Top 10 Best Android Emulators For Mac (2020)

Struggling To Run Android Apps & Games On Your Mac PC, Here We Have Listed The Best Android Emulators For Mac For You. These Mac Android Emulators Are Completely Free To Download.

Top 10 Best Android Emulators For Mac (2020)

Android is the most well-known operating system on the planet. Most of the people who use the OS are mobile device owners. Only a small percentage of the global Android user communities are tablet and PC owners.

As a result of Android's popularity, most developers only develop software for this group, since it makes up most of the market. IOS users are often left out of the loop, hence the need for the Android emulator Mac owners often go for.

In this article, you will learn about some of the best emulators for Mac. Let's get right to it. 

Here Are The List Of Best Android Emulator For Mac On 2020:

  1. Genymotion
  2. Archon
  3. Nox Player
  4. Bluestacks
  5. XePlayer
  6. Android Studio Emulator
  7. Youwave
  8. Droid4x
  9. Ko Player
  10. VirtualBox

1. Genymotion

With about four million users, this app is an Android emulator Mac owners are familiar with and is perhaps seen as the best Android emulator for Mac. Genymotion has rare features you won't find on another emulator app. Its user interface is simple enough to get you using it without hassles. The customer support is also pretty impressive, and the development is top-notch. If you have a Mac OSX 10.8 or something better, you get to use Genymotion satisfactorily.

One last thing, its personal license will be issued to you for free. 

2. ARChon

This app does not need installation; hence, you won't have to take up so much storage space trying to download an Android emulator on Mac. It is an extension of Google Chrome, which is probably good news for some. This is what makes ARChon different from any other Android emulator Mac users go for.

To work with this app, start by setting it up on your browser. Afterward, get APKs to load apps in the browser. To find APKs, simply go to a repository for Android APK

3. Nox Player

Nox is another Android emulator Mac owners will undoubtedly find helpful, especially for gaming. It helps support gaming controllers and test apps, but it's one of the best emulators for Mac owners who love gaming.

The app has an intuitive user interface and is one of the easiest to install. It runs well on the Mac Operating System and allows you to access the Google Play store.

One of the coolest features of this emulator is its ability to record your gaming. 

4. Bluestacks

With close to 130 million users, Bluestacks is a staple on many listicles of the best Mac Android emulator recommendations. It is easy to install, run, and use and lets you have a great gaming experience with its high quality, which does not get compromised even with the most graphically intense games. 

5. XEPlayer

This is a trending Android emulator Mac users must have. First off, it is quite easy to install and comes in handy for gaming as it could let you use your phone as a remote controller. It also has functional and helpful customer support that will ensure you do not have difficulties for long. 

6. Android Studio Emulator

Besides being an Android emulator Mac users can harness to play games or run some Android software, this tool is also used by developers. With Android Studio, you can develop your own apps and have them tested on your device. If you happen to be a developer, then this tool will become your favorite in no time.

Other things you can do on the app are to simulate SMS and incoming calls, model motion sensors, and set the location of your device. 

7. YouWave

YouWave is one Android emulator Mac owners will love. Its interface is something you should experience as the developers made it easy for even a non-tech person to navigate through. You can operate the app while also viewing the app directory as a result of the embedded split.

If you downloaded Android apps previously, you can import them by placing the APKs in the player's folder. There are also volume buttons and dynamic control. However, there is no free version of YouWave; what you do get is a free trial for a period of ten days. 

8. Droid 4X

Droid 4X can work just like a game controller; all you need is to learn how it works. It has a keyboard option, and you can install APKs of Android apps on your Mac. Its hardware compatibility is also excellent, and it would still be optimal if the hardware of your Mac were lower, which is quite impressive. 

9. KO player

This app is pretty new in the emulators' world, but it has come so far. It runs Android games and apps with ease. There are several features like gameplay support, gameplay recording, and pre-installed Google Play Store support. 

10. VirtualBox

The first unique thing about VirtualBox is that you can create an Android emulator for Mac with it. All you have to do is download the app and set up, and you will be able to play Android games, use Android applications, and create your own Android emulator.

Plus, with VirtualBox, you get control over the hardware and resources you put into it. This way, you keep everything operating smoothly while your Android emulator keeps running in the background. This app is free, but you should at least have a RAM of 8GB before using it. 


When it comes to finding the best Android emulator for Mac, it depends on your personal needs. Do you need to play Android games? Have you been dying to use some fantastic Android Apps? Do you fancy developing and sharing your own app design?

Some apps are perfect for each unique need, and some are not. From our list, you should know which best Android emulator for Mac will suit your purpose, and which would be useless to your needs.

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