20+ Best Websites To Get Free Audiobooks Online (2020)

Here Are The List Of Best Websites To Get Free Audiobooks Online. Free Audio Book Websites Including librivox, Lit2go, Overdrive & More. Check Out Now & Download Your Free Audiobooks.

20+ Best Websites To Get Free Audiobooks Online (2020)

Are you stuck at home or going solo on the road? An audiobook can make the perfect companion. Even if you’re in the middle of a task, books can provide an excellent form of escape from the hustle & bustle of daily life.

Having an audiobook on your smartphone while traveling, in your vehicle for when you have to run errands, or even on your PC to enjoy during work hours, can help you relieve stress by keeping things fun and interesting.

And since paperback & hardcover novels are becoming more difficult to come by these days, audiobooks have become a go-to option in such situations.

Getting free audio books online will ensure that you can appreciate a few thrilling chapters while your hands are busy performing other tasks or during a demanding commute.

Ultimately, there’s a myriad of reasons why consumers nowadays prefer audiobooks. So where can you find your preferred audio books online free of charge?

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Below, we’ve highlighted 10 of the best websites where you can find free audiobooks online. Using their services will allow you to update your personal collection with the latest releases as well as classics titles recorded and read to you in high-quality. 

Here Are The List Of 20+ Best Places To Get Free Audiobooks Online

  1. LibriVox
  2. Lit2Go
  3. Loyal Books
  4. Mind Webs
  5. Open Culture
  6. Overdrive
  7. Scribl
  8. Project Gutenberg
  9. Spotify
  10. StoryNory
  11. Reddit Audiobooks
  12. Audiobook App
  13. Downpour
  14. Digital Book
  15. Free Classic Audiobooks
  16. Learn Out Loud
  17. AudiobookSync
  18. Greatest Audiobooks Youtube
  19. Thought Audio
  20. Audible

1. LibriVox

You too can visit the LibriVox domain to enjoy unrestricted access to more than 24,000 audio books free of charge. On LibriVox, you get to stream or download free audio books online and have them read to you by engaging narrators from across the globe.

You’ll find a diverse range of book titles to choose from such as War and Peace, Anne of Green Gables, Leaves of Grass, The Dream of the Red Chamber, and other free history audio books.

2. Lit2Go

The Lit2Go website can boast of a comprehensive library of poetry, public domain fiction, and audiobooks based on real-life, all available for visitors to stream and download at zero cost. Also, the production quality of its free audio books online service is quite impressive; even better than with LibriVox.

You’ll also find poems, short stories, and plays that have been adapted for classroom use. Moreover, the free audiobooks online you’ll find on Lit2Go each have citation information, word count, and play time features among others. 

3. Loyal Books

So you want to get free audio books online?! Simply visit Loyal Books to stream and download the very best audiobooks free of charge. The Loyal Books website is easy-to-use, has an awesome collection, along with vibrant readers.

On Loyal Books, you’ll find engaging audiobook titles available for just about everyone. They include popular options like The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Author Conan Doyle and Paradise Lost by John Milton among others. 

4. Mind Webs

Perhaps you’re in the mood for some short science fiction stories; Mind Webs is arguably the best place to get free audio books online from the sci-fi genre.

You too can access and listen to Mind Webs vast audiobook collection of latest releases and bestsellers and proceed to save your favorite audiobooks onto your PC or smart device. 

5. Open Culture

There are 1000+ free audio books online just waiting for you at Open Culture. The content has also been categorized broadly into a tabbed navigation system for easy access.

You too can download audiobooks of famous works by Tolstoy, Mark Twain, Hemingway, George Orwell, Nietzsche, Vonnegut, HG Wells, Austen, Asimov, Shakespeare, or poetry by Charles Bukowski, Maya Angelou and others. 

6. OverDrive

Apart from the comprehensive free audiobooks online collection available on the OverDrive website, you can also find unbiased and helpful product reviews & customer ratings on various eBooks & free educational audio books.

Moreover, the OverDrive domain can boast of one of the largest collections of free eBooks & audiobooks on this listicle. There are 2 million+ books and videos waiting for you on OverDrive. 

7. Scribl

Scribl is an open-source website that provides eBook & audiobook services for visitors to access millions of free audio books online.

The Scribl platform is the ideal option for the latest audiobook releases, with quite a few of them being narrated by the writers themselves. You’ll be pleased to find the free audiobook collection on Scribl has been arranged serially, making it easier for you to listen to them in small portions while on the go. 

8. Project Gutenberg

You can browse over 33,000 free audio books online by category when you log on to Project Gutenberg. It is a classic free books domain that offers a wide-ranging collection of free audiobooks read by humans.

Some stand-out titles include Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura, and The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley including some motivational audio books free. 

9. Spotify

That’s right; you too can access a host of free audio books mp3 online on Spotify. There’s always something fresh to listen to on Spotify’s remarkable audiobooks collection as the service is updated constantly. Spotify provides a free-to-listen audiobook service but you can always subscribe to the premium option if you wish to get rid of the sponsored ads. 

10. StoryNory

Visit Storynory right now if you wish to enjoy its free audio books online for kids' offerings that come with a blend of original stories, fairy tales, and classics. You will get full length audio books free.

And although the content is meant for toddlers, just about anyone who’s in the mood to listen to folk tales of Brothers Grimm, stories from 1,001 Nights, or Aesop's fables all over again is welcome.

10+ Other Great Sources To Get Free Audiobooks Online:

  1. Reddit Audiobooks
  2. Audiobook App
  3. Downpour
  4. Digital Book
  5. Free Classic Audiobooks
  6. Learn Out Loud
  7. AudiobookSync
  8. Greatest Audiobooks Youtube
  9. Thought Audio
  10. Audible

The Takeaway

That’s it for our curated selection of the best sites to get audio books online free of charge.

You can connect to any of them right now with your PC or smart devices. All you need is stable internet connectivity to enjoy the best possible experience.