The 8 Best Android Data Recovery Software For 2020

When you delete a file for any reason, its data doesn't go away completely from your phone. All you need is a good Android Data Recovery Software Which Help You In Recovering its lost data. Here Are 8 Best Android Data Recovery Solutions.

The 8 Best Android Data Recovery Software For 2020

It is painful when you lose your important data from your phone. There can be multiple reasons for this. Whether you are using an Android or iOS phone, data can be lost due to lacking backup, malfunctioning of memory card, rooting errors and sometimes you also can delete your data accidentally.

It can happen anytime with anyone and you must also have experienced this at least once in your lifetime. Whether it was a video, audio, image or any other important document, you must have felt disappointed.

But, at that time did you think of getting this deleted file back in your phone? Is it possible? Is there any way to do this?

This is exactly what an Android data recovery software does for you.

How does this Android data recovery software work?

When you delete a file for any reason, its data doesn't go away completely from your phone. Android keeps that document space vacant and assumes that the file is missing. So, the file is not visible to you and that vacant space can be taken by some other file. When this space is occupied by the original file, it can be said that your file is lost.

There is not a recycle bin in majority of the phones with Android OS. Hence, it is clear that you cannot get your data back through this way. Finally, this is the time to employ an Android data recovery software to get your important files back. This software scans through the memory of your Android phone in search for the pages which are marked with 0 and locates the recoverable data.

Moreover, this tool fixes the recoverable data again and ensures that the data is provided an appropriate format. Although, it is advisable that you should use a data recovery tool as soon as possible after your file is deleted. It fairly increases the chances of the recovery for your data.

In the process of data recovery, following 3 steps are involved:

  • Connecting your device with the computer where you have already installed the data recovery software
  • Choosing the type of your file and start scanning
  • Selecting the required files and recovering the data

So, we are listing below some of the best data recovery software for Android, that can help you in your tough times.

Here Are The List of 8 Best Data Recovery Software For Android For 2020

  1. Tenorshare UltData
  2. Dr.fone Android Data
  3. iMyFone Android Data Recovery
  4. EaseUS Data Recovery Tool
  5. FonePaw Recovery
  6. Disk Drill Android Recovery
  7. PhoneRescue Tool
  8. Airmore Recovery For Android

1. Tenorshare UltData

tenorshare ultdata

This is one of the best Android data recovery software that you can find online. It is also said to have a very high success rate and it is also compatible with more than 6200 devices. This list includes all famous brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and many more.

This tool recovers your deleted documents and WhatsApp messages effortlessly without root. Even if you have forgotten to take the backup of your data in WhatsApp, this tool is able to recover videos, audios, stickers and documents etc.

Not depending on the file type, Tenorshare is able to help you recover your, photos from the gallery, call recordings and many other files in your phone memory. You should root your device necessarily for this.

This tool makes the data recovery possible in the scenarios like:

  • Broken screen
  • Water damage
  • System root
  • Accidental deletion
  • OS crash

Not only from the internal memory, but you can recover your data from the SD card also. It shows you the preview of your file before recovering it. If we talk about the security aspect, this tool is absolutely risk free. So, there are zero chances of any information leak or data loss.

2. Dr.fone

dr fone android recovery

This data recovery software is said to be the first brand in the world that provides data recovery services for individual usage. This is leading the industry for more than 8 years and supports more than 6500 Android phones. It also enables you to extract your files from a broken Samsung smartphone.

This software can recover a variety of file types like contacts, photos, videos, documents, music, text messages, WhatsApp chats for rooted phones. This software can recover your data in all scenarios whether it's a system crash or an accidental deletion, any SD card issue, a rooting error, a black screen, ROM flashing, factory reset or forgotten passwords.

While using Dr.fone, you can also scan and preview your lost files in order to recover all data or some selected data very easily. It gives you 3 recovery modes: that are broken device, internal storage and SD cards.

3. iMyFone

imyfone android data recovery

This tool provides you a very easy method to recover your deleted documents from your Android smartphones and tablets. Using this, you can recover your data from your broken phones also. This tool is compatible with many Android smartphones and almost all types of files including messages audio, photos, call logs, contacts and WhatsApp data also.

This tool is also known for its high level of security norms and for the higher data retrieval rate than the other tools. You can retrieve your data in almost all scenarios like accidental deletion, virus attack, black screen, water damage, system root, forgotten password and device not responding case.

It gives you an option to retrieve your data from internal memory and from SD cards. Before retrieving the files, you can also preview and filter them. No matter if your device is rooted or not, the tool works fine in both the cases. 

4. EaseUS

easeus android recovery

As the name suggests, this is an easy-to-use software that can effectively recover your data like text messages, photos, videos, contacts, documents and audio files. It is compatible with more than 6200 Android phones, including LG, Sony, One plus, Asus, Samsung, HTC, and so on.

This software is able to recover your data from internal memory and from SD cards also which was lost through virus attack, device failure, accidental damage, SD card issues, rooting, improper device handling and more. Simply connect the device with your PC, scan for the lost documents and recover the documents you need, within a few minutes.

Be assured about the security and privacy of your data with EaseUS. It provides you free updates for the lifetime, so that you can upgrade as soon as it releases its latest version. They will also provide free technical support whenever you face any difficulty or seek for help on any issue.

If you want to check the quality of your recovery documents in advance, you can preview them and then filter accordingly. You will also get the real time notifications for the recovery results.

5. FonePaw

fonepaw recovery

Fonpaw helps you with easy recovery for your deleted files and messages from your Android phone. This tool scans with a very high speed, while ensuring the safety of your data, including messages, videos, photos, documents, call logs and WhatsApp media.

Fonepaw supports almost all kinds of file formats like Word, Excel, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP and many more. This software can retrieve data lost due to OS crash, accidental damage, ROM flashing, SD issues and virus attack.

6000+ Android phones are compatible with this tool. Moreover, the software gives few features like extracting data from blocking Android devices with backup and restore.

6. Disk Drill

disk drill android recovery

Disk drill (7-Data Recovery) is a very impactful tool when it's about the data recovery job from Android phones. It is free and simple to use and can recover the data which was accidentally deleted or through any other reason.

This tool can recover files like apps, videos, emails, databases, music files and more. To retrieve the data, you will require to connect your Android phone to the PC, after putting it on “mass storage” mode. After that, open Disk Drill and let it scan and retrieve your lost files. If this mode is unavailable in your phone, then root it.

This tool is able to recover the lost data not only from your Android phone, but from tablets and TV boxes also.

7. PhoneRescue


This is perhaps the only tool that can retrieve your deleted files and stores it directly to your phone. No need to root your smartphone, Phonerescue can still recover the deleted files.

This software is able to retrieve different kind of data from your smartphone including WhatsApp data & attachment also. Using the customised technologies for every smartphone and tablet, this tool restores files at a great speed.

Not only this, PhoneRescue can also protect your phone when it’s locked with the password, pattern or fingerprint, without losing the data.

8. AirMore

airmore data recovery

Last but not least, AirMore is one of the best data recovery software for Android smartphones. It can help you restoring your useful data from the device, which you have lost by ROM flashing, device rooting, system updates or accidentally. It provides you faster data recovery from internal memory and from SD cards also.

This tool can retrieve data from internal storage such as messages, audio, photos, contacts, call logs videos, and WhatsApp data. If we talk about SD cards, then it can restore files such as audio, videos, photos and documents.

If you have accidentally broken your device, or you dropped it in water, or there was a system crash, data can be retrieved. Although, currently this is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy phones, but other devices will also get this support soon.


It’s really a tragic experience losing your valuable data, with a feeling that you would never be able to get it back. But, no need to worry if it ever happens with you. Because, above mentioned list of best Android data recovery software can help you retrieve the lost files. It doesn’t matter which phone you are using, or what type of document you have lost, a data recovery software will provide you a quick, safe and efficient way to get them back.