10 Best Chat Apps To Make New Friends (2020)

Want To Make New Friends Nearby? Here Are The List Of Best Chat Apps To Make New Friends For Android & iOS. App For Meeting New Friends Including Tinder, Meetup, Bumble, Skout & More.

10 Best Chat Apps To Make New Friends (2020)

I think you’ll agree that online dating can be quite like meeting people on a virtual playground.

But as adults, we tend to become more particular about whom we wish to spend our free time. 

Online chat apps have become the most popular approach for finding other like-minded people so you can connect, share ideas, exchange photo posts, and generally enjoy mingling with a new & diverse network of friends from across the planet.

Besides being useful for meeting friends in your area during a lockdown, the best chat apps are also quite convenient for busy people.

Would you like to know the best chat app to make new friends, flirt, and arrange appointments with other people online?

If yes, you’ve come to the right web page for that. Keep scrolling to find out more! 

Best Chat App for Making Friends For Android & iOS (2020)

  1. Meetup: Make Friends
  2. Nextdoor: New Friends Chat
  3. Bumble
  4. Tinder
  5. Skout
  6. Yubo
  7. Wink
  8. Ablo
  9. We3
  10. Meetme

1. Meetup: Find Friends Nearby

There are mobile messaging apps for just about every online platform these days, even Pininterest so the emergence of MeetUp as a contender for the best chat app to make new friend in your area is hardly surprising.

You too can download MeetUp and connect with local chat groups so you can meet new people, host online events, and try out new things. You can even use MeetUp to find support for a worthy cause or for building your business. MeetUp is free and available in thousands of cities worldwide. 

2. Nextdoor Social Network

Are you looking for the best app you can use for meeting friends in your area? Nextdoor will enable you to join your neighborhood hub and establish trusted connections for the exchange of useful information, goods & services. Plus, you can use the Nextdoor app to stay informed about classified ads and local recommendations.

Nextdoor is exactly what you need if you wish to get closer to those neighbors you never seem to run into. It is the ideal social network for exchanging information in your neighborhood at zero cost. 

3. Bumble - Meet, Date & Network

More than 90 million people are already into Bumble. It could turn out to be the best chat app to make new friends in your area. Apart from developing romance, you can find new friends, develop valuable relationships, and establish connections that will empower you for the future right here on Bumble.

Moreover, Bumble users can tweak their search filters to search specifically for new friends; the same way you would look for a new date. 

4. Tinder

This next entry on our list of best chat app to make new friends is a free chat program that is also known as the Matchmaking App for singles on account of its ability to connect friends in the same neighborhood by swiping on each other's profiles.

The Tinder app was developed to establish neighborhood communities of single people. You get to spend more time on the app by using the group chat facility. Moreover, the Tinder app focuses strongly on arranging random hookups. 

5. SKOUT - Meet, Chat, Go Live

With the Skout application, you can enjoy meeting friends in your area or from across the planet instantly. Skout is already giving millions of people the ability to discover like-minds living nearby or establish relationships with other users regardless of location.

The Skout program operates on proximity and preferences, almost like an online dating application but for friends. You get to make status updates and view updates made by other users living nearby. You can even buy gifts for them and have them delivered as well as see who’s checking out your profile. 

6. Yubo: Make New Friends - Meet & Chat Livestream

Check out Nearify to discover firsthand why it is widely regarded as the best chat app to make new friends with like-minds. The Yubo app is free-to-use and it lets you know about local events you might be interested in, but it’s also an excellent way to discover and make new friends from other world regions.

Moreover, this app makes it easy for you to make & receive personal recommendations so you can always find something to do on every single weekday.

7. Wink - find & make new snapchat friends

With Wink, you can make new friends, discover new cultures, grow your Snapchat community, fill your Snap map and much more! 

Wink is the best place to make new friends from all over the world. It’s as easy as swiping right and starting up a conversation with your potential new bestie. 

8. Ablo - Make new friends worldwide

With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play store, this could turn out to be the best chat app to make new friends directly on your Android smart devices. Ablo is your chat app to connect and have conversations with new friends from all over the world. Read, write and talk in your own language, Ablo translates your text and video calls live! Say hello and find out more about your friends’ culture, language and where they come from.

Overall, Ablo is a free-to-use app that offers a great way for you to find out where other like-minded users reside around you. 

9. We3 - Meet new people & make friends, 3 at a Time

Let’s introduce you to We3; a free-to-use mobile app developed to help you discover and connect with the most well-suited people in your vicinity. You can expect to find useful features such as same & opposite gender group chats, along with search filters on this top app for making friends.

This app was developed to facilitate seamless connections between 3 or more individuals at the same time; hence its name. We3 users may even choose to remain anonymous for security reasons. 

10. MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe is yet another awesome free-to-use software on this list that could turn out to be your best chat app to make new friends at home or on the move. The MeetMe app is already enabling more than 100 million users across different age groups and cultural backgrounds worldwide to connect and chat seamlessly. 

In Conclusion

That’s if for our latest discussion on the best chat app to make new friends anytime, anywhere.

They are free-to-use so you too can check them out right now.