13 Best Apps To Sell Your Stuff Online Locally (2020)

Read Reviews For The Best Apps & Websites To Sell Your Used Stuffs Online Locally & Download Them. Local Selling Apps For Used Stuff Including Decluttr, Poshmark, Letgo, Offerup & More.

13 Best Apps To Sell Your Stuff Online Locally (2020)

Are you having extra household supplies or inventory lying around in your residence? Do you want to sell them and earn extra cash? There are lots of best apps that offer local selling options for kinds of stuff locally. Most of these apps allow you to connect with the available potential buyers locally. These best apps let's declutter your home, thus making side-hustle income.

This article complies with favorite and best apps to sell stuff locally, ranging from popular auction bidding sites to apps that allow you to sell virtually. Have a study to get informed of the best app to download when faced with the need to sell your stuff locally, earning extra money.

13 Best Places To Sell Your Used Stuff Online Locally:

1. Decluttr

decluttr - sell items apps

Decluttr makes it easy to earn fast cash by selling your stuff locally because it only takes a few minutes to get your items in the marketplace. Once your item sells, you receive money the next day. Here at Decluttr, you can sell your used items like DVDs, cell phones, textbooks, video games and consoles, Legos, and tablets. You use their app to scan the items, and they must be in good condition. Therefore it is advisable to ship items that you're confident will pass quality control. Items rejected won't be retrieved back.

2. SellCell.com

sellcell.com - sell your old mobile phones

Do you have old mobile phones? You can sell that for great value of money. Sellcell.com is the No. 1 phone trade in price comparison site in the US and compare all of the leading buyback companies (like Gazelle, Decluttr, ItsWorthMore, BuyBackWorld etc), ensuring that the user will always get the most for their old device. Sellcell are featured heavily in all of the main news sites as a key place to sell your old phone.

SellCell’s free and impartial service saves users time and hassle by comparing prices from 25+ of the leading buyback companies in one place to ensure you get the guaranteed most cash for their old cell phone, tablet, smartwatch and other electronics. SellCell has been described as the “Kayak for selling your old phone” and so far over $250million worth of phones and tech have been sold through our platform.

3. Letgo

letgo - sell stuff local

Letgo is probably the most preferable craigslist alternative. You will be excited by using letgo because it will let you list your stuff by city and zip codes locally. Buyers will only need to enter their preferred zip code, thus allowing Letgo to populate the nearest product listings within that particular zip code. Prospective buyers can also search for products by its name and category as well.

Selling and listing of your stuff will be more efficient when you use the Letgo app. The app lets you snap a picture of the item you selling and list it in the market place. Also, the app allows you to view the listing you made; a desktop will work similarly to the app.

4. Poshmark

poshmark - sell things apps

Do you want to sell clothes? Poshmark can be of help to have a trial at it. Here at Poshmark, no charges for listing adult and children clothing. When you make a sale, Poshmark will send a free shipping label to you. The Poshmark app permits you to take a few snaps and upload them to your closet in real-time. The astonishing part of using Poshmark to sell your stuff online is that prospective buyers can browse your entire locality sales. It doesn't matter if the shopper is interested in a specific brand of an item he/she can find access to the listings you have made in your closet.

5. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace - sell items online locally

Due to its eased and massive social networking, Facebook is regarded as the best app to stuff locally and online. It makes sensible decisions to sell here on Facebook due to its extensive social media arena. The Facebook app offers three certain features if you want to sell your stuff. They include;

Facebook buy and sell groups. These groups allow you to buy and sell your items locally. Thus this making Facebook a great app to sell stuff at. To start trading, you are required to join the groups. The groups have specified, and independent themes since each group have their targeted audience. For instance, a particular group may focus on baby items contrary to others who may prioritize on yard sales. Therefore, it is advisable to read each group's guidelines before listing your items.

Facebook marketplace. The Facebook market place serves as an alternative to Craigslist when you want to sell your items locally. Listing is done freely, and you can communicate with potential buyers directly. The Facebook app also lets you share pictures on your timeline, which are only visible by your friends who can as well share with their friends quickly too.

Facebook business pages. Facebook business pages are social media giants to sell your items locally. Also, a Facebook page will let you sell your items directly from the pages by only adding a 'Shop Now' link where buyers can click and your listing. The Facebook app allows you to prepare a listing as well as starting a communication from the app.

6. OfferUp

offerup - selling items app

OfferUp app offers a reward to recurring sellers who guarantee excellent customer experience in their dealings. Both buyers and sellers can give feedback on a particular business transaction. It is this feature that makes OfferUp more appealing than other similar apps that don't let both parties leave feedback, which may lead to scamming. As a strategy of additional security and proof of identity, the OfferUp app makes it possible to link it with your Facebook account.

The in-app chat permits you to add items to the watch list, communicate with the seller as well as to make a counteroffer. OfferUp has been described as a local version of eBay. OfferUp doesn't charge any fee when you use it. Buyers are capable of searching item listings by category through entering the city or zip codes. Here at OfferUp, it is vital to be honest as a seller because buyers will rate you about the items you are offering.

7. eBay

ebay - sell online apps

It is a common belief to many people that eBay is meant for selling only stuff that is must to be shipped. However, if even if the geographical area difference between the buyer and sellers may exist. eBay makes it possible to do a local listing for large and bulky stuff like furniture that involves pick up. As a way of avoiding shipping fees, you should choose "Local Pickup" because there is an easy and less costly since no paying shipment fee. At times eBay may provide free local delivery within a specified radius. eBay also guarantees an additional business exposure. Therefore if you own a business, this may be the best place to sell your stuff.

Listing is done freely on eBay and no-fee payment until your item sells. eBay is preferable to the best mobile app to sell your stuff either locally or online because the process is simple than of other apps.

8. Trove Market

Here at the Trove market, you can sell your furniture locally. Trove Market is a great app to sell your stuff, earning the best value of it. You can sell furniture, both new and secondhand, as well as decorations. It permits you to sell items that you can shop online, letting you accept credit cards. Trove market app as the following features; chat in, can make an offer, advance payment using a credit card.

9. Chairish

chairish - Furniture & Decor selling

Chairish is an app designed to sell furniture, home decorations as well as vintage jewelry.75 USD is the minimum listing price with a 20% commission. Here at Chairish shipping, if done freely and fore some items, you can take the UPS store. Payment is made after a lapse of 48 hours. The only disadvantage is that the Chairish app is only compatible and available on iPhones. Do you have quality items that you want to sell, then try to opt for Chairish regardless of the expensive cost. Since Chairish has a good reputation, you can quote higher prices for your items.

10. Instagram

instagram - sell items local

Instagram lets you share the fun moments you had. However, this app ranks as the best local marketplace. To sell, you are required to snap a picture and add a small description of the item, inclusive of the price. Instagram might be the best app to sell items for young people because they often use Instagram. Try your luck to sell on Instagram since most people and small businesses have had success in their sales through Instagram.

11. OLX

olx - selling items online locally

OLX tops as one of the best popular platforms that you can use to sell your stuff locally. OLX is accessible by most countries like United States, Russia, Philippines, India, South Africa Portugal, among others, only naming a few. Listing at OLX is free of charge; however, a premium listing of items is available after meeting a small payment. When you visit OLX while in the US, you will be redirected to LetGo. OLX is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

12. 5Miles

5miles - selling stuff locally online

The 5miles app platform offers to buy and sell items merged under various categories and within the coverage of 5 Miles. Listing is done freely, similar to Craigslist and other similar apps.

13. Dealo

dealo - app to sell stuff online

Dealo app has a global presence being available to iPhones. It is easy to sell your stuff quickly. The app is some kind similar to Craigslist since the buyer can do direct communication with the seller using email or phone.

14. Vinted

vinted - sell stuff online locally

Vinted lets you sell or swap your clothes from the wardrobe. Using vinted is cost-effective since it permits you to swap your clothing with another user. A commission is paid upon making sales of your clothing; however, the outcome can be more valuable than any other outfit. Thus it is recommended you pick your favorite payment mode.

Here Are The List Of Best Apps To Sell Used Stuffs Online Locally:

  1. Decluttr (Best For Selling Used Stuffs)
  2. Sellcell.com (Best For Selling Your Used Phones)
  3. Letgo (Best Craigslist Alternative)
  4. Poshmark (Best For Adult & Children Clothing)
  5. Facebook Marketplace (Sell Everything)
  6. Offerup (Best In US)
  7. eBay (Buy & Sell Almost Everything)
  8. Trove Market
  9. Chairish (Best For Selling Furniture)
  10. Instagram (Best Local Marketplace)
  11. OLX (Best For Selling Gadgets & Services)
  12. 5Miles
  13. Dealo
  14. Vinted (Best For Selling Clothes)


In conclusion, the above apps serve as an iceberg to the best apps that you can use to sell your stuff both locally and online. The above is a summary of the best apps that you can use to sell your stuff. However, there is an infinite number of countless apps that will also offer the best offer in buying and selling of things locally. It is upon you to choose the best app to sell a particular item. All the best!