15 Best Couple Game Apps For Android & iOS On 2020

Here we listed the top 12 best couple game apps for couples. Spend more time with your special one with these extremely engaging apps. Available on android & ios.

15 Best Couple Game Apps For Android & iOS On 2020

In today’s digital world, no area of our daily lives can remain unaffected by technological advancements.

There’s an app for almost everything nowadays! Dating is also keeping up with the times.

When you fall in love with someone, you will naturally want to stay connected to them for more extended periods, so you find yourself looking for reasons to be together.

The easiest way to remain connected for longer is by using game apps for couples. Especially during those times when both of you are miles away from each other for some reason.

Are you looking to make your relationship more fun and exciting? We’ve made your work easier by scouring the internet to get the latest game apps for couples on Android and iOS platforms.

It doesn't matter if your relationship is a long-distance one or if by now, you're a married couple living together. The fun and charming game apps for couples spotlighted in this post will help you cope with the different aspects of your love life.

From discovering more about each other to learning how to be a better spouse and settling fights.

Keep reading to find out the inside scoop on the best Android game apps for couples. Enjoy!

List Of 12 Best Couple Game Apps For Android And iOS

  1. Hot Sex Game
  2. Sexy Dice
  3. Couple Widget
  4. Truth Or Dare For Couples
  5. Happy Couple
  6. TheIceBreak
  7. You&Me
  8. Between
  9. SexRoulette
  10. iPassion
  11. Bliss : The Game For Lovers
  12. Simply Us

1. Hot Sex Game

Introducing one of the top free couple game apps on Android and iOS platforms.

The remarkable Hot Sex Game application is a kinky game developed for you to play with your partner in bed.

It is the perfect foreplay game where couples can warm up by challenging their partners.

It features predefined sex challenges as well as some of your personalized dirty dares for you to enjoy with your spouse.

One of the most amazing features of this software is that it lets you modify the game to suit your tastes before you start playing.

Download Hot Sex Game

2. Sexy Dice

Here is yet another best couple games app that works on both iOS and Android devices.

The Sexy Dice application is actually an improvement on an older, more limited version.

Are you on the lookout for an improved sex game experience?

Simply download the Sexy Dice game apps for couples on the Play Store.

This thrilling game for couples will allow users to roll dice and obtain a naughty outcome to practice with their lovers.

You each get numerous rolls for one astonishing outcome.

If you’re looking to try new and erotic things with your loved one, Sexy Dice is one of the best sex game apps available today on smartphones that can enhance your relationship.

Download Sexy Dice

3. Couple Widget

This is arguably one of the most beautifully designed game apps for couples on Android.

The Couple Widget app delivers on its promise of making your memories together last forever!

This software lets lovers exchange phone calls, texts, facetime, as well as express their feelings and moods through audio, videos, cute stickers, doodles, and private pictures, which you can even set to vanish after a specified period.

Moreover, you may set notifications on your shared calendar schedule and swap to-do lists.

This app offers an incredibly sexy approach to staying continuously connected and keeping all the shared memories of both long-distance couples and those living nearby alive.

Download Couple Widget

4. Truth Or Dare For Couples

Introducing one of the best game apps for couples.

This dirty and naughty software was developed for kinky couples.

The Truth or Dare games for couples app features more than a thousand dirty and sexy dares at various levels.

It allows couples to begin at a slow and sweet tempo; however, the game categories can rise to extreme levels.

Are you ready for some kinky games?

The Truth or Dare software is one of the best sex game apps for open-minded couples who love to take their relationship to a higher sexual level.

However, the hardcore settings of this dirty, mischievous app for couples are entirely under the control of you and your partner.

Download Truth Or Dare

5. Happy Couple

The Happy couple software is rated among the top free game apps for couples on Android and iOS devices.

This love quiz game application allows you to have unlimited fun while you discover more about your partner’s thoughts and feelings.

It comes with numerous quiz questions for lovers; by which people can easily find out more about their partners.

You are also allowed to accumulate points after answering questions correctly.

The Happy couple application even has several locked challenges, which you can only unlock after entering the right answers.

Download Happy Couple

6. TheIceBreak

Introducing one of the best game apps for couples focused on generating more meaningful conversation and understanding between you and your better half.

The TheIceBreak application comprises a list of inquiries to ask and respond to anonymously or exchange answers in private.

You can also capture daily moments by sharing photos of anything that amazed you on that particular day.

Installing this best couple games app will keep your relationship active with sizzling icebreakers that literally pay off every time.

Whenever you complete any of the in-app purchases on android, you get $10 in your IceBreak account.

When you have earned up to $500 in IceBreak coins, you will be eligible for a twenty percent discount (up to $20) on your next date!

Simply mail your recipient afterward, and you will receive a cashback in return from the parent company.

Download Theicebreak

7. Between

Between is rated among the most popular game apps for couples.

Here, users can store their most precious memories and communicate romantically with their partners.

It comes with an exceptional messenger app for lovers, which will allow you to easily meet and chat with stranger as well as your spouse.

This is one of the android game apps for couples that also come with a vast compilation of free GIFs and emojis that allow for fun exchanges without using any words.

You can store all of your precious videos, photos, chat history, and others inside this app.

Download Between

8. You&Me

This is one of the trendiest game apps for couples available on Android and iOS platforms.

The You&Me software comes with the regular set of in-app features such as exchanging text, video, and photo memos as well as more personalized and exclusive features like:

  • Music Sharing (which makes you yearn for your significant other)
  • Halfsie: for capturing Frontback-style snapshots of your spouse on top and you underneath
  • Photobooth: shoot boardwalk-esque, four window styled pictures together
  • Secret: share your most intimate “steamed up” photos with your partner

Furthermore, this application is sensitive to those times when you and your spouse come together in real-time and adjusts the user-interface accordingly.

Download You&me

9. SexRoulette

The SexRoulette software is one of the top sex game apps for iOS and Android users.

SexRoulette was nominated back in 2017 as one of the best game apps for couples.

It comes with four different challenges for couples.

They include hot question, hot challenge, hot gifts, and fantasy play cards.

SexRoulette users must pick any of them to begin playing this sex game app with their partner.

This game app has received approval from many beta-testers as an ideal and secure two player game apps for couples.

It is fun-filled and guaranteed to make you laugh; which is a great way for you and your partner to spend a romantic night out.

Download Sexroulette

10. iPassion

Introducing iPassion – one of the best game apps for couples with mature games for you to enjoy with your spouse.

Users of the iPassion love couple quiz software can get to know their partner better and vise versa.

Its custom quizzes allow you to discover what your partner likes and dislikes and ways to get them to relax.

This free app is user-friendly; you only need to enter the right answers to a few questions and then allow your loved one also to supply the correct responses to those questions.

Download iPassion

11. Bliss : The Game For Lovers

Introducing yet another best couple game apps that can be installed and enjoyed on both Android and iOS smartphones.

The Bliss software comes with a wide variety of romantic games for couples who are in love to enjoy in bed.

It has over five hundred in-built actions that can be executed by couples to spice up their relationship.

This application can also be used to discover more about the life of your partner.

You can download the free version or explore the paid option; both offer different online and offline opportunities for playing with your significant other.

Download Bliss

12. Simply Us

This is one of the most amusing couple game apps developed to organize your relationship.

Do you and your spouse sometimes get into stupid situations like buying only two milk packs or booking the same movie twice?

The Simply Us application can be a lifesaver!

This top game app for couples will allow you to generate private to-do lists, small projects, and even grocery lists.

Users can also exchange pictures, and text, as well as have a unique calendar schedule synchronized between both of you, so you are always aware of what your partner is up to.

Download Simply Us

Best Couple Game Apps For Android And iOS On 2020:

  1. Hot Sex Game
  2. Sexy Dice
  3. Couple Widget
  4. Truth Or Dare For Couples
  5. Happy Couple
  6. TheIceBreak
  7. You&Me
  8. Between
  9. SexRoulette
  10. iPassion
  11. Bliss : The Game For Lovers
  12. Simply Us

Final Words

We sampled many different applications for couples before discovering these top game apps for couples on our list.

You can make your relationship healthier and more sexual by installing any of these free apps on your smartphone!