10 Best Anime Torrent Websites In 2020 To Watch Anime

Are You Looking For Best Anime Torrenting Sites To Watch And Download Anime For Free? Here We Listed The List Of Top Anime Torrent Websites For You In 2021.

10 Best Anime Torrent Websites In 2020 To Watch Anime

Because online anime now has a planet-wide fan base spanning across almost all age groups, finding the right free anime torrenting websites where you can download classic and trending anime content has become quite tricky.

After performing a random online search, you’ll soon discover that almost half of them provide incomplete anime episodes in degraded visual quality, while the other half might not be easily accessible.

Also, lots of anime enthusiasts now prefer to own a collection of all their favorite titles by downloading them for offline viewing and these anime torrent repositories are often most ideal for such purposes.

With knowledge of the best anime torrent sites to visit on the internet, downloading all your favorite anime episodes no longer has to be a hassle.

This is why we’ve decided to soothe away worries by providing our readers with a curated list containing the best free anime torrent sites worth checking out right now! 

List Of Best Anime Torrenting Websites (2020)

  1. Animetosho
  2. 1337X
  3. Anime Layer
  4. Torlock
  5. Anime Ultime
  6. The Pirate Bay (TPB)
  7. AniRena
  8. Seedpeer
  9. Horriblesubs
  10. Katcr.co

1. Animetosho - Best Anime Torrenting Site

Let’s get started by introducing you to a great place on the internet where you can go to get all the latest and classic anime titles in torrent format. Apart from being one of the best anime torrent sites on cyberspace, the Animetosho website can also boast of having an active online community of loyal fans spread across the world.

Only verified torrents get uploaded to the Animetosho domain. The site’s user interface is also quite straightforward. Moreover, you can expect to find trending anime content being displayed on the website's homepage. 

2. 1337XPerfect For Streaming Anime-Torrent Online

1337X has consistently delivered top-quality anime content for global audiences over the years and this has led to the massive popularity it enjoys today. It is undoubtedly one of the best anime torrent sites available on the internet right now.

You can expect to find an easy-to-use and tidy interface on 1337X along with dedicated sections for the assortment of anime on offer. Some anime content categories here include Trending Today, Popular This Week, Popular This Month, etc. 

3. Anime Layer - King Of Anime Torrenting

Next up on our list of recommended anime torrenting websites is Anime Layer a brilliant platform that is best known for having all the latest anime releases on offer. Its user-friendly interface is also quite impressive.

With Anime Layer, you get to use one of the best anime torrent sites on this listicle that displays detailed torrent file info including country, genre, type, resolution, release date, size, and description, along with everything else you’d like to know about an anime torrent file before downloading it. 

4. TorLock - Top Anime Toiorrent Site

You get to select from verified anime torrents only while downloading from the TorLock collection. With millions of torrent files in 1080p, WEB-DL, and other resolutions on offer, this is undoubtedly one of the best anime torrent sites out there.

Apart from anime, TorLock users also get to download the latest movies, TV show episodes, and software in torrent format. TorLock also lets you check the torrent file sizes along with estimated download & upload times for all anime files available on the platform. You can expect only a few sponsored ads to pop up. 

5. Anime UltimeMulti-Language Anime Torrent 

You should check out the Anime Ultime content if you’re looking to benefit from using one of the best anime torrent sites currently available on the internet. This awesome torrenting domain can boast of an extensive collection of popular & exclusive anime series in top-quality visuals.

You’ll find the series name, date added, episode name, resolution, and other torrent file details on this reliable anime torrent platform. Sadly, however, some users might find the font size here to be way too small. Thankfully, the zoom feature is available to help you browse and read the webpage properly. 

6. The Pirate Bay (TPB) - FHD Anime Download

You too can visit The Pirate Bay right now and discover why it has consistently ranked among the best anime torrent sites for finding verified Anime P2P files. TPB is one of the oldest anime torrenting websites on the internet so you can expect to find supported magnet links and peer-to-peer file-sharing tools for just about anything including movies, TV shows, games, music, and other handy software tools.

The UI here is also clutter-free, and you get to use the search bar to browse torrents along with some primary homepage filters. 

7. AniRena Torrent Tracker

With AniRena, you have one of the best anime torrent sites on this list that comes with multi-language support. You also get to view the file size and the number of downloads for every torrent available.

Unlike most of the other torrenting websites for anime that we’ve sampled recently, you won’t be required to register an AniRena account before you can start downloading your preferred anime content.

8. Seedpeer - Hub of Anime Torrents

Millions of fans across the world already regard Seedpeer among the best download anime torrent sites out there. This is where you get to browse and select from an expansive collection of anime content with an easy-to-navigate UI and advanced filtering options.

Seedpeer can boast of a full range offering of classic and trending anime movies and series. 

9. Horriblesubs - Japanese Anime Downloads

You can also check out the vast array of anime content on offer at the Horriblesubs domain. After over a decade of providing anime content along with their subtitles for viewers across the world, Horriblesubs has also managed to rank among top anime streaming sites available on the internet.

Unlike most other torrenting sites for anime, Horriblesubs will let you select your preferred video download quality from options like HD, SD, & FHD. 

10. Katcr.Co

This final entry on our listicle is yet another excellent anime torrent provider you simply must try. You can expect to find dedicated sections for all kinds of anime torrent categories. You also get to view the age and file size of each media file available here.

Moreover, there are handy filter tools anyone can use to quickly browse across the variety of anime categories and sub-categories on offer.

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Now that we’ve shown you the best anime torrenting domains currently working on the internet, you must by now be aware of your most suitable options going forward.