8 Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Server (2020 List)

Read reviews and download the best discord bots from top websites, including MEE6, Dyno Bot, Red, Dank Memer and more. Choose your bot required to your need.

8 Best Discord Bots To Improve Your Server (2020 List)

Discord is undoubtedly one of the most popular online chat platforms among gamers today.

Its global user base has been multiplying, leaving other established communication giants like TeamSpeak and Skype behind.

The Discord highly intuitive software has been approved by gamers worldwide, primarily because of its customizable and robust nature.

Before we spotlight the top discord bots for 2019 in this post, we must begin from the basics; since some of us are not yet familiar with the purpose of Discord Bots.

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What Exactly is Discord?

The Discord platform is basically a free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and digital media distribution software developed specifically for online video gaming.

It has dedicated channels for the end-users to exchange audio and video content as well as an instant messaging service.

Discord is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Discord users can also generate their own emoji stickers or avatars for their in-game aesthetics.

Each Discord user will receive a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number) after signing-up.

This PIN code serves as a way to find and connect with other Discord users.

What’s a Discord Bot?

A Discord Bot is an autonomous program that is developed specifically to function on the Discord servers.

Its purpose is to offer added functionalities to those already provided by the regular discord servers.

A Discord Bot can even be programmed and tuned to carry-out flexible tasks by the user.

8 Best Discord Bots For 2020 To Enhance Your Discord Server

  1. MEE6
  2. Dyno Bot
  3. RED
  4. GAwesome Bot
  5. Dank Memer
  6. Tatsumaki
  7. Discord Translator Bot
  8. Pancake Bot

1. MEE6

The MEE6 Bot is rated among the best Discord Bots that helps its users to analyze and modify different components of their Discord server.

This handy Bot will effectively moderate your Discord servers and even applaud new members with cheerful welcome messages.

Besides just moderation and modification, the MEE6 Bot can also do lots of other things.

It comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It also features an “Auto-Moderator,” which ensures that the Discord server owner won’t have to bother with moderation issues anymore.

The MEE6 Bot also allows you to switch things like annoying caps, external links, emoji spam, and mass mentions, ON, and OFF from the dashboard.


Dyno is a must have Discord Bot, mainly because it is currently active on more than one million Discord servers.

One of the main advantages here is its wide-ranging web dashboard, with its full customization control offerings.

You won’t have to self-host since everything will be hosted by the Dyno Bot, controlled through the web dashboard.

It also features an extensive range of moderation tools and customized triggers for Auto-moderation.

Role creation is more comfortable with the Dyno Bot, as it permits server admins to generate new ranks (connected to server roles).

Users can even perform tune-ups on server channels with “purging” commands intended to delete multiple messages based on server, user, or age.

However, the Dyno Bot is not all about moderation.

Users can setup a Dyno Bot DJ containing their favorite playlists, search for random pictures and facts, as well as play slot games.

3. RED

Red is arguably one of the best Discord Bots that comes with customizable options.

The RED Discord Bot is self-hosted; hence, there is a need to host it on your server.

Red has also become one of the most popular discord bots because of the functions it provides, which cannot be found with other regular Discord Bots.

Here, you can also find music playback options, casino games and trivia bots, auto-server messages, gif search, and many more features.

Like MEE6, the commands of the Red Bot can also be customized.

Red Bot users can even modify their avatars and names to match the unique signature of their servers.

Perhaps you’re not satisfied with the features here; you can expand the RED Bot controls by using python-coded plug-ins (or cogs) found on the official RED Bot website.


Are you looking to insert a versatile Discord Bot into your server?

GAwesome is the ideal choice.

It is also one of the most flexible Discord Bots, which does not just moderate your chats but also comes with tons of enjoyable features to further enhance the activity on your Discord server.

This Discord Bot can award, kick, or ban member ranks and may also be used for conducting polls, giveaways, generating fresh memes, and others.

The best thing about the GAwesome Bot has to be its robust extension system, which allows you to ask this Bot to display search results from Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, or even YouTube.

Users of this Discord Bot can even organize their personal chat RSS feeds.


The Dank Memer Bot was developed to turn your meme dreams into a reality!

This is one of the best discord bots that can help you create, instruct, and share your own memes while enjoying the Discord platform.

It is supported by gaming communities like Lulurd’s Hideout, Chill Corner, and The Seven Seas.

Dank Memer is undoubtedly one of the cool Discord Bots available out there.

The prefix for Dank Memer’s commands is pls.

Supplementary add-ons such as Memey Gambling, Stupidity, and Image Manipulation, are available for you to integrate with this Discord Bot.


Introducing Tatsumaki – one of the best Bots for Discord out there.

It comes with numerous moderation commands, notifications, and welcome messages, among other features.

The Tatsumaki Bot isn’t restricted to Discord alone but allows its users to use a dedicated dashboard to adjust the Bot settings.

It will also enable you to browse the web, stay current via an RSS feed plus more fun features within your Discord server.

This Discord Bot takes care of all the basics, with features intended to boost moderation and amplify server usage, and also offer its users amusing gaming commands.

The Tatsumaki Bots’ moderation features do not require any configuration.

They are ready for immediate use, with many available commands to prune messages, manage users (such as mute, ban, etc.), construct welcome messages, and much more.

Users can also browse YouTube, search for cat facts, run server-wide polls, and play a wide variety of assorted games here.

There is even a wide-ranging leveling system with XP (experience points) provided for you based on your activity.


You can integrate the Discord Translator Bot with your Discord server for the purpose of translating the various languages being used by the members of your server.

This Discord Bot supports over a hundred languages and can also distinguish them with flags entered while typing.

It also comes with language discovery tools which can later be modified to suit your taste.

This is one of the best Discord Bots that you can use to boost communication within your server community by removing the language barrier.

Discord Translator Bot will undoubtedly help you turn your Discord server into a co-operative environment with quick and seamless communication amongst each other.


With more than 300,000 active Discord users using the Pancake Bot on their servers, this is a strong contender for one of the best Discord bots for 2019.

Pancake is easy to use and comes with great moderation tools for admins and enjoyable commands for users.

You won't have to bother about server hosting here since this is an invite-to-get-started Bot.

The Pancake Bot has a flexible moderation system that offers you total control over everything from user banning to voice chat, along with a permissions structure for providing your team of moderators with different powers.

You will also find a user-friendly music playback system that is compatible with multiple sources, such as YouTube and SoundCloud.

Available social features, like joke commands, image searches, and couple game apps, will also develop the overall experience on your server.


We hope you can now appreciate the significance of good Discord Bots for an improved chat experience and other benefits on your servers.

Having the best discord bots means you no longer have to monitor your servers so you can keep your community in check.

Above, we have highlighted a few of the most popular Discord Bots out there; try them out now!