15 Best Keylogger Apps For Android Without Root (2020)

15 Best Keylogger Apps For Android Without Root (2020)

If you’re reading this post then you must be looking to download from that special software category that will enable you to track & record every keyboard keystroke made on a particular mobile communication device.

Whether they are referred to as monitoring software or spyware, keyloggers belong to a unique class of inventions that were designed to improve human life.

The best keylogger apps will enable you to record each keystroke made on your target’s keyboard without you having to hover around them while arousing suspicion.

Keyloggers are basically surveillance software tools that can be used to monitor and record every keyboard key that your child, spouse, or even an employee has pressed on their mobile device or PC.

That way, you can easily find out which email was composed, what SMS was typed, and lots of other stuff. 

About Keyloggers

Keylogger apps are brilliant parental control and spouse surveillance tools that can also be used in offices where bosses wish to monitor their staff.

Keylogger technology will provide you with unrestricted access to all interactions and accounts accessed via any device you have targeted.

There are various keylogger types available out there and they are categorized according to their keylogging methods. Keyloggers can either be in the form of software or hardware devices.

Some primary Android keylogger functions include spying on other people’s Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, email, and Viber activity as well as SMS tracking.

Real-time GPS monitoring is yet another important keylogger feature you’ll find on the best Android keylogger apps

Best Keylogger Apps For Android Without Root (2020)

  1. Hoverwatch (Best keylogger Overall)
  2. Flexispy
  3. mSpy
  4. Highster Mobile
  5. Spyzie
  6. iKeyMonitor
  7. Truthspy Keylogger
  8. Mobi Stealth
  9. Spyrix keylogger
  10. Copy9

1. HoverWatch

So you want to download the number 1 monitoring software tool for Android? With Hoverwatch free android keylogger, you too can benefit from using one of the best keylogger apps out there that can provide undetectable phone tracking capabilities.

With the free-to-use keylogging functions of the HoverWatch application, you too can monitor and save all the keyboard, camera, and screenshot activities performed on your target’s device. Apart from tracking both incoming & outgoing phone calls & SMS on your target’s phone, HoverWatch will also notify you whenever there’s a SIM card change. 

2. FlexiSPY

Next up on our list of best keylogger apps is FlexiSpy. It is yet another keylogger that will enable you to remotely track & record all kinds of activity on your target’s device. With the FlexiSPY keylogger for Android, you can effortlessly monitor your victim’s smartphone keystrokes, monitor both incoming and outgoing phone calls, track their GPS location in real-time, as well as read their emails, Facebook, and WhatsApp chat messages.

Once you purchase the latest version of the FlexiSPY application, you’ll receive a step by step installation guide along with your user login details via email. 

3. MSpy

mSpy keylogging app ; one of the best keyloggers for Android systems currently available on the software market. With the MSpy application, you too can remotely monitor SMS, phone calls, chats, and real-time GPS location on your target’s device in undetectable mode.

You can also enable the Geofencing feature after a straightforward and brief installation process on your child’s, spouse, or employees’ smart device. 

4. Highster Mobile

You can now take advantage of the highly effective tracking benefits offered by one of the best keyloggers for Android systems by downloading the Highster Mobile app. This brilliant application will enable you to monitor the keylogging activities performed by your children and employees on any unrooted Android device.

You can spy on both sent and received SMS & MMS on your target smartphone or tablet as well as listen in on their phone conversations in good audio quality. 

5. Spyzie

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for one of the best keylogger apps that comes with user-friendly features; the Spyzie keylogger software is a free and undetectable Android keylogger you won’t want to miss out on using.

This remarkable spy app will allow you to monitor all of your target's phone calls, SMS, sent & received media files, as well as the GPS location of their device in real-time. Besides, there are two different premium and ultimate subscription packages you can choose from. 

6. iKeyMonitor

Download & use this latest version of iKeyMonitor to discover firsthand why it has consistently ranked among the best keylogger apps available on the internet for some time now. Upon successful installation of this app, you can proceed to login to your web spy panel account and then add those iOS or Android devices you wish to monitor.

The ability to capture & record voice conversations around your victim’s device is yet another standout feature of this brilliant Android keylogging software. 

7. TruthSpy Keylogger

This free-to-use software is undoubtedly one of the best keyloggers for Android gadgets we’ve sampled recently. Simply install this undetectable spyware on your victim's mobile device and you can listen in on their telephone conversations while tracking their messages and GPS location in real-time.

Moreover, you can record all your target’s Google search and social media activity while accessing their media file download log with this easy-to-use application. 

8. Mobi Stealth

With Mobi Stealth, you can enable one of the best keylogger apps developed for Android-based mobile devices that will help you to go undercover and discover your kids’ or employees’ deepest secrets.

This awesome parental control tool can be used to monitor the SMS, call & web browser history, as well as any media file transfers made on your target’s smartphone or tablet. You can also check out their sent & received emails, along with their calendar events and recently installed apps. 

9. Spyrix Keylogger

This latest version of the Spirix Keylogger apk comes with all the top features you’d expect from one of the best keylogger apps currently available on the internet. Once you have successfully installed the Spyrix Keylogger app on your victim’s PC or mobile gadget, you can then proceed to remotely track & monitor their app and web activity through your secure online account.

This free-to-use tracker app is ideal for monitoring your kid’s phone activities from the comfort of your home or other remote locations. 

10. Copy9

Copy9 has been touted as one of the best keyloggers for Android and iOS users alike. With the Copy9 app, you can rest assured that your snooping activities will go unnoticed and undetected by your target.

You’ll also come across several handy features such as unrestricted access to all of your victim’s SMS, call spying, SIM change notification, and many more. 

Final Thoughts

Here ends our discussion on the very best Android keylogger apps you can find out there.

You can now make the most out of legit opportunities to spy on your kids, employees, and spouses.