Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For Android (August 2020)

Read Reviews & Download The Best Android Music Player Apps For 2020. The Best Music Player Apps For Android Including Spotify, Wync Music, Hungama Music & More.

Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For Android (August 2020)

Let’s face it; folks nowadays hardly ever talk about the music players that came integrated with their Android smartphones.

Many have even switched to some of the more popular online music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music.

However, there are still those of us who prefer to listen to our private media collection because streaming doesn’t exactly cut it hence the need for something that can play local music as well as stream online.

It will please you to know that there exist a plethora of such music player app options available on the web for everyone.

If you’re an Android user who loves music, today’s your lucky day.

We will be turning our attention to 10 of the best Android music players you can download and install. 

Here Are The List Of Top 10 Best Android Music Player Apps:

  1. JioSaavn (Best Overall)
  2. Wync Music
  3. Hungama Music
  4. Spotify
  5. Stellio
  6. Genius
  7. Jetaudio
  8. WhatListen
  9. Eon Music Player
  10. BlackPlayer Free Music Player

1. JioSaavn

let’s introduce you to JioSaavn one of the best music players out there that allows you to enjoy listening to all your favorite music, podcasts, and radio stations for free.

You can also say hello in different ways by using the JioTune page, to set your preferred songs as your phone’s caller tunes.

Browse its extensive catalog of more than 55 million tracks from Bollywood, Hindi, English, and many other regions.

Moreover, you get personalized music recommendations, lyrics and live sync for karaoke, well-curated radio stations, playlists, original podcasts as well as a variety of exclusive content with the JioSaavn app. 

2. Wynk Music

Upon installation, you’ll find this app has a layout that is quite easy-to-use; that’s because Wynk Music is one of the best music players that has been optimized to provide a seamless Android smartphone experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you stream music online or prefer to play the stash you have downloaded - it still won’t cost you a dime to use this application.

Music selection headaches will no longer be an issue with the Wynk Music software installed on your smartphone. 

3. Hungama Music

Do you like to keep up with trending tech news & user reviews, as well as subscribe to gadget forums on Twitter?

The Hungama Music app is ranked among the best music players you can use for this exact purpose.

Download this app now to listen to your preferred artists from all over the world. 

Other noteworthy features of this app include a digital library, an online radio, lyrics, and different music genres. 

4. Spotify

The Spotify app is ranked among the best Android music software you can use to stream songs from across the world.

However, the Spotify developers still recommend that you subscribe to a spotify premium service since the free version comes with ads that will occasionally disrupt your listening experience.

The app will also let you play those locally saved audio files on your smartphone.

Moreover, it is compatible with almost any operating system and device such as Windows, macOS, and iOS.

Get Spotify Premium APK

5. Stellio

The Stellio app is a robust music player with a unique design.

If you’re looking to own one of the best Android music players with lots of fun features and effects, Stellio is the way to go.

This customizable software has ultimate sound settings and music library management support which makes it a unique music players app for Android.

Yet another remarkable feature here is the Crossfade tool which makes for more pleasing sound quality. 

6. Genius

Perhaps you’d like to own one of the best music players for Android mobile with the largest music collection; go ahead and download Genius.

You won’t miss out on any popular tracks with the Genius app. It can also enhance your overall music experience with its easily accessible song database and lyrics.

From the homescreen of the app, users can quickly scroll through the most popular songs listed. 

7. JetAudio

With over 10 million downloads and a 4.4 Play Store rating, the JetAudio HD Player stands out amongst the plethora of music players app for Android available on the online store.

Apart from being trendy and capable, this highly-rated music app is also compatible with virtually any music file format there is.

Moreover, JetAudio has 32 different equalizer presets for people who prefer to customize their audio.

JetAudio is even a great platform for watching VCDs and DVD movies in excellent video quality. 

8. WhatListen

Download WhatListen now to own a contender for the best music players app

This awesome app doesn't present any obstacles when you wish to download your preferred media content. 

The unique design and capable performance of this app are intended to attract music lovers.

Moreover, the app allows you to create custom playlists.

Its lightweight size of 7.3 MB guarantees a seamless overall music playing and listening experience. 

9. Eon Music Player

You won’t find any clutter here and there are scarcely any complex or hidden menus which is why the Eon music player is on this list of best Android music players.

It allows you to customize your homescreen by removing any unwanted pages and keeping those that you prefer.

This excellent music software is all about quick and easy access to controls and music.

Moreover, the Eon music app will play any kind of digital music file.

10. BlackPlayer Free Music Player

Introducing BlackPlayer; yet another noteworthy entry on our list that has already ranked among the best music players for Android systems this year.

Its superb design and customizable nature make it quite easy-to-use. The best feature of the BlackPlayer app is its minimalistic approach to music playing and listening.

You can even customize the apps’ appearance with the Styling settings. 

Last Words

Here ends our updated listicle of best music players 2020.

It should be enough to quench your thirst for a seamless music experience; for now at least.