Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School, or Work [&FAST]

Here are 5 best methods to unblock youtube videos from any country, school or at work. If you are living in a country where the online censorship rules are strict, you can find that authorities have blocked you to access the YouTube.

Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School, or Work [&FAST]

You get across the video you were searching for a long time, you click on the title & then you see that pitiful error: The video is not available for watching in your country.

If you also have gone through this situation, then we have amazing news for you! There are several methods to bypass the firewalls and geo-blocks and we have done a lot of research to compile a simple and quick guide to unlock YouTube videos from any corner of the world.

Why is YouTube blocked?

There can be many reasons for this depending on your location of access.

If you are at work or school, the administrators generally keep access to YouTube blocked using a firewall. This is done just to avoid distractions at the school & to enhance productivity at the workplace. Although, this is quite a practical and justified solution, at the same time we also believe in having the freedom to access the information.

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If you are living in a country where the online censorship rules are strict, you can find that authorities have blocked you to access the YouTube. Online censorship also can vary from country to country, e.g. YouTube is completely blocked in China. But, if we talk about South Korea, only some videos cannot be accessed.

The countries where they have not censored YouTube, like in Australia, various copyright laws are being used by YouTube to avoid the users accessing particular videos. For this, they use geo-blocking software, which can manage the region-wise access to a website or app. For example, if a television network posts a programme that is meant to be watched in the USA only, then YouTube will not allow the users in other countries to watch this, abiding by its copyright laws.

Hence, if there are different reasons for blocking YouTube at many locations, there are different ways to get access also.

Here Are The 5 Easy Methods to Unblock YouTube Videos From Any Country, School, or Work

  1. Use VPN to access YouTube if it is blocked
  2. Unlock YouTube videos by Modification in URL
  3. Using a YouTube proxy & Add-ons
  4. Youtube Video Download Sites
  5. Using Tor to Unblock YouTube Videos

1. Use VPN to access YouTube if it is blocked

This is the most secure and easiest way to unlcock YouTube videos on a private network.

VPNs are a superb option for anonymity, online security, and unblocking the content that was restricted by the geo-blocking, censorship, or by firewall technology. It’s a secure network that connects your computer by a high speed & encrypted connection with a remote server that will provide you a virtual IP to hide the original IP address. Your firewall will consider that you are accessing the internet from a different country.

VPN also encrypts the data that is being transmitted through your connection. This means your admin & ISP will be unable to trace the content that you are browsing.

How do we use a VPN?

  1. You can choose a VPN provider online that meets your requirements
  2. Install that VPN software on your computer
  3. Try to connect to a server at the location that you want to unblock. If you are just want to bypass the firewall at work or school, you can select a server that is close to your location.
  4. After that, you can enjoy your access to YouTube without any restriction

As we already mentioned that VPN is the best way to unblock YouTube videos or other blocked content securely, here is the list of top 5 VPN providers recommended by us:

  1. CyberGhost
  2. NordVPN
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. Surfshark
  5. PrivateVPN 

2. Unlock YouTube videos by Modification in URL

It is a tricky way to bypass your firewall. The majority of the admins block the websites by manually adding their URLs to the blacklist. There are chances that your network admin has added YouTube’s main URL only (http://www.youtube.com) to the blacklist. Then you can easily bypass this by typing HTTPS instead of HTTP in your address bar. That means you will have to type https://www.youtube.com & enjoy access to the YouTube content.

However, with this trick, you can only bypass the local network firewalls. You cannot access the censored & geo-locked content using this trick.

3. Using a YouTube proxy & Add-ons

A proxy is the same as the VPN, but less secure & unreliable. When you try to connect through a proxy, your data passes through proxy’s server & appears like you are in a different region. And then, it allows you to bypass the geo-blocks & firewalls.

Your data is not encrypted by proxies, unlike in VPNs. As a result, your admins, internet censorship bodies & ISPs get to know which websites you are visiting. Your data is also prone to random malicious attacks.

You can connect to a proxy using 3 main methods: using a browser add-on, manually connecting using a browser, or using a proxy site. There are many proxy websites available online, which are very easy to connect. But, you will require to refresh the proxy each time you want to load a webpage. A comparatively easier way is using a browser add-on like Proxtube & Ultrasurf & setting up the proxy manually. These browser add-ons build a link between your computer & proxy server, but you can avail only limited services depending upon your computer & your browser.

4. Youtube Video Download Sites

Many websites allow you to download YouTube videos directly to your device. However, this will require some hit and trial to find the required video. This solution is more appropriate when you want to watch any video offline. Also, you will be able to watch only downloaded videos & would not be able to browse the others. In that way, it’ll be difficult to know which video you want to download & watch.

For downloading a video, first, you will have to search it on Google, where you can get the YouTube URL of this particular video in your search result. Simply copy this URL & paste it into the website which you are using to download YouTube videos. And then, you can download the video to your device. This is a very slow & tedious method, but it allows you to watch the desired video & store it on your device to watch it offline.

5. Using Tor to Unblock YouTube Videos

Tor is an internet browser that simply hides your IP address and allows you to access the online content anonymously. This can be downloaded for free, but you will require admin rights on your device.

While using Tor, you route your data via its server network where the data packs jump through many relays and finally reach to the desired destination. This amazing security feature keeps your online activities hidden from ISPs, network admins, and hackers. However, your data is not encrypted by Tor, hence it is visible to them after leaving the network.

Tor was developed to provide free access to information against the will of governments. Just because Tor was not made for streaming, and because of its low bandwidths and slow speed, videos are loaded very slowly. However, if we use Tor with some compatible VPN, it will prove to be a superlative security tool. This amazing combo can give you a network solution that is completely anonymous. The data encrypted by the VPN will not be visible despite leaving the network. It will ensure that your data is not hackable, even when the Tor is hacked.


If you are not able to access YouTube on your computer because of geo-blocking or firewall, VPN is the most secure & easiest method to access the content. Moreover, a VPN keeps your connection secure and private, so that censorship authorities, ISPs & network admins are unable to see your browsing activities.

We recommend using Cyberghost as a VPN provider because it gives you unlimited bandwidth with super fast speed. On top of this, you can use it without any risk, because it gives you a free trial for one day & a money-back guarantee for 45 days.