How to Add Music to Snapchat? [Add Songs to Stories/Snaps]

Here Are Step-By-Step Information On How To Add Music To Snapchat. You Can Now Add Songs To Your Stories And Snaps. Its very Easy And Simple To Follow. Check Now!!

How to Add Music to Snapchat? [Add Songs to Stories/Snaps]

Snapchat is a brilliant platform that was built to offer its users a unique photo and video sharing experience – but did you know that it can be used to do even more?

The ability to attach music snippets to your story posts is undoubtedly one of the coolest features to hit social media platforms.

And while the Snapchat developers are well-known for introducing new features once in a while, they are yet to integrate such a feature.

Luckily, with some imagination, you too can get to add your favorite songs to your Snapchat snaps and stories.

Keep reading to discover how to add music to Snapchat.

By default, Snapchat does not support playing background music while recording your story or snap.

Any attempt to use the Snapchat camera’s ‘Record’ button to capture audio will only result in muting the audio.

However, the Snapchat developers have recently decided to remove these sound restrictions in a bid to allow users to record their snaps via the Snapchat camera while also capturing songs.

About Adding Music to Your Stories & Snaps on Snapchat

So you want to learn how to add music to Snapchat?! You can add snippets of your favorite tracks to your snaps and stories directly from your smartphone.

This can be done easily with any popular music player app including Pandora, Spotify, and others.

Since Snapchat users can now record stories or snaps while playing audio in the background, this loophole can be further exploited to add songs to Snapchat

You only have to follow a few straightforward steps and you can learn how to add music to Snapchat.

You must first ensure that you’re not it a noisy environment so you can hear the music being played clearly from your smartphone.

Also, ensure that the volume of your smart device isn’t turned all the way up to the maximum as this is more likely to distort the audio being captured by your microphone.

Anywhere between half & two-thirds of the maximum volume is fine. 

How to Add Songs/Music to Snapchat Snaps & Stories

Are you looking to add songs to Snapchat? The process is quite simple. Here’s how:

  • You can start by launching the default music player app on your smartphone (Spotify, Google Play Music, etc).

  • Next, identify the specific song that you wish to attach to your Snapchat story or snap post. Press Play and then pause it one second ahead of the part you want to hear in your post.

  • This next step will involve you minimizing the music app by tapping on your phone’s Home button. Do not close or exit the app.

  • You may now launch the Snapchat app.

  • This is the point where you get to decide on which camera (back or front) to use for recording your story or snap.

    If you want to use the Snapchat camera to capture the song playing only, you should obstruct the smartphone camera with one finger.

    • Now, you can proceed to access the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of your screen (for Android users). Or access the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen (for iOS users).

    • This is where you get to see the song you started playing earlier which is now on pause. Tap on the Play button and then exit the Notification Center or Control Center. Afterward, you can tap & hold down the Record switch to begin capturing your Snapchat snap or story.

    • Once the recording is complete, release the ‘Record’ button and Snapchat will automatically replay the video clip for you with the song you have selected playing in the background.

      Ensure that the Mute button is not active if you’re not hearing any audio.

      • Once you’ve confirmed that your snap is working, you can proceed to tap on the small Arrow switch located on the bottom right corner of your display.
      • Afterward, you can decide on whether you want to post your content as a story or select which other users you wish to share your snap with. Once this is done, you may press Send.

      Well done! You’ve successfully learned how to add music to Snapchat Stories & Snaps. Your friends will now be able to hear the music you have added once they open them. 

      Alternate Method to Add Songs to Snapchat: Via a Third-Party Music App

      That’s right; there are other ways you can use to add music to Snapchat stories and snaps.

      While searching online for how to add music to Snapchat, you must have come across certain ‘Car Dashboard Snaps’ where background music is playing while people are driving.

      You can use a similar approach to record snaps by playing music via an external music player, like another mobile device or even a PC, and then start capturing video with your camera.

      Note that if you wish to get the clearest audio quality here, you’ll have to plug earphones to the mobile device that is playing the song while placing the earphone earcups as close as possible to the mobile mic that’s recording the snap. 

      Is Snapchat Going To Integrate A Feature For Adding Music?

      Other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have already integrated the ‘Add Music’ option into their Story posts and Snapchat is expected to follow suit soon.

      The guys at Snapchat have even made tentative announcements for August or September 2020.

      There have also been widespread rumors about them partnering with top music app developers and producers like Universal Music and the Warner Music Group to include features that will enable Snapchat users to add songs to their stories or snaps.

      With this upcoming feature, Snapchat users can quickly add snippets of their favorite songs while recording or after capturing videos or photos with the Snapchat camera. Other users who get to view these snaps can also see information about any songs added by swiping up.

      Apart from showing you how to add music to Snapchat, this upcoming feature can also serve as a music streaming platform. 

      Wrapping Up

      That’s it for our post on how to add music to Snapchat.

      It won’t be long before you can officially add songs to your Snapchat posts but for now, you can use the creative method described above.