25+ Best Browser Games To Play in 2020

Lockdown? Here Are The List Of Best Browser Games To Play During Lockdown Period. looking to discover your next thrill or just need an ideal way to kill some time, here’s a list of the best browser games you can download and play right now. 

25+ Best Browser Games To Play in 2020

Because all work and no play can get rather tiresome sooner or later, the best browser games can help you to relax by letting off some steam.

Even while you’re at home under quarantine, top browser games can still be used to pass the time and keep you in high spirits – especially if you don't own a conventional gaming console.

Moreover, you don’t even need a dedicated gaming PC to play browser games. You can play them on your smartphone and other mobile devices regardless of their specs.

Some of them run on text-based programs while others can boast of impressive graphics and gameplay. Regardless of your preference, there's a wide variety of fun to be had from playing such games.

So if you’re looking to discover your next thrill or just need an ideal way to kill some time, here’s a list of the best browser games you can download and play right now. 

Here Are The List Of Best Browser Games To Play In 2020:

  1. Skribbl.io
  2. Tacticscore.io
  3. Doom
  4. TCopter.io
  5. Abobo's Big Adventure
  6. Darkorbit Reloaded
  7. QWOP
  8. Powerline.io
  9. Slither.io
  10. Street Skater

1. Skribbl.io

We begin our listicle with Skribbl.io; one of the best browser games from the popular drawing and guessing genre. This free-to-play multiplayer will require you and your friends to guess and win.

This must-try browser game will have one player pick a word and then draw a sketch of it that everyone else must use to guess what the word is. Whoever accumulates the maximum points from guessing the most correct answers wins the game. Its also ranked on top 10 of our list for best .io games.

2. TacticScore.io

You too can play Tactics Core on your web browser right now for free with zero plug-in downloads required. With Tactics Core, you have an intense team-based multiplayer shooter and one of the best browser games that involve choosing from a varied selection of war machines such as Warhawks, jets, spider tanks, and bombers. The game is also mouse enabled and offers excellent graphics along with smooth gameplay. 

3. Doom

That’s right; this 25-year-old relic of a game also ranks among top browser games available to play right now. You too can enjoy playing against the hellish onslaught of specters and demons spawned from this vicious underworld.

You only have to enable the latest Flash player version to enjoy playing Doom seamlessly on your web browser. Moreover, veteran players won’t need any instructions before figuring out things for themselves while playing. 

4. Copter.io

Let’s introduce you to the Helicopter Game (copter.io); one of the best browser games that will see you using your mouse to fly a helicopter. This latest version of the game will require you to take to virtual skies so you can explore a vast environment in some awesome rescue helicopters.

The Helicopter Game scenery is filled with mountains, forests, hills, canyons, and 16 km² of simulated 2D environment. 

5. Abobo's Big Adventure

It's not surprising to find this weird parody flash game on every list of best browser games made this year. This action RPG will see you playing as Abobo a Double Dragon boss character who must embark on a universal quest to save his son who’s been kidnapped by villains and goons from the Donkey Kong franchise.

As you might have already guessed, Abobo‘s Big Adventure was Inspired by a wide variety of classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video games. 

6. DarkOrbit Reloaded

You can become a space pilot today by signing up for DarkOrbit; one of the best browser games available on cyberspace. On DarkOrbit, you get to play as a starship captain on a mission to complete different space challenges.

The game also allows players to pledge their allegiance to their preferred faction or opt for playing as rogue-pirates or merchants. Moreover, there’s a multiplayer mode where you can play together with others. 


QWOP is one of the best browser games from the sports & athletics genre. This ragdoll-based video game from 2008 will see you using the Q, W, O, & P keyboard keys only to control the thighs & calves of a track athlete known as Qwop.

If you like challenges, Qwop is an incredibly tedious game that you won’t want to miss out on. You’ll have to ensure that the character keeps moving forward steadily without falling. 

8. Powerline.io

This is Powerline.io; one of the top browser games for this year. This is the official web version of the classic snake game but with a twist – you’ll have to control shining neon lights while gathering power-ups as you increase in length and move across the screen.

This straightforward yet addictive multiplayer online game will see you and your friends using your keyboard arrow keys to turn and avoid crashing into obstacles. 

9. Slither.io

So you’re looking to play top browser games online?! Slither.io is a replica of the Nokia snake game we all used to know and love. As per usual, the game is all about using the arrow keys on your keyboard to maneuver a snake slithering across the screen to consume as many dots as possible while growing longer and avoiding your rivals.

This version of the game will even enable you to customize your snake’s skin based on your preference. 

10. Street Skater

This final entry on our list of best browser games is a free-to-play online arcade game from Armor Games. Street Skater will see you hitting the streets with your skateboard under the night sky to overcome any obstacles blocking your path.

You’ll have to maneuver and perform kickflips and ollies on your skateboard while gathering as many gold coins as possible even as you try to stay alive.

15+ More Browser Games You Should Definitely Check

  10. TETRIS
  14. COMA
  16. SPINZ.IO
  19. PACMAN

The Wrap-Up

That’s it for our list of top browser games for 2020.

Now you know exactly where to find classic web browser entertainment in these modern times.