Top 10 Best ePub Readers For Windows PC (2020)

Read Reviews & Download The Best ePub Readers For Windows PC To Read ePub Documents On Your Windows 10,8.1 & 7 Versions. Free To Download.

Top 10 Best ePub Readers For Windows PC (2020)

Electronic Publications or EPubs are a well-known format for enabling quick access to eBook reading and editing solutions.

If you’re a bibliophile, you’ll be pleased to know that the ePub format is supported by most eBook readers by default.

There are ePub reader applications you can use to read documents in ePub format directly on your smartphone while on the go or for standalone eBook reading gadgets.

Moreover, with the best ePub reader for PC installed on your Windows-based laptop or desktop, you can read your favorite eBooks conveniently.

And although there are truckloads of free Windows ePub reader apps available on the software market, not all of them were created equally.

We decided to do our job of sampling a plethora of them to provide you with a handpicked selection of top free ePub reader recommendations.

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Here Are The List Of Best EPub Reader Windows PC (2020):

  1. Calibre
  2. Icecream Epub Reader
  3. Cover
  4. Cobo
  5. Nook
  6. Adobe Digital Editions
  7. Freda
  8. Bibliovore
  9. Bookviser
  10. Epub Reader

1. Calibre

You too can download Calibre and discover firsthand why it has ranked among the best ePub reader apps that work well with just about all Windows OS versions.

Moreover, this free ePub reader is one of the oldest and most reliable solutions on our list.

It comes loaded with features that will enable you to perform different tasks such as downloading ePubs, downloading eBook covers, managing metadata, and sharing eBooks across different compatible devices.

Apart from reading standard ePub novels, the Calibre ePub reader Windows tool is also great for reading comics, magazines, and many more documents. 

2. Icecream EPub Reader

Are you looking to read eBooks and manage your digital library on PC?

With the Icecream ePub solution, you can own one of the best ePub reader apps built to help categorize your eBooks in EPUB, PDF, MOBI, CBR, CBZ, and FB2 formats.

It basically stores your entire digital eBook collection in one location from where you can quickly access and read them anytime, anywhere.

This ePub reader Windows studio has an attractive design and can boast of lots of handy features such as excellent search capabilities, support for full-screen mode, effortless page navigation mechanics, support for different languages, tracking of your reading progress, etc. 

3. Cover

Download the latest version of Cover; arguably the best ePub reader on this list that was explicitly developed for comic book reading on Windows PCs.

The fact that the Cover software provides sufficient support for ePub formats, which are also image-heavy, is the main reason why it’s on our list of ePub reader Windows solutions.

And even though all the free ePub reader recommendations in this post can handle images, none of them copes with comics and manga quite as well as the Cover software.

This software is compatible with Windows 8.1, 10, (ARM, x64, x86). 

4. Kobo

Kobo is a top ePub reader for PC you can use to read and purchase your preferred eBooks from its online store.

It comes with all the standard features you can expect from one of the best ePub reader tools such as progress tracking, search, theming, bookmarks, and others.

Also, Kobo is compatible with both EPub & EPub 3 formats.

There are more than 5 million affordable and free eBooks, children’s books, and comics, available for you to choose from on its store. 

5. Nook

Nook for PC might not be the best ePub reader on this list but you can enjoy unrestricted access to the entire Nook eBook collection directly from your desktop.

Apart from eBooks, you can also get daily newspapers, magazines, and comics via the Nook service.

The Nook app from Barnes & Noble was created to provide you with an effortless, all-round reading experience with its integrated features that will allow you to share both ePub & PDF file formats across multiple PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

There’s also the option to manage and personalize your reading sessions, apply themes & line spacing, change eBook fonts, and many others.

After you sign up for the Nook service, you get to try out their entire eBook and news magazine collection during a free trial period of 14 days. 

6. Adobe Digital Editions

Perhaps what you need is a basic EPUB & PDF manager/reader?! You should definitely check out Adobe Digital Editions.

With Adobe Digital Editions, you have one of the best ePub reader tools on this list that you can use with a variety of screen readers such as NVDA, Window-eyes, and JAWS.

Its highlighting and annotation functions also perform quite well.

Moreover, this is a free ePub reader Windows solution that is compatible with the EPUB 3 file format which means it can serve up an improved reading experience by enabling support for image resizing without reducing clarity, reading from right to left, dynamic & interactive quizzes, etc. 

7. Freda

You can download this Windows ePub reader from the Microsoft store at zero cost.

If you prefer to have a reader you can use to access your favorite eBooks from different online stores, Freda might turn out to be the best ePub reader for you.

This is an app that features a traditional Windows 10 look which makes your ePubs quite noticeable during your reading sessions.

Apart from providing support for ePubs, this ePub reader for PC is also compatible with numerous other eBook formats like TXT, Mobi, HTML, and FB2. 

8. Bibliovore

This is an attractive eBook reader/manager tool you can use for Windows 8.1 systems and newer.

Bibliovore is also one of our best ePub reader app recommendations for importing individual PDF and ePub files. It can even be used to scan the contents of any folder for malware before opening it. 

Moreover, the Bibliovore application will enable you to quickly adjust font parameters, edit book metadata, manage reading themes, apply day/night reading mode, along with other handy functions. 

9. Bookviser

So you want to install the best ePub reader for Windows?!

Say hello to BookViser Reader - a free ePub reader Windows tool made for enjoying your favorite eBooks on almost any Windows PC. 

The Bookviser software can boast of vast eBook libraries and you can even download eBooks directly from cyberspace.

It comes with a user-friendly UI that resembles an actual book. 

10. EpubReader

This last entry on our list of top ePub readers for PC is yet another user-friendly software developed for reading and managing your preferred EPubs.

It also comes with top features like download support for eBooks from personal and preconfigured sources, reading progress tracking, and many others. 

If you want an EpubReader you can use to effectively manage a huge eBook library without consuming too much storage space on your Windows computer, installing the EpubReader app is the way to go. 

The Wrap-Up

Here ends our latest round-up of free ePub reader apps.

You can use them to enjoy access to thousands of classic and contemporary eBook titles at zero cost. Do check them out now!