Top 10 Best Android Launcher Apps (2020)

Here are top 10 best android launcher apps to customize your phone, with ultimate themes and wallpapers. These best launchers for android are free to download from google play.

Top 10 Best Android Launcher Apps (2020)
best launchers for android 2020

The way we organize, arrange, and interact with our Android phone is known as a launcher. Launchers are usually composed of a set of home screens, on which we can arrange our widgets and app shortcuts and also an app drawer.

The popular features of the Android operating system, with its limitless customizable options are undoubtedly the major reason for its total dominance of today’s smartphone industry. Personalization possibilities are endless, of either the default OS functions or by installation of one of any of the over 100 launcher apps for android from the Google Play Store.

All Android phones have an in-built launcher, but whenever those drop the ball, there are lots of third-party launchers also capable of picking it up and knocking it clear from the park.

You can locate android launchers that can cause your device to emulate other smartphones, like the iOS (iPhone) smartphones, or help you with integrating your smartphone with your home- or office- environment, or even to cause your Android phone to behave more like a different type of Android phone. There are some launchers, for example, made to give the user’s smartphone the feel and look of the popular Google Pixel phone.

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While some Smartphone Experts suggest that there is only “one launcher to rule them all”, implying that the best launcher for android truly exists out there? I do not believe that is possible, even if I for one have a favorite launcher which I value above the others.

We all use our smartphones differently. Everyone has their favorite launcher; however, if you still haven't discovered which one is your favorite launcher yet, then our collection of the best android launchers in 2019 should satisfy every type of user.

10 Best Android Launchers For Customizing Your Phone In 2019

  1. Nova Launcher (Best Overall)
  2. Evie Launcher
  3. Google Now Launcher
  4. Microsoft Launcher
  5. Action Launcher
  6. Apus launcher
  7. ADW Launcher 2
  8. XLauncher Lite
  9. Smart Launcher 5
  10. Rootless Launcher

1. Nova Launcher

One of the first and most popular launcher apps for android to date, the Nova Launcher boasts of so many unique features and customizable options that it is sometimes difficult knowing where to begin describing them from.

If you are into tweaking, and micro-management, to get everything done right, then Nova is an excellent launcher to have.

Nova is quick, lightweight, and efficient. It supports notification badges, dock customizations, an option to display frequently used software as the top picks in its app drawer, icon and folder customizations, dozens of hand gestures and several others.

2. Evie Launcher

Evie’s lightweight launcher simply does not quit and it utilizes its gestures in the most effective ways. This Android launcher is flexible enough to let users adjust quickly to its features while also allowing their personality show through.

Evie is one of the fastest Android launchers that are completely free, so you can expect to get more tweaks and optimizations to help in speeding up your Android launcher experience. You may also back-up your Evie settings and layout directly to Google’s cloud-based drive.

Since the Evie Launcher app is totally free, fresh updates may sometimes take a while before they come. However, they are usually worth the wait.

3. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher was developed as an in-house app by Google itself. The Android software is targeted at users of non-pixel devices who do not fancy their in-built launcher, but rather, prefer an original Android experience.

Unlike other launcher apps for android, the Google Now Launcher search bar design is customizable, right from your home screen.

4. Microsoft Launcher

One would expect that if the Microsoft Corporation were to develop a launcher app for android, it would be similar to that of the Windows Phone— and you would be wrong, because not only is the Microsoft Launcher app an Android-based experience, it is also a top-notch launcher, and one very few launchers besides the Nova Launcher to provide sub-grid positioning and edge-to-edge widget support!

The Microsoft Launcher experience revolves around a neat home screen featuring a sturdy, two-level dock, a smart news feed linked with activity from your daily phone use and Microsoft account your, plus a quick-app drawer where all your favorite apps can easily be found.

5. Action Launcher

The watchword the Action Launcher app is QUICK — Quickpage, Quicktheme, Quickbar, Quickdrawer — and to ensure that it is one of the best and fastest android launcher app for its users, Action Launcher has established itself as the most customizable Android launcher on the market that is free.

From its excellent gesture controls to an intuitive Covers and Shutters for hiding folders and widgets underneath app shortcuts, the Action Launcher app makes it easier to jump to the home screen when you want, even when its Quick theme occasionally misses the mark.

6. Apus Launcher

The Apus Launcher for Android slightly differs from most other contemporary launchers since it is less focused on configuring your device manually and more likely to choose from one of many user-defined home screens with the accompanying features.

However, Apus Launcher still comes with in-built options for customization. Users can, for instance, edit icons, home screens, and wallpapers, and, create several transition effects.

The major selling-point of Apus Launcher is the ease and speed with which users can set-up customized Home packs with user-defined colors, home screens, themes, and so on.

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7. ADW Launcher 2

This android launcher app is fast, stable, and straight forward. It also offers up a variety of customizable options. Its User Interface almost feels like an authentic Android. It has unique features some of which allow you to change the color of the interface according to the wallpaper dynamics.

Additionally, there are launcher shortcuts, app indexing on app drawer, icon badges, transition animations and lots of other handy features.

8. XLauncher Lite

X Launcher Lite is for Android device users who are searching for a simple launcher with a small clutter of features and options. Because Xlauncher isn’t bundled with settings and options, it is rated as the fastest Android launcher on the Google Play Store. You will get look and feel like OS11 Style Theme & Wallpaper.

Since the Xlauncher app is more focused on cleaning up your Android memory, the app is clean without any sponsored ads or bloatware. With its small size, the Niagara launcher app is compatible with most lower-end Android devices as well.

9. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is yet another quick and lightweight Android launcher for use in 2019.  It was developed, with its users in mind. Its app drawer features a sidebar which separates the apps therein according to their category.

During the initial installation process, Smart Launcher 5 asks you for frequently used default apps, so you will not be bothered later by the default app pop-up requests.

10. Rootless Launcher

The Rootless launcher for Android app was initially open-source software to make all Google Pixel launcher features available on Android devices. If you desire to obtain the features of Android Pie launcher, Rootless launcher is a must try.

While Rootless launcher is not customizable like other Android launchers on our best launcher for android list, it consists of majority of the features and options found on the Google Pixel device.

Since the Rootless Launcher app is a new addition to Google Store, it may not meet the requirements we have come to expect from a top Android launcher.

Which is Your Favorite?

Have you got a favorite Android launcher? What is on your Android device right now?

Looking at our list of top launchers in 2019, there are a couple of decent-looking docks, home screens, and app drawers to choose from.

I am confident that some readers are having a different Android launcher in mind by now as their top choice, which would make sense if it helps you improve your workflow.