Snapchat Alternatives: 10 Best Apps Like Snapchat (2020)

Are You Looking For Best Face Filter App Snapchat Alternative? Here Are Some Of The Best Apps Like Snapchat For You To Instant Messaging For Face Filters.

Snapchat Alternatives: 10 Best Apps Like Snapchat (2020)

Ever since Snapchat introduced their lens feature (or filters, as they are popularly called) plain old selfies are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

And although Snapchat is also famous for quite a few inappropriate and volatile reasons, its fun face filters have also caused quite a stir among the younger generation.

Most of the other online social media platforms have also tried to replicate this success and while it has worked out well for some, it hasn’t done so for others.  

If you’re reading this post, it’s likely because you may not like Snapchat itself and are looking for other standout alternative apps like Snapchat that can offer similar face filter technology, inspiring augmented reality, along with expiring story posts.

Without further ado, here’s our list of top 10 Snapchat like app recommendations: 

Get the Best Apps Like Snapchat (2020)

  1. Instagram
  2. Face Camera
  3. Youcam Fun
  4. LemoCam
  5. B612
  6. Like
  7. Imgur
  8. Cluster
  9. Snapseed
  10. Snow

1. Instagram

Instagram is already a major player in the online photo and video sharing industry and it can boast of an enormous user base – unlike most other apps like Snapchat available out there. The Instagram app is supported by a wide variety of devices which include Windows & Mac PCs, as well as iOS & Android-based smartphones & tablets.

Moreover, Instagram users can touch up their public photo & video posts with customizable filters – just like on Snapchat. You can even tag other IG users while sharing your content, and add captions with location sharing options.

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2. Face Camera

Let’s introduce you to one of the best apps like Snapchat that come with awesome face filters anyone can use to spark their creativity. Face Camera has a unique in-built face filter & sticker library you can use to edit your story posts.

Just like Snapchat, the Face Camera app is compatible with Windows & Mac PCs, as well as foremost iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets. You too can install Face Camera right now if you wish to share your creativity with the virtual public. 

3. Youcam Fun

YouCam Fun is the next Snapchat like app recommendation on our listicle that allows its users to capture and customize fun selfies with a wide variety of available filters. 

This awesome photography app was developed to let you capture and create fun selfies with its huge filter & sticker collection. There are different kinds of effects and stickers available to give you weird or funny looks. Moreover, YouCam Fun users can share their video and picture posts with their followers across other apps. This easy-to-use software tool comes in PC, Tablet, Windows Phone, and Android versions. 

4. LemoCam

LemoCam is undoubtedly one of the best apps like Snapchat we’ve sampled recently. This photo-sharing social selfie tool is already being used by about three hundred million people from around the world.

Like Snapchat, the LemoCam app will help you make your video and photo posts much more entertaining with its dynamic sticker collection. All of the LemoCam stickers and filters can react to real-time user movements, as well as create fun effects. It is also compatible with PCs, Windows Phones, Android & iOS-based smartphones, and tablets. 

5. B612

Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for top alternative apps like Snapchat?! Your search ends here because you can download & install B612 right now on your iOS or Android smart devices and start posting customized selfies with awesome face filters and lots of other fun stuff.

It already has over a hundred million users. Simply tap on any filter or sticker effect and it will appear on your selfie. The B612 app also allows for photo sharing and video posts across other supported networks and apps. 


Let’s introduce you to Like; yet another awesome Snapchat like app recommendation on our list. You won’t really be missing much on Snapchat once you have used the cool face filters available on Like.

With over two hundred million users, Like is already famous for its massive filter collection and its community-based image sharing. It also has a short video editor that has helped it to rank among top apps like Snapchat currently available on the software market. 


Just like Snapchat, Imgur users can share fun photo and video posts among the Imgur community as well as on other websites. Besides, Imgur allows you to create short video clips and GIF animations for sharing among other Imgur users and across the internet.

Thanks to its user-friendly and flexible features, this online image hosting platform is already a firm favorite among social news and social media site users across the globe. You can find all kinds of viral videos, trendy memes, and funny GIFs on Imgur. 


Cluster makes it possible for you to create amazing selfies with its assorted collection of image filters so you can share them among other community users. This award-winning app already has over a million active users who use it to stay in touch with their family members and friends from across the world.

Moreover, the Cluster app makes it possible for you to share photos & fond memories in private spaces you have created. 

9. SnapSeed

You too can download & install Snapseed on your Android or iOS devices and proceed to enjoy its complete collection of professional face filters & tools which include brush, healing, and structure. The latest version of this attention-grabbing app is supported by Android and iOS systems.

On Snapseed, there are lots of digital filters and photo enhancing features you can apply. Moreover, the Snapseed app was developed to enable users to edit their photos with simple swiping gestures. You can also share your customized content across popular social networking platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

10. SNOW

With Snow, you have a remarkable camera app that can serve as a great alternative to Snapchat. It is already being used by more than two hundred million people across the planet.

You too can use it right now to create attention-grabbing GIFs while chatting and generally staying in touch with your family members and friends. 

The Wrap Up

That's it for our round-up of recommended Snapchat alternatives.

They are free to use and can be installed on popular PC OS, and Android or iOS smart devices.