is undoubtedly one of the best animation maker apps you can use to quickly frame your animations right from scratch. You can even generate animations on top of images, videos, and PSD layers with Animation Desk.

Moreover, there are over 45 different types of brushes to choose from which helps to encourage unique creativity in different animated forms. 

5. FlipaClip

FlipaClip comes with powerful and enjoyable animation tools designed to make frame-by-frame video editing an effortless affair.

It has already ranked among the best animation apps for Android and iOS systems this year and it allows users to share their creations with their friends and followers on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other major social media platforms.

Moreover, this cartoon animation app is compatible with most popular image formats such as GIF, MP4, SEQ, and IMAGE so users can create and save animations in almost any file format.

It also allows you to add, remove, or import audio files to make your animation videos more unique. 

6. Stop Motion Studio

Let’s introduce you to Stop Motion Studio; one of the most popular and user-friendly apps available in today's stop motion movie-making industry.

It is also one of the best animation apps for Android and iOS users who’re looking to create slow-motion videos thanks to its abundance of video editing options.

It even comes with various modes and features which include a grid mode, an overlay mode, an in-built movie editor and many more. 

7. Animoto

This is Animoto - yet another popular tool on our list of animation apps for Android and iOS systems you can download for creating slideshows effortlessly on your mobile device.

There are over 100 different and exclusive slideshow styles along with a certified music collection for creating free slideshows.

Animoto is the ideal app you can use for transforming your daily memories into movies.

It allows you to effortlessly add different pictures and music files to your animated videos from your smartphone gallery so they can turn out great.

You can even edit songs before using them in your videos. 

8. GIFMob

The user-friendly interface of this app helps users to make remarkable stop motion animated videos and GIFs with an unlimited amount of pictures.

GIFMob is yet another tool on our list of animation maker apps that has both free and paid versions each with loads of diverse features.

With more than 700,000 downloads and installs on the Google Play Store, GIFMob has ranked among top animation apps for Android this year. 

9. RoughAnimator

Are you looking for an animation app iPhone and Android users can use to generate hand-drawn animations on the go?

You can download RoughAnimator to own a tool that is intuitive enough for newbies and powerful enough for expert animators.

It can be used to illustrate frame by frame cartoons which you can pick or erase easily when needed. 

10. Animation Amino for MAP

This is a well-known animation maker app for both iOS and Android systems with tons of unique features available for your use.

This is the perfect app for you if you’re also looking to have a chat with strangers while making cartoons.

Moreover, you can choose to share your projects, get the latest news, find inspiration, and meet with other like-minded artists.

Even without any prior knowledge about creating animated videos and GIFs, you can quickly learn and create and watch cartoons for free with this app. 

In Conclusion

That's if for our latest round-up of curated animation apps for Android and iOS devices this year.

Have fun while you sample as many of them as you can.